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Henecia Membership

21 Jun

I noticed that some fans are confused with being a regular member of Henecia and a active (paid) member of Henecia.

Other than having a login access and allows Keyeast to get stats of Hyun Joong’s fanbase coverage, public can also have free access to hyun-joong.com without a login. The only thing that makes a difference is when you sign up as a active (paid) member, where you can have access to exclusive photos, videos and messages from Hyun Joong.

Regular Membership Application


But when you only signed up as a regular member, you will not be able to get access to Henecia site.


Active (Paid) Membership

As a active (paid) member, you will get to access Henecia site and see the contents that are shared exclusively for Henecia active member, like the one below~


SO! What are you waiting for?? Quickly sign up as an active member before the registration close on 30 June!

Payment instruction [2017 Recruit for Kim Hyun Joong official fan club, Henecia]

Foreigners can try to use SENDHOW to make payment to KE via paypal or credit card.

You can read up HERE before you start using SENDHOW.

HURRY UP! Join as an active member before you regret!


[FA] HJ’s treat at Jaksal Chicken on 30 Apr 2017

2 May

Actually many fans were expecting HJ to go to Jaksal the next day after FM and some really had the luck of the world to get a treat from him!

So he did went to Jaksal on 30 Apr but for a brief 5-6mins. Below is the FA from fans who saw him and got a treat from him.

PS. As mentioned by illublue on twitter, HJ requested not to take pics of him so I won’t share his pics taken by fans here. Only the FA~^^


FA by Kim HyunJoong TV + eng trans by kelemama/501wangja

Repost with full credits only


本來有一組日本粉絲在結帳,親故一直對日本粉絲說今天不用付錢,但日本粉絲不明白為什麼不用錢,這時親故才大聲對大家說今天賢重請客,接著就看到賢重出現在收銀機旁,店內一陣尖叫!賢重用信用卡付完帳後,很帥氣的收起信用卡就把刷卡單丟在櫥房的垃圾筒,接著再由櫥房後門出去,一會兒就看到一個追風少年從魚叉旁邊的巷子推了一輛帥氣拉風的腳踏車出現在門口,並快速低著頭躍上腳踏車揚長而去,親故為了讓賢重安全離開,稍稍攔了在場粉絲讓賢重離開,親故看著賢重的腳踏車騎遠了才安心進入店內繼續招呼所有粉絲朋友們,並問大家開不開心,且轉達了賢重想要表達的話,賢重說謝謝大家一直等候他回來,也謝謝大家來參加他的fan meeting. 過程雖短很短,但在短短幾分鐘內,消息炸開整個微博,足見大家對賢重的重視。

Today is a really unforgettable day for all the companions.

My companion said ‘Finally got a treat from the man! And it’s from the man we loved!

Around 10.20pm today, HJ went into Jaksal from the kitchen backdoor and headed straight to the cashier counter to make payment. Actually the whole process was very short, probably just around 5-6mins.

A group of Jap fans were making payment but HJ’s friend said no need to pay today, but the Jap fans don’t understand why they don’t need to pay, so HJ’s friend said out loud to everyone that HJ is treating today, then we saw HJ appearing beside the cashier counter, and there’s an outburst of screams inside the shop! 

After HJ made payment using his credit card, he kept his card and threw the receipt into the thrash bin inside the kitchen, then walked out from the kitchen backdoor. A while later we saw a dashing young man pushing a very flashy bicycle coming out to the front door from the side lane beside Jaksal. He quickly got on the bike, lowered his head and took off. In order to let HJ leave safely, his friend tried to hold the fans so to let HJ leave safely, seeing HJ cycled off a distance away then he went back into the shop and asked everyone if they are happy and also said the words that HJ wished to say ‘HJ thanked fans for waiting for his return, also thanked everyone for coming to his FM.’ Although the encounter was very brief and short, but in a short moment of time the news was spread onto weibo and spread like wildfire, it’s evident to see how everyone valued HJ.

(omit rest)



[FA] Kim Hyun Joong ‘2017 ANEMONE FM’ in Seoul by Aileen_henecia

2 May

Had shared a few FA on twitter by this fan and will continue with the rest of what she had shared here.

