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[News] Heo Young Saeng “Dated a celebrity 2 years older”, frank confession on “Shim Shim Ta Pa”

26 Mar

Anybody have any guess who is the noona? kekekekeke

Credits: + (English Translation) kelemama + xiaochu @


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Singer Heo Young Saeng (from group SS501) attended a radio program, confessed that he dated a celebrity 2 years older than him.

Heo Young Saeng, together with singer G.NA, attended “Star’s Dignity”, a section off MBC program “Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa” which aired on 24th (Mar) 12:05am. DJ Shindong exposed Heo YoungSaeng by saying “I talked a lot with Heo Young Saeng through playing games, during (online) chatting he can talk so much that I was so shocked” and “He became a warrior in front of the keyboard”, (Heo Young Saeng) was embarrassed by it and replied “I’ll talk a lot when I get excited”, and the program started with burst of laughter with his reply.

With regards to his recent comeback with new song “The Art of Seduction”, Shindong asked “Having your comeback on White Day, did you prepare any special event for your fans?” “The comeback itself is the event (for them).” (Heo Young Saeng) replied showing tremendous confidence.

Heo Young Saeng continued “The first time when I heard this song, it’s not to my liking because it sounded frivolous” and “Because I was an idol, so I wanted to display a handsome or a mature feeling, but (company’s) representative personally appointed this song.” sharing his feelings and a small episode during which when he first learnt of that song. But he added “Having continuously listening to the song during the preparation time, I got hooked onto it, there’s a lot of joy on the stage so this is great.”

Shindong asked “When one experiences parting, there are alot of external changes, so is that why (your music) has changed?” and Heo Young Saeng replied “(It’s been a while) I am not in any relationship so I’m feeling lonely”.

Continuing the topic on relationship, Heo Young Saeng revealed “I’ve dated someone older before” and “She was 2 years older, but was like a dongsaeng (younger sister)”. Shindong continued to interrogate “Is she a celebrity? Please reply yes or no.” “Yes, she is a celebrity” he confessed. Heo Young Saeng continued “It’s not easy to be with someone older. Women wants to depend on men, although she wants to depend on him, but because he is younger, she will be at a loss.” and “Man should be the one taking the lead, but at the thought that she is an elder sister, naturally just can’t do it.”

Shindong asked “Are you bad boy style within?” and (Heo Young Saeng) replied “I have not been in a relationship for a long time, so it seems like I will be a great guy who will put in everything if I were to get into a relationship now.”

Meanwhile ‘Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa” (PD Son HanSeo) airs every night 12mn on MBC Standard FM (95.9Mhz), section “Star’s Dignity” for stars’ comeback or rookies airs on every Saturday.

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Baek Seung Jo vs Bang Ye Dam

17 Mar

Any idea who is Bang Ye Dam? He is the cute contestant in Kpop Star Season 2.

Just now while watching Kpop Star S2 ep 15 on TV, happened to see this scene where the contestants were undergoing style change. BYD was to have a haircut and the stylist was showing him a few different hair style and …. Baek Seung Jo came into the picture. Next thing? BYD became BSJ no. 2. kekekeke

Watch it here around 14.40 mark. BYD

What do you think? heheheheh young version of BSJ, cute?^^



[FanAcc + Fancam] Kim Hyung Jun SG Arrival on 16 March 2013

16 Mar

막동이! 쭌이! 베이비! 김형준! 싱가포르에 와 줘서 고마워!!

Attended Jun’s 1st showcase and 1st fanmeet but it’s my first time picking him up from airport! Wasn’t able to pick him up previous times when he was here and I felt so guilty >.< This time I’m glad I made it!

Together with 2 other friends, we arrived at T3 around 11pm+. Not many fans yet, all scattered at seats in front of Belt 45-48. At around 12.30am, more fans came. There’s a small episode when fans tried to put up their fanclub banners at the railings in front of the exit door, after they put up the banner, one airport police came and told them to take it down but didn’t give reason why not allowed >.< He said can hold the banner but cannot hang it on the railings :(

Me and friends started to stand in front of the exit door when the flight touched down. Quietly…one handsome boy in all black and black cap appeared into sight, we were all wondering if it’s HIM as there wasn’t much commotions or screams. Surprisingly fans were murmuring or whispering ‘It’s him, it’s Jun‘ instead of loud shouts and screams. Though there wasn’t much hype but I thought this is rather pleasant actually. It gives other flight passengers a good feel because we are not rowdy and loud like some crazy people..? Maybe also because Jun was still inside the arrival hall and haven’t stepped out? I don’t know but this is how I felt personally^^ Polite fans for polite idol! Hehe

Jun and his group walked to belt 46 to collect their baggage and they were there for quite some 10mins? The time waiting for him to come out is like taking forever.

