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SS301 revealed their ambition, look upon long-lived group Shinhwa as their goal

27 Feb


News Courtesy Korea Star Daily (http://www.koreastardaily.com/tc/news/74370) + eng trans by kelemama

Repost with full credits only.

SS501’s three members Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun recently formed a subunit SS301, made a comeback and received great success. They who reunited after a long while, has what kind of expectation for the future?

During the broadcast at today’s MBC FM4U [Park Kyung Lim’s 2PM Date], SS301’s member Heo Young Saeng revealed “We wished to become sophisticated men like Shinhwa.”

“(Shinhwa) being our country’s first long-lived idol group, just this is really very dashing.” Heo Young Saeng said “When we met the seniors offscreen, really felt that they are tough and  masculine.”

Fans who love SS501, will also continue to support the members, let them realize this ambition?


SS301:Kim Hyun Joong’s mum often called and gave us encouragement

27 Feb


News Courtesy Korea Star Daily (http://www.koreastardaily.com/tc/news/74368) + eng trans by kelemama

Repost with full credits only

SS301 talks about the past SS501’s other members sentimentally.

MBC FM4U [Park Kyung Lim’s 2PM Date] invited SS301 as guest for the broadcast on 26 February. On that day SS301 also talked about the other members from SS501 days, they said “[ETERNAL5] means the five person in SS is one (body), currently this is the best. People around us are very worried about the reunion of SS501, because everyone is working very hard on their solo activities, but we constantly heard about a reunion comeback, and also often heard about whether we want to reunite or not(?) these kind of questions.”

(I’m not sure if the chinese article is accurate cos it looks kinda weird to me…)

“Occasionally will meet up for a drink, and also talked a lot on thoughts of the future, will continue moving forward as SS501 again.” expressing that they are still missing SS501 days in their hearts.

Especially when asked about their thoughts on SS501 members Kim Hyun Joong and Park Jung Min, both of them also hold positive and firm attitude. “Jung Min said he has already memorised the choreography, Hyun Joong and his mum also will talk to us on the phone sometimes, it’s really wonderful and they cheered for us too, we will also definitely present the best side of us to everyone.”

SS301 will be holding their concert “U R MAN IS BACK” in Seoul on 19 and 20 March.

SS301 guested on radio show, Kim Kyu Jong respond to “SS501 disbandment”

26 Feb


News Courtesy 搜狐韩娱讯 + eng trans by kelemama

Repost with full credits

Feb 26, boy group SS501 subunit SS301 guested at MBC FM4U radio show [Park Kyung Lim’s 2PM Date], member Kim Kyu Jong responded to the saying of “SS501 disbandment”.

In the show, Heo Young Saeng said “Originally is five members, but we made a comeback earlier with three members. In order to express our wish that all five members will stay together forever, thus our new album was named as [ETERNAL5].” Later, host Park Kyung Lim cautiously popped the question “Previously there’s saying of ‘SS501 disbanded’….” To this, Kim Kyu Jong responded “We will occasionally meet up to have a drink, talk about the future. Next time, we will promote (comeback) in the name of SS501.” With regards to the other two members, Kim Kyu Jong said “Park Jung Min will return to the group immediately after he discharge from the army, Kim Hyun Joong’s mother has also given us a lot of encouragement.”

SS301 will hold their first official fansign event on 27 Feb after their return.

17062011 Kim Hyung Jun Fanmeet in Singapore

13 Nov

Actually I’m not sure if I did or did not shared the pics I took, because I can’t find the logo-ed pics anywhere in my 2 HD or in my photobucket account or our old blog…so I guess I had not share yet..? But I did shared my fancams back then. Anyways, I just added logo and shall share here. My pics were not well-taken as I’m not using dslr or any good camera so just bear with the quality yah~

Don’t ask me for fan account cos you know… age is catching up on me so I can’t really recall the details. All I can and will always remember is that it was very memorable time spent for the fanmeet^^


Photo Courtesy kelemama


This pic is quite blur but becos I like Jun’s cheeky expression so I just share it anyway^^

Another cheeky one! Hehehe this is so cute!

This one is cute too. Like there’s thousands of question marks springing out of his head asking why why why. Hehe

SUPER love this pic! <33333

Hahaha Gotcha! So cute!!!!

This pic is blur but you can see his teary red eyes after watching the video.

This one very blur. Taken from a far distance when I was queuing for hi-5….

And below are my fancams, sharing once again. Last few fancams were shaky cos my arms were so tired I can’t hold my camera well anymore.. hehe

Kyu Jong…the rope, our rope ^^

22 May

Woah! You saw it?!! Something that we’ve been long awaiting for since don’t know when!