FA shared by Aileen_henecia + eng trans by kelemama/501wangja
Repost with full credits only
20170429片段#金贤重4.29粉丝见面会# :唱谢谢你前,他说这首歌现在这个场合很适合,其实这首是挺伤感的一首歌。你们好好听别忙着拍照了[二哈]
Before singing ‘Thank You’, he said ‘This song suits this occasion, actually this is a rather sentimental song. You all listen well, don’t keep taking photos’
20170429小片段: 贤重问现在几点了?粉丝喊不知道!他说耳机里的人告诉我八点半了,我们已经玩了一个小时了你们知道吗。我们要快点了,因为场地只租到今晚十二点,晚了要再交钱
HJ asked ‘What time is it now?’ Fans shouted ‘Don’t know’ He said ‘Someone told him through his earpiece that it’s 8.30pm, we had already played for an hour already, do you know? It’s about time to end. As we only rented the venue till 12mn, we need to pay extra if overrun.’
20170429 片段:唱your story之前,贤他说他有好好准备这首歌,但是(叹一口气,摆弄了一下舞台前面报歌词的显示屏)突然又有点忘了歌词[笑cry]
Before singing your story, HJ said he had prepared well for this song, but (give a sigh and adjusted the monitor in front of the stage) suddenly forgotten the lyrics
20170429 片段:讲到永生有来看FM,找了半天灯光也照了半天也没找到永生。他说“不会吧难道发了INS就走了!?!?“最后说“哎我还是不相信他就这么走了,估计去厕所了吧“[二哈]
He said KyuSaeng came to see his FM, couldn’t find KyuSaeng at the audience seats. He said ‘Can’t be they left after uploading on IG?!?!’ and he finally said ‘I still don’t believed they left just like that, probably went to the toilet?’
20170429片段 :有饭告诉他自己的戒指找到了。他给大家解释,这个粉丝给他写了一百多封信,其中讲到自己一个很珍贵的戒指丢了所以很难过,不过还好找到了。(然后开启碎碎念模式)“我以为是什么特别的戒指,原来好像就一般的戒指“ ​​​​
A fan told him she found her ring. Then he explained it to everyone that this fan wrote him 100+ letters, she mentioned in one of her letters that she lost a very precious ring so she felt very sad, but luckily she has found the ring. (Then he started to mumble to himself) “I thought how special was the ring, it seem it’s just a common ring’
20170429片段: 贤重想要今后在韩国官网多做一些活动,但现在网站被黑了[吃惊]上面照片都没有了 所以还要等一下 ​​​​
HJ wished to be more active in his Korean homepage, but it’s been hacked recently and the photos in the homepage were all gone so will have to wait a while more
Below were already shared on twitter previously.

[FA] Kim Hyun Joong ‘2017 ANEMONE FM’ in Seoul by 地上最强呀

2 May
FA shared by @地上最强呀 + eng trans by kelemama/501wangja
Repost with full credits only
1. Going to draw the Q&A notes that fans left outside the hall, separated according to China, Japan and Korea (but it seem not many fans knew about this..) He took a glance and said ‘Hmm…why does it seem like there’s not a lot… which one should I start with?’ Someone from the floor shouted ‘Canada’! He was very surprised and said ‘Don’t have this…’
2. He picked from Korea first, he looked through a few and said ‘Why are just ‘Fighting’ and well wishes, aren’t you all curious about me?’ In the end he picked one that asked which girl group he like? Fans shouted ‘Red Velvet!’ And he said ‘How did you know! In the army mostly are in their early 20s, spent a lot of time with them so I kept listening (their songs) too. I felt like I’m a father when in the army..’


3. A note asked about interesting things in the army. ‘In the army, they often give out meat (samgyeopsal), so I enjoyed eating…” So I (the fan who shared the FA) asked him from my seat ‘So you put on weight?’ he said in surprise ‘Hmm..no, I don’t put on weight easily…’

4. 后来就起哄让他唱军歌…他觉得好好笑就说你们怎么这么好奇军队里面?大家就一直让他唱…他就说你们都想听么?都不想听吧!对吧!就给敷衍过去了…

4. Later fans started to ask him to sing army song…he find it funny and said why are we so curious about army? Everyone kept asking him to sing and he said ‘Do you all really wish to listen? No right!’ and just get over it…

5.有中饭问心里有没有惦念中饭?之后什么时候来活动?“我是一直放在心里的,之后也一定会再去,也要去旅行,但是现在这个情况也发生了一些事…欸,怎么会这么多事呢?” 底下也一起在哈哈哈的笑

5. A Chinese fan asked if he does think about Chinese fans? When is he going to have activities in China? ‘I always put them (Chinese fans) in my heart, will also go in future, also want to go there for leisure travel, but the situation now also has some problems (some fans said he was referring to the Kor-Chn relationship issue over THAAD)…. sigh, why are there so many issues?’ Fans also laughed along.

6.因为还有中饭和日饭的纸条,翻译站在旁边。他聊起来的时候就自己说好长,也不管外饭听懂没,我旁边的韩饭就一直在提醒 要翻译啊,翻译!他才缓过来说,喔对,来,翻译吧…然后翻译也很崩溃的笑了。

6. As there’s also notes from Chinese and Japanese fans, translator was standing beside him. He started talking and talked so long, not noticing that overseas fans do not understand. The Korean fan beside me kept signalling him that we need translation. Then he realised it and said ‘Oh right, come, please translate’… and the translator broke out laughing.


