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[News] “Masked Singer” sparta Lee Jung Bong, full of praise for junior Heo Young Saeng… “Best vocal among idols”

28 Nov


News Courtesy + (chi trans) 康康@许永生贴吧 + (eng trans) kelemama

Repost with full credits only.

“Masked Singer” Sparta’s real identity is singer Lee Jung Bong, once again showed his love for his juniors. Lee Jung Bong revealed the story of singing [Love, Goodbye] with Heo Young Saeng.

Lee Jung Bong said “I am a fan who usually will collect all of Heo Young Saeng’s songs. [Love, Goodbye] is a song that totally fits Heo Young Saeng’s voice, but it’s a pity that it wasn’t recorded into Heo Young Saeng’s album, this also became an opportunity for us to work together.”

He also said Heo Young Saeng is the best vocalist among idol groups. If there’s chance again, he would like to collaborate with him again and garner even more attention.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung Bong appeared on MBC’s variety program “Masked Singer” on 25 October, revealed his identity as ‘Abracadabra’.

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