A note to self: Don’t assume and…..don’t presume!

5 Mar

Yesterday was a hype, when more updates on YS’s 3rd mini album [LIFE] and upcoming activities were released, there’s also a soccer match between FC Avengers (Jun’s team) and FC One (YS’s team). In the midst of the hype, I realised that YS’s pre-recording for Music Core’s stage falls on 9 March, the day when magnae Jun is having his first solo concert. With all the things flooding in,  I tweeted “Hmm, YS will record for MuCore on 9/3…so he can’t go to Baby’s concert??? >.<” and some minutes after that, it struck me that I did something wrong.

Like some fans, I presumably thinks that all our boys should be there for Jun’s concert, because we thought that it will be like on 3 June 2012 when 4 of them went to Kyu’s fanmeet, so we assume the same for this concert too. So now if YS is going to do his recording on the same day, maybe he will not be able to make it? After realising it, I felt so bad. I always say “Please don’t presume or even think you know what is going on in the heads of the boys. We are not them and we will never know what they are going through and what is going on between them now.” and now I’m presuming and assuming things too. I guess some of us does things like that too? When you are so excited or anxious, you tend to just blurt out your thoughts, later to realise you shouldn’t think like that… Ahhh, so wrong of me :(

Last year, on 3 June 2012, it was a very special day for all Triple S cos we witnessed a ‘small’ reunion of our boys on stage, despite that JM is not on stage but he was there, he attended^^

Some fans said JM was sick cos he had a bandage on his neck, while some fans speculated that due to issues with his contract with his ex-coy, he can’t be present on stage. But later Jun explained on stage that JM was not feeling well (read from some translations shared on weibo) thus he didn’t go on stage. Whatever it is, it was definitely a day to rejoice for all Triple S^^ What’s more, it was my ROM anniversary too! Such a special and meaningful day for me!

This time, for Jun’s first solo concert in Korea, I guess most of us also hope for the same? Hoping that we will get to see a reunion on stage again too. Hoping to see five of them greet all fans with “안녕하세요. 우리는 더블에스오공일 입니다” and their signature handsign~~!

Yes, I hope so too. But we need to keep in mind that we cannot presume things will go our way. Till the very day itself, we will not know what will happen. We may be in for a surprise, a surprise that all 4 appear! But we may end up with also a surprise, a surprise that none come…? So let’s just be a good pea, we pray hard and pray even harder…that our wish will come true, and at the same time we don’t presume, speculate, spread untrue information.

And last reminder to self again, don’t point fingers if things don’t go your way. No matter who your bias is, you respect other members and their fans. Learn to be a mature fan, a fan that our boys can be proud of, can rely on, like how proud we are of our boys.

For the BEST SS501, we want to be the BEST Triple S!


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  1. zess501 March 8, 2013 at 11:07 PM #

    I completely agree with you. At times, unconsciously, some of us tend to say or do things that we later regret. It’s an unfortunate coincidence but like you said we do not know what’s on their mind or what’s happening between them so we should instead supportthem in whatever they do than assume stuff.
    You post was an eye opener. Thanks! ^^

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