7. After singing a fast song, he kept panting. He sighed and said ‘It’s really not the same anymore being in 20s and in 30s, right? Need to keep drinking water.’


8. Before singing LMBTO, he said 501 members also came to show support. Everyone start to look behind to search for the members but can’t find them, someone said they left. HJ shouted out ‘Say hello if you are still around? Maybe they really had left.’ and then he mumbled to himself why they left already, or maybe they went to the toilet?


9. Forgotten what he was talking about, I (the fan) shouted to him ‘Became more handsome!’ He said ‘Hmm? What?’ His expression was really cute! And all the fans started to shout ‘Very handsome! So good looking!’ and he just smiled sheepishly. 


10. He asked ‘Everyone still remembered I released many limited edition albums? There’s #6, #66, #666 etc, actually all these are with me! All kept at home. Now I felt that as compared to me keeping them, it’s more meaningful if it’s kept with you all, so I intend to give it out.’ Fans shouted ‘Give me, give me!’ HJ said ‘How to give?’ Fans shouted ‘Give now!’ HJ said ‘I can’t, didn’t bring today…’


11. Before singing ‘I’m Your Man’, he said ‘It’s been a long time I sang this together with everyone, still remember the song?’ And fans sang along with him when he was singing. He was very happy.

12.舞台上几个提词器和流程的电脑,有一台一开始给跑了,他就一直要搬过来。“啊我看不见了,我得看着怕搞错流程…” 最后的时候也有聊起他后面的乐队,“我在军队的这段时间他们也仍然每天,啊,肯定不是每天…偶尔一起工作,他们也有很多是基督教徒,也会为我真心的祈祷!出来之后,也还是决心要和我一起来做事情!大家一起为他们鼓个掌吧!我们就一起说了谢谢,一直在鼓掌!

12. There’s a few monitors on the stage to flash song lyrics and event flow, one of it was moved and he kept wanting to move it over. He said ‘I can’t see, I need to see it or I may get the flow wrong…’ and towards the end he also talked about the band behind him. ‘During the time when I was in the army, they also everyday… uhmm definitely not everyday… occasionally get together to work. A few of them are also Christians, will also pray for me sincerely! After discharged from army, they also decided to work together with me. Everyone please clap for them!’ So all fans said thank you (to the band members) and kept clapping for them!
He was constantly joking around during the 2 hours, jovial and cute as always, the atmosphere was also very good!

[News] Kim Hyun Joong’s father talked about the 2 years of pain “Wife wrote suicide note 3 times”

23 Aug


News courtesy Koreastardaily (http://www.koreastardaily.com/sc/news/83129_) + eng trans by kelemama / checked by Violettacal

Repost with full credits only.

Kim Hyun Joong and ex-gf’s lawsuit dragged on for two years, and it finally ended with the ex-gf ruled to compensate 100M won. Despite the court finally cleared Kim Hyun Joong’s name, the stress that was put upon him and his family through massive force of public opinion even caused Kim Hyun Joong’s mother to pen her suicide note 3 times.

Magazine [Women’s DongA] September issue will be released on 22 Aug with exclusive interview with Kim Hyun Joong’s father, listen to him recalling the pain that was faced over the past two years.

“Everyone said my son is a shameless criminal, Hyun Joong’s mum thus had very extreme thoughts, (she) wrote suicide note three times.” Kim Hyun Joong’s dad said.

This confession also showed how public opinion kills a person, looking back at all the verbal attacks on Kim Hyun Joong and comparing the truth that the court has ruled upon, people are believed to be more discreet (or vigilant) when making comments in future.

SS301 revealed their ambition, look upon long-lived group Shinhwa as their goal

27 Feb


News Courtesy Korea Star Daily (http://www.koreastardaily.com/tc/news/74370) + eng trans by kelemama

Repost with full credits only.

SS501’s three members Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun recently formed a subunit SS301, made a comeback and received great success. They who reunited after a long while, has what kind of expectation for the future?

During the broadcast at today’s MBC FM4U [Park Kyung Lim’s 2PM Date], SS301’s member Heo Young Saeng revealed “We wished to become sophisticated men like Shinhwa.”

“(Shinhwa) being our country’s first long-lived idol group, just this is really very dashing.” Heo Young Saeng said “When we met the seniors offscreen, really felt that they are tough and  masculine.”

Fans who love SS501, will also continue to support the members, let them realize this ambition?

SS301:Kim Hyun Joong’s mum often called and gave us encouragement

27 Feb


News Courtesy Korea Star Daily (http://www.koreastardaily.com/tc/news/74368) + eng trans by kelemama

Repost with full credits only

SS301 talks about the past SS501’s other members sentimentally.