While waiting for him to come out, one uncle about the age of late 50s or early 60s walked out from the exit door where we were standing and asked the auntie (I think is his wife?) who were we waiting for and the auntie said “think is someone from SS501 (OMG AUNTIE KNOWS SS501!!)” then uncle said “oh the Kim Hyun(g) Joon(g) ah (OMG THE UNCLE KNOWS KIM HYUN JOONG/KIM HYUNG JUN!!!)” and then pushes his trolley and walked off. Though we aren’t sure the uncle said Kim Hyung Jun or Kim Hyun Joong, but we are in absolute nines becos they knew our boys! Really happy to the nines!

Slowly Jun started to walk over, with his group following behind. He’s coming out finally! Got my camera ready and stood in front of the exit door. He seem to be in a good mood, keep smiling and waving to fans^^ As he walked closer to the exit door, fans started crowding near me and some fans began shouting for him. When he stepped out from the exit door with big smiles, it’s like the night has became bright and sunny! His smiles are so nice and brings you to smiles too! Then our Cal sweetie did it again! She shouted “YO MY BROTHER! YO MY BROTHER!” and Jun turned back to look out for her and said “Annyeong!” as he paced forward. KYAAAA the look in his face when he turned back to trace the shout-out was so awesome! I’m glad I captured it all! <33333

There was no barricades put up and Jun was escorted by his manager and it was quite a long walk to the lift, he was totally surrounded by fans and I was thrown far behind. I must confess…I am really not a good chaser. I tried catching up on him but still can’t squeeze through the ‘thick’ wall of fans barrier! I can only zoom my camera as I followed far behind until reaching the lift and I surrendered. Stop my recording and just tried to squeeze over to peep him in the lift :x Managed to capture a couple of shots but not good quality. Lift door closed and fans scattered again, some taking escalator down while some took other lifts. We slowly walked down using the escalator, not really sure where to go, then we noticed one big group of people crowding outside the pickup area and we ran over quickly! ppa ppa ppa ppa ppa all the heavy footsteps! hahahaha

Jun got in the car while waiting for the rest of the group to load their baggage into other cars. Some 20 over fans were standing by the side of the car waving and calling out to Jun. There’s even airport staff amongst the fans! This auntie keep looking at us waving to Jun and she also started waving at him. Hahahah so cute and funny. She looked quite lost though but she just joined in the fun. kekekeke

After about 5 mins(?) when all things were up on the cars and ready to go, Jun wind down the window a little and waved goodbye to all of us. And that ends my chasing for the night^^

I’ve combined some pics together with the fancam, cos the photo quality was quite bad but still I want to share, so I just put them altogether.


[25번째 이야기] ………………………….. 날짜 : 2013.03.14 | 작성자 : 우주신

14 Mar

매니져와 스쿠버선생님과 영상당담형과 거리를지나다가

오래간만에 추억의 잉어를뽑는 사탕뽑기를했다


나:오랜만에 우리 저거해볼까요?????????

스쿠버선생님:조아요 한번해볼까요

사탕아줌마:어서와요어서와 이거한판에이천원이야~~어여와


사탕아줌마:원판돌리고 화살던져서 찍고 그숫자나오면 거기숫자에건거 가져가는거야

나:우와  이잉어도뽑혀요?????????


계속해봐도 나는 그작은 새사탕 권총사탕하나 나오질…안고……………….





아줌마:이그~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~안된다니까 이거사탕줄테니깐이거라도들고가

사탕아저씨……….는뒤에서관심도없고 신문보고계심..속으론 웃고계시는듯싶었음

나:아줌마 저말바꿀께요  바꿔도되죠????????????????

아줌마:에이그….바꿔야그게되나……….바꾸면더안되 그냥해 되는사람을못봤어 바꿔서

나는 마지막말을 66일어번호에서52잉어로바꾸고 회심의 다트를던졌다


나와모든사람들이소리를지르며환호를지르고 아주머니하신말씀








아주머니:여…여…여보….이..잉..잉…어가 나와..왔…어요((뒤돌아보며)ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ






어렵게 얻은사탕 화이트데이라서뿌려봅니다




[25번째 이야기] ………………………….. (32 dots)

[24번째 이야기] 김현중씨 새해인사 영상 입니다.

[23번째 이야기] ………………… (21 dots)

[22번째 이야기] …………………………………………………………………………………….. (98 dots)

[21번째 이야기] ……………….. (20 dots)

[20번째 이야기] ………….. (14 dots)

[19번째 이야기] …… (6 dots)

[18번째 이야기] ………… (12 dots)

[17번째 이야기] 놀럴일

[16번째 이야기] ……………. (16 dots)

[15번째 이야기] ………. (10 dots)

[14번째 이야기] ………….. (14 dots)

[13번째 이야기] ……………. (16 dots)

[12번째 이야기] 즐기세요!!!