Subconsciously, I’ve been holding my breath and started waiting ever since our boys went solo on June 2010. But when Jung Min went to Taiwan and Japan couple of weeks back and said the boys will be going to his place for dinner, I held my breath even tighter, clench my fingers even harder and hope for the gathering and that they’ll share some beautiful pics. Then~ Young Saeng also mentioned on his recording on Happy Together 3 (episode with Shinhwa) that he is meeting the members for dinner after the recording (but did not specifically mentioned if it’s all members).

Yesterday night, our 3 boys met up at Jung Min Mummy’s restaurant for dinner (supper maybe?) and finally shared their loving moments with us! I realised I heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing Kyu Jong’s tweets and pics. It’s really a nice feeling^^ Though we were all anticipating a gathering of all 5, but 3 is just as good. We can’t be so greedy all the time. Take it slowly~

When Kyu Jong tweeted yesterday, I guess most Triple S went ‘AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Kyu Jong ah!!!!!!’ deep in their heart or maybe even scream out loud looking at their phone or monitor screen. kekekekeke yea, i’m also one of the one who went screaming silently too! Kyu Jong ah, our sweet Kyu Jong. Look what you have done to us Triple S^^

Come, let’s take a look at what our 3 sweet boys tweeted last night!

(first pic shared by Kyu Jong)

대박!! 형준이가 정민이가게에서 우리에게 밥을 샀어요 !! 이…놀라운.. 얼마만의 형준이가 우리에게.. ㅠ ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 담에는 형들도 불러야지잉 쭈니짱 ㅎㅎ

And kindly translated by @xiaochu1004 on twitter:

[@2kjdream twt trans] Daebak!! HyungJun treated us at JungMin’s shop!! This is..surprising.. how long was it that HyungJun last treated us.. ㅠ heeheeheehee must call the hyungs out next time too ♥ Jjuni jjang heehee

Then! This cute boy shared the second pic. Tada~!

love ya !! 유후~사랑하는 울아이들~~♥

And again, kindly translated by Xiaochu:

[Trans] love ya!! Yoohoo~ my dearest boys~~♥

And when all Triple S are rejoicing over their dinner date, Jun tweeted another pic!

오공일 합체직전의 모습. 커밍쑨~! 각오하여라~! 크로쓰~!!

Again, kindly translated by Xiaochu:

[@HyungJun87 twt trans] Image of 501 just before reunite. Coming soon~! Prepare for it~! Cross~!!

There! Jun’s word of ‘coming soon’ is so full of promises that really swept our feet of the ground yah?! Really a very ‘adventurous’ night for Triple S with them bombarding us with their tweets and pics! How does that feel seeing a 301 reunion? kekekekekeke I hope your heart can take it, and I jussssst managed to pull through, else you won’t be seeing this post now. LOL~ ok lame.

Hmmm just when I was about to hit the sack, then Jung Min tweeted! A more endearing pic I thought~ since we’ve always love the Tom and Jerry pair, I particularly like this pic because Baby’s head was resting on Mal’s shoulder and Kyu’s hands on Baby’s shoulders (oh I can grin until my face split into two!)

사진 늦었네~~!!탱탱한87젊은이들과 모여서~^^옹기종기!! 완전 늙은 꼬부랑이 86늙은이들은 담기회에 샴페인 쏘는거 확답 후 만나주는 걸로!!ㅋㅋ 준아~담엔 약속한 생일 주 쏴~~♥이러다 니 생일되겠다~~!

Last but not least, kindly translated by Xiaochu this morning:

[Revised @JungMin0403 twt trans, thanks to @HappyBoys_SS501] Photo is late~^^ Gathered with the taut and young 87ers~^^ huddling (together)!! Totally old and bent back with age 86ers, will meet with you next time when you give a definite answer to treat us champagne!! Keke Jun-ah~ You should treat us my birthday drink you promised next time. I’m afraid it may happen on your birthday~~!

Happy is an understatement, after all their tweets and pics. And I’m happy at the thought that another meet up will fall in place on Baby’s birthday! Excited much, I hope we get to see the 86ers and 87ers together, soon….

At the back of our head, we all knew there’s problems among them, that’s why we always don’t get to see all 5 together. Hyun Joong mentioned it before (sorry, i can’t recall if it’s in an interview or during his BD showcase), it’s true that he is contacting some members and not contacting others. I guess many Triple S were quite heart-broken hearing what he said. It’s a sad truth. But we hope and we know things can be sorted out, because they promised they will not disband, they will come back as five members on stage again. This we know and we believe strongly. That’s why we still call ourselves Triple S and waiting till now.