MBC FM4U [Park Kyung Lim’s 2PM Date] invited SS301 as guest for the broadcast on 26 February. On that day SS301 also talked about the other members from SS501 days, they said “[ETERNAL5] means the five person in SS is one (body), currently this is the best. People around us are very worried about the reunion of SS501, because everyone is working very hard on their solo activities, but we constantly heard about a reunion comeback, and also often heard about whether we want to reunite or not(?) these kind of questions.”

(I’m not sure if the chinese article is accurate cos it looks kinda weird to me…)

“Occasionally will meet up for a drink, and also talked a lot on thoughts of the future, will continue moving forward as SS501 again.” expressing that they are still missing SS501 days in their hearts.

Especially when asked about their thoughts on SS501 members Kim Hyun Joong and Park Jung Min, both of them also hold positive and firm attitude. “Jung Min said he has already memorised the choreography, Hyun Joong and his mum also will talk to us on the phone sometimes, it’s really wonderful and they cheered for us too, we will also definitely present the best side of us to everyone.”

SS301 will be holding their concert “U R MAN IS BACK” in Seoul on 19 and 20 March.

SS301 guested on radio show, Kim Kyu Jong respond to “SS501 disbandment”

26 Feb


News Courtesy 搜狐韩娱讯 + eng trans by kelemama

Repost with full credits

Feb 26, boy group SS501 subunit SS301 guested at MBC FM4U radio show [Park Kyung Lim’s 2PM Date], member Kim Kyu Jong responded to the saying of “SS501 disbandment”.

In the show, Heo Young Saeng said “Originally is five members, but we made a comeback earlier with three members. In order to express our wish that all five members will stay together forever, thus our new album was named as [ETERNAL5].” Later, host Park Kyung Lim cautiously popped the question “Previously there’s saying of ‘SS501 disbanded’….” To this, Kim Kyu Jong responded “We will occasionally meet up to have a drink, talk about the future. Next time, we will promote (comeback) in the name of SS501.” With regards to the other two members, Kim Kyu Jong said “Park Jung Min will return to the group immediately after he discharge from the army, Kim Hyun Joong’s mother has also given us a lot of encouragement.”

SS301 will hold their first official fansign event on 27 Feb after their return.

[News] BYJ, Kim Hyun Joong ‘Loyal send-off’…Japan Universal Music’s representatives also accompanied

12 May

Hallyu star Bae Yong Jun had send-off Kim Hyun Joong for his military enlistment.

On 12th May around 12pm, Bae Yong Jun accompanied Kim Hyun Joong to Gyeonggi-do Goyang-si Recruit Training Center of Army Division 30 for his military enlistment.

Under the same agency Keyeast and of special Hallyu senior-junior relationship, Bae Yong Jun came to send Kim Hyun Joong off.

Bae Yong Jun took a Range Rover from Seoul and met up with Kim Hyun Joong and his companions for a meal. Also Keyeast’s senior officials as well as officials from Japan were mobilized to watch Kim Hyun Joong’s enlistment.

In particular, representatives from Kim Hyun Joong’s Japan agency DATV and KNTV and Universal Music were together with him for the enlistment.

Also, Kim Hyun Joong’s childhood friends and friends from music band also joined the send-off and patted his shoulder.

News from http://www.sporbiz.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=2798 + (eng trans) kelemama

Repost with full credits.

Hey! My pretty boy~!

23 Dec

Tsk! Wanted to just use twitlonger to share the trans but it’s just not showing up correctly >.<

Hmmm she added a hashtag that HJ is the ambassador for the brand, I’m not sure since there’s no official news on it. Whatever it is, glad to see my boy^^


Instagram pic of Hyun Joong with a staff at GaGa Milano store (http://instagram.com/p/w6Xh9FMITN/)

#셀카 로 찍고싶었으나 쭈구리오징어
될까봐 포기..
#연예인 관심없는데 진짜정말엄청 잘생겼..
순정만화 주인공처럼 생겼떠
같이 밥 먹고싶었는데 왜 먼저 가셨어요..😭😭

#Hallyustar #KimHyunJoong #GaGaMilano #ambassador
Wanted to take a #selca but hesitated a lot and gave up..
I have no interest in #entertainers but (HJ) is really very handsome..
Handsome like a character in a romance comic (manga)
Wanted to have a meal with him but why did he left first..😭😭

In another instagram pic the girl shared (http://instagram.com/p/w6XK3iMISi/)

#가가밀라노 #패션시계 #이태리시계
#정호빈 부사장님이랑~😊
#방송촬영도하고 새로운경험 잔뜩잔뜩!

#GaGaMilano #fashionwatch #Italywatch
Together with #JungHoBin vice-president~😊
#broadcastfilmingand new experience adding up!
#daily #movieactor #selfie #jewelry




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