[11번째 이야기] ……. (7 dots)

[10번째 이야기] ………………. (19 dots)

[9번째 이야기] …………………. (22 dots)

[8번째 이야기] ……………………. (25 dots)

[7번째 이야기] …………………. (22 dots)

[6번째 이야기] …………………………… (33 dots)

[5번째 이야기] ………………………………….. (41 dots)

[4번째 이야기] …………………….. (26 dots)

[3번째 이야기] ………………… (21 dots)

[2번째 이야기] 어릴이대공흠 아트흘에오시는방법

[1번째 이야기] 김현중씨의 영상메시지 입니다.


12 Mar

Our Prince with his upcoming album [LIFE] is looking awesome with new release pics by B2M today. What’s your pick?






I go for #Blueeeeeeee! Love the look in his eyes! Hehehe

Last week when the concept pic was released, I was giggling away like a mad woman. Then on twitter, Zoelle was saying “Youngsaeng looking so fine” and I replied her “Plump version of G-Dragon” and we both agree that there is some resemblence looking at that pic. Seriously when I first saw this pic, first thought is “This is how GD will look when he puts on weight”. No offense to all, this is just my own thoughts :p

Not saying our Young Saeng is plump, he got chubby cheeks so even when he is much slimmer now, he still got a chubby look. So cute right! *pinch*

Like Idols, Like Fans.

12 Mar

Ever wonder how creative a fan can get? I’m always impressed, very impressed at how some fans can get so creative and fun-ny too. Fanfics, jokes, gifts, surprises, photos, videos and also some of the not so good ones like ‘creative’ ways to stalk idols… Maybe because we have crazy idols so we became crazy too? Hahaha.

If you are a new fan of SS501 or Hyun Joong, I tell you… Hyun Joong actually wrote a fanfic of himself and Jung Min before. You can really roll on the floor and have a good laugh at how weird, crazy, witty, 4D (and the list goes on..) this boy can go. I’ll share the links here to the fanfics he wrote. Translations done by xiaochu and double_love123 at Quainte ( Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. Let me know how you feel after reading up his fanfics~~ I just can’t imagine how the brain of this boy works, he’s not just 4D, you can multiply the 4 with the distance from earth to Planet Mars and i bet he can be more 4D than that! Hahaha

So, how creative can a fan get if you have crazy idols? Here, this one is on Jung Min.

This funny fan wore a animal mask and gave Jung Min a big scare during his fansign. I think she got what she wanted, to give him a big scare. He was quite shocked! And he was teasing the fan telling her to go away. Hahaha cute~ Actually it’s quite funny when you watch his reactions. Check out the fancam below^^

While some fans thought it was funny, there were fans who feel it’s not a nice thing to do. Well, it’s just different perspective on the matter. Don’t really need to take it too hard I feel. I was even joking with a few other fans what kind of surprises we should give Jung Min when he comes to Singapore for his fanmeet or fansign. *evil* hahahaha

Yesterday while hanging around on weibo, I came upon this pic that a fan posted. It got me laughing sooooo hard and it just fit so well! Each picture with each description, it’s so perfect to the T! Really epic! I did share on twitter and everyone was LOL-ing away too. Thanks ElsaMo@weibo, I really take my hat off you! Hehehehehe. It’s a family tree of Hyun Joong.

The creativity, the randomness and the fun of it really… all i can say is… like idol, like fan. Da best! 4D to the max!

There’s really a lot more fun and funny things that some fans really do for their idols, they can go all the way just for them. I feel that the life of being a fan is not easy, we are not Koreans, don’t understand the language so often we have to depend on other fans to translate for us, next of course would be we are not staying in Korea, so many times during events, we rely a lot on fans who can afford the time and money to travel to Korea or wherever to attend the events and also local Korean fans to share fanaccounts and pictures and videos with us. Frankly speaking, we ‘owe’ these selfless fans a lot because they are willing to share.

Sorry, I think I digress again >.<

What I am trying to say is…. live it up! You may not see eye to eye with what other fans do, but hey, they may not apprehend what you does either. End of the day, you just want to be a fan of your idol, so just do it. As long as other fans are not doing things that will impact or affect your idol negatively, why do you have to bother and make your fan life so miserable? Chill out~ Enjoy your fan life to the max cos you don’t always get the best out of everything! Learn to appreciate your course as a fan, appreciate what other fans are doing for your idol which is also their idol, if they can take it easy, why can’t you? Double chill~~

To. Fanclub Y.E.S

9 Mar

I’m very fascinated by the photos that had been released so far for Saengie’s upcoming 3rd mini album [LIFE]! It’s so awesome and especially the 2 mv teasers released so far, it’s a dae to the bak! kekekeke

Here…. english subtitles completed amidst the busy timeline on twitter catching up on Jun’s first concert!