All this while, we see that Kyu Jong, being the center of the group, as always, he is the one pulling the members together, strongly. At times, I feel sad because it seem a heavy burden to shoulder, being the rope to keep the other boys in place. But I think this is picking up and improving, seeing now that Leader and Jun are playing soccer together, needless to say the awkward HyunSaeng couple are getting along fine and then our Tom and Jerry couple too.

Kyu Jong, though in the army and does not have as much free time since he is based in Jeonju, but despite being far away (at least about 3 hours of train ride from Seoul?) from the other 4 boys, he holds them together, a very strong rope that is tied around each boy and pulling them closer and closer and together. Kyu Jong ah, it has been hard on you, please stay strong no matter how! While we don’t know when will their reunion on stage be, I hope for more moments of them offstage. Going out for meals, playing games together. Just continue to stay true to their promises and I’ll be happy to wait on.

For the Best SS501, I just want to be your Triple S, only.

PS. To add, translators don’t work 24/7. Xiaochu is based in GMT+8 (Singapore time), if you’re on a different time zone, I think it is only polite to wait and not tweeting her to ask for trans in the middle of the night. If you are on same time zone, then you should be ashamed of yourself, cause you should know the day and the night. Bluntly, translators need to eat, sleep, shit, work and have their own time with their family and friends. They are not on standby 24/7, just because they can translate doesn’t mean they SHOULD translate too. Don’t take it for granted.

PPS. If you can’t wait, Google is everyone’s best friend. If you find the translations not up to par, well please, go learn the language yourself then.

The stars who you wanted to be best friends with!

12 Apr

Shared this video yesterday, and so who do you want to be best friends with among our boys? Hehehe

The fangirl side of me wants to be Hyun Joong’s best friend, Kyu Jong’s girl friend, Young Saeng & Jung Min & Hyung Jun’s big noona! kekekekekeke~ I guess some will be surprised at why I chose Hyun Joong to be best friend with, I duno how to explain but it’s just a feeling….even though he is my No. 1 bias. hehehe

Anyways, since the video is in English so I don’t think there’s still a need to sub it. But for the benefit of fans who are not so strong in listening or have problems to listen to what was being said about Hyung Jun, I’ve typed out in text form^^

Video Courtesy arirangworld + (text) kelemama

No. 2 Kim Hyung Jun
Kim Hyung Jun who had received a lot of love as the cute youngest member of SS501, transformed into a true man.
He is very friendly and outgoing, who creates very fun and lively atmosphere wherever he goes.
He isn’t hesitant to approach people he doesn’t know, and makes friend very quickly.
Kim Hyung Jun has recently expanded into acting, and among the actors and production staff members he has already gained fame for his polite and humble personality.
I’m sure he make the perfect best friend but don’t get jealous of his countless other friends.

[FanAcc + Fancam] Kim Hyung Jun SG Arrival on 16 March 2013

16 Mar

막동이! 쭌이! 베이비! 김형준! 싱가포르에 와 줘서 고마워!!

Attended Jun’s 1st showcase and 1st fanmeet but it’s my first time picking him up from airport! Wasn’t able to pick him up previous times when he was here and I felt so guilty >.< This time I’m glad I made it!

Together with 2 other friends, we arrived at T3 around 11pm+. Not many fans yet, all scattered at seats in front of Belt 45-48. At around 12.30am, more fans came. There’s a small episode when fans tried to put up their fanclub banners at the railings in front of the exit door, after they put up the banner, one airport police came and told them to take it down but didn’t give reason why not allowed >.< He said can hold the banner but cannot hang it on the railings :(

Me and friends started to stand in front of the exit door when the flight touched down. Quietly…one handsome boy in all black and black cap appeared into sight, we were all wondering if it’s HIM as there wasn’t much commotions or screams. Surprisingly fans were murmuring or whispering ‘It’s him, it’s Jun‘ instead of loud shouts and screams. Though there wasn’t much hype but I thought this is rather pleasant actually. It gives other flight passengers a good feel because we are not rowdy and loud like some crazy people..? Maybe also because Jun was still inside the arrival hall and haven’t stepped out? I don’t know but this is how I felt personally^^ Polite fans for polite idol! Hehe

Jun and his group walked to belt 46 to collect their baggage and they were there for quite some 10mins? The time waiting for him to come out is like taking forever.

While waiting for him to come out, one uncle about the age of late 50s or early 60s walked out from the exit door where we were standing and asked the auntie (I think is his wife?) who were we waiting for and the auntie said “think is someone from SS501 (OMG AUNTIE KNOWS SS501!!)” then uncle said “oh the Kim Hyun(g) Joon(g) ah (OMG THE UNCLE KNOWS KIM HYUN JOONG/KIM HYUNG JUN!!!)” and then pushes his trolley and walked off. Though we aren’t sure the uncle said Kim Hyung Jun or Kim Hyun Joong, but we are in absolute nines becos they knew our boys! Really happy to the nines!