Video Courtesy: b2mysofficial@youtube + (eng trans/sub) kelemama + (QC) xiaochu1004@twitter


Meet HIM Again….

7 Mar

Time flies real fast, without realising it, we have parted with Kyu for 228 days already. It seem just yesterday when we see him entering army.

The only explanation I can think of that we don’t feel that he is away from us is that we have him in our hearts, he is always there in our hearts so time and distance does not make any difference. Agree? Like a Chinese saying “小别胜新婚” or in English “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. This is how I am trying to think so that I won’t feel something amiss so badly. kekekeke

And today! Is the 228th day of Kyu in army and we are 501 days away from Kyu’s army release! YES! Just another 501 days and we will see a brand new suave and manly Kyu Jong!! So excited!!!!

Kyu Jong wants us to meet him again when he’s out from army! hehehehee. We definitely will welcome you back with open arms and buckets of tears too! Hahahaa

Meanwhile, please do take good care of yourself! We want to see a healthy and bright Kyu Jong everyday!!

Till then, we are Triple S!

A note to self: Don’t assume and…..don’t presume!

5 Mar

Yesterday was a hype, when more updates on YS’s 3rd mini album [LIFE] and upcoming activities were released, there’s also a soccer match between FC Avengers (Jun’s team) and FC One (YS’s team). In the midst of the hype, I realised that YS’s pre-recording for Music Core’s stage falls on 9 March, the day when magnae Jun is having his first solo concert. With all the things flooding in,  I tweeted “Hmm, YS will record for MuCore on 9/3…so he can’t go to Baby’s concert??? >.<” and some minutes after that, it struck me that I did something wrong.

Like some fans, I presumably thinks that all our boys should be there for Jun’s concert, because we thought that it will be like on 3 June 2012 when 4 of them went to Kyu’s fanmeet, so we assume the same for this concert too. So now if YS is going to do his recording on the same day, maybe he will not be able to make it? After realising it, I felt so bad. I always say “Please don’t presume or even think you know what is going on in the heads of the boys. We are not them and we will never know what they are going through and what is going on between them now.” and now I’m presuming and assuming things too. I guess some of us does things like that too? When you are so excited or anxious, you tend to just blurt out your thoughts, later to realise you shouldn’t think like that… Ahhh, so wrong of me :(

Last year, on 3 June 2012, it was a very special day for all Triple S cos we witnessed a ‘small’ reunion of our boys on stage, despite that JM is not on stage but he was there, he attended^^

Some fans said JM was sick cos he had a bandage on his neck, while some fans speculated that due to issues with his contract with his ex-coy, he can’t be present on stage. But later Jun explained on stage that JM was not feeling well (read from some translations shared on weibo) thus he didn’t go on stage. Whatever it is, it was definitely a day to rejoice for all Triple S^^ What’s more, it was my ROM anniversary too! Such a special and meaningful day for me!

This time, for Jun’s first solo concert in Korea, I guess most of us also hope for the same? Hoping that we will get to see a reunion on stage again too. Hoping to see five of them greet all fans with “안녕하세요. 우리는 더블에스오공일 입니다” and their signature handsign~~!

Yes, I hope so too. But we need to keep in mind that we cannot presume things will go our way. Till the very day itself, we will not know what will happen. We may be in for a surprise, a surprise that all 4 appear! But we may end up with also a surprise, a surprise that none come…? So let’s just be a good pea, we pray hard and pray even harder…that our wish will come true, and at the same time we don’t presume, speculate, spread untrue information.

And last reminder to self again, don’t point fingers if things don’t go your way. No matter who your bias is, you respect other members and their fans. Learn to be a mature fan, a fan that our boys can be proud of, can rely on, like how proud we are of our boys.

For the BEST SS501, we want to be the BEST Triple S!

Kim Hyun Joong Interview and Brazil Performance Non-edit

2 Mar

Woohhooo! When was the last time I subbed a video????? Abit lost touch liao…was struggling abit when I’m trying to encode the .ass file onto the video and to compress the video. Tried a few times before I got it right! *sweatssss*

Have you watched the video yet? Did you feel that HJ was rather nervous at the beginning? And in the middle part when the host was telling the person holding the mic to hold it properly, HJ’s smile was reallllllllly soooooooooo cuuuuuuuteeeee! But then the interview ended so abruptly >.<

Ok, dun want to be too longwinded. Enjoy~~^^


Video Courtesy 박전식 + (chi trans) HyunJoongChina + (eng trans/sub) kelemama


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