Slowly Jun started to walk over, with his group following behind. He’s coming out finally! Got my camera ready and stood in front of the exit door. He seem to be in a good mood, keep smiling and waving to fans^^ As he walked closer to the exit door, fans started crowding near me and some fans began shouting for him. When he stepped out from the exit door with big smiles, it’s like the night has became bright and sunny! His smiles are so nice and brings you to smiles too! Then our Cal sweetie did it again! She shouted “YO MY BROTHER! YO MY BROTHER!” and Jun turned back to look out for her and said “Annyeong!” as he paced forward. KYAAAA the look in his face when he turned back to trace the shout-out was so awesome! I’m glad I captured it all! <33333

There was no barricades put up and Jun was escorted by his manager and it was quite a long walk to the lift, he was totally surrounded by fans and I was thrown far behind. I must confess…I am really not a good chaser. I tried catching up on him but still can’t squeeze through the ‘thick’ wall of fans barrier! I can only zoom my camera as I followed far behind until reaching the lift and I surrendered. Stop my recording and just tried to squeeze over to peep him in the lift :x Managed to capture a couple of shots but not good quality. Lift door closed and fans scattered again, some taking escalator down while some took other lifts. We slowly walked down using the escalator, not really sure where to go, then we noticed one big group of people crowding outside the pickup area and we ran over quickly! ppa ppa ppa ppa ppa all the heavy footsteps! hahahaha

Jun got in the car while waiting for the rest of the group to load their baggage into other cars. Some 20 over fans were standing by the side of the car waving and calling out to Jun. There’s even airport staff amongst the fans! This auntie keep looking at us waving to Jun and she also started waving at him. Hahahah so cute and funny. She looked quite lost though but she just joined in the fun. kekekeke

After about 5 mins(?) when all things were up on the cars and ready to go, Jun wind down the window a little and waved goodbye to all of us. And that ends my chasing for the night^^

I’ve combined some pics together with the fancam, cos the photo quality was quite bad but still I want to share, so I just put them altogether.


Their bromance, Our Happiness.

18 Feb

This afternoon, while catching up on some recent updates on twitter, saw a fancam tweeted by @mykingjun, so I clicked on e link to watch it^^ towards e end of e clip while e players were done with their game n gathering together for a group pic, I was looking hard at our two boys since they were standing so close to each other but nope, din spot any interactions. After e group pic, everyone dispersed n I thot that’s all…but to my surprise, as Hyun Joong was back facing e camera, suddenly Hyung Jun came to sight n I spotted him swiftly touched Hyun Joong’s elbow to signal him to greet e guy in front so Hyun Joong turned around n shook hand with that guy.

Here, e screenshot I shared on twitter this afternoon. Kyaaaaa I was over the moon when I saw this very moment!!! Altho it’s just a one-two seconds moment, but it shows a lot! Since we foreign fans are not able to be in Korea often or always, we dun really know what is e situation of our boys actually, whatever hearsays are just…..hearsays. So this kind of ‘evidence’ of their bromance means a lot to fans who are still keeping e faith n waiting for e day of reunion. At least I’m still one fan still eagerly waiting n hoping^^

After seeing this, I began to hv more greedier thots….. Let’s hope for a threesome bromance? Hahahaha… Can we see Hyun Joong, Hyung Jun n Young Saeng on e field someday too? Kekekekekekekeke oh I feel I’m so greedy :x but I shall keep on praying for this day to come soon :p It’s actually not too difficult right? Hyun Joong in FC Men, Hyung Jun in FC Avengers n Young Saeng in FC One, we just need one fateful chance to see them three running after a ball on e same field, even if they r on opposing teams, I’m sure we can spot lotsa bromance if this really happens! Hehehehe

I bought this because of….^^

16 Nov
When I saw this mag, was hesitating if I should buy it.. I know…front cover is KHJ, but….I’ve bought so many mags till I’ve got no place to keep anymore. So I actually just flipped through to read on his interviews and it’s good enough.. but when I flipped to the page showing Kyu Jong, I immediately walked over to the counter to pay for the mag. hahahaha…!! Power of Kyu Jong!! kekekeke

Ok, sharing all the pages that I can find our boys on it^^ (anyways, I duno if this mag has been shared before, so feel free to repost if you’ve not seen it elsewhere)

There there there!! It’s because of this page showing uri cutey Kyu Jong that’s why I immediately carried the book to the cashier counter and made payment! Kyaaaaaa so cute can!!!!

And this is so cute lor. They even romanized and translated Lucky Guy’s lyrics here! hahahahahaha

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