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BigBang at 2013 F1 Night Race Concert

22 Sep

Hehehe it’s D-Day! I can watch BigBang’s ‘concert’ finally!

Much thanks to BB for helping me to get the tickets to the F1 concert!!

I had butterflies in my stomach even till the day itself. But thank gawd things went smooth.

Not gonna write fan account. So I’ll just share pics and vids I took^^

Finally, BigBang before my eyes! Missing Seungri here >.<

Pictures were not well-taken cos I’m really too far back. And I was not in tiptop condition that day… so my hands got tired very soon and throughout the rest of the concert, all my fancams were very shaky :(

Here are my fancams…just bear with the shakiness and the solo song for Crooked and Strong Baby were only half as my hands can’t take it any longer ㅠㅠ

Ok, end of my sharing.

To conclude my first experience to a BigBang concert, they are one awesome group. Sing well, dance well and the way they interact with fans are really intriguing. If you have a chance, do attend their concert and feel it yourself. Really high from start to end! :D


Unbreakable or Miss Impossible?

7 Sep

Stumbled upon this twitter account’s few tweets and quickly checked my ROUND 3 album and had a good laugh.

Seriously, sometimes some song titles really are just not meant to be, and I am happy that so far our boys song titles are really nice and catchy and so ‘them’. :D

A small confession, I didn’t opened up my ROUND 3 Kor version album when I received it till now, so I didn’t really see what is inside the album and stuff. But when I got my ROUND 3 TW version, I opened it up and looked through everything.

Here, my ROUND 3 TW album!

The interesting thing about this TW version is it came with a special cardboard poster with 2 design on it, as you can see in my picture. And the name KIM HYUN JOONG was silver plated! How cool!

Ok, back to the twitter posts I mentioned earlier. The account shared the music credits from the album ROUND 3.

Hyun Joong is the co-producer for the album ^^

Miss Impossible? You got to be kidding me. Well, I’m glad they chose Unbreakable as the song title in the end. Miss Impossible is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE imo…

The song 예전처럼 original title was How Deep My Love Goes. I quite like the english title and it fit nicely to the song lyrics too. I wondered why they chose to release the song in a korean title… but of course, the korean title also speaks volume for the song too. Both kor and eng titles are nice and apt. I would take both actually ^^

THIS! I totally had a good laugh!! OMG, no Rubberband please… thank goodness.

This one is acceptable but Let’s Party is definitely a better choice over Carry Me Home. A more classy choice is Let’s Party while Carry Me Home is more country feel to me.

Ok, that’s all I want to share…

I hope I’m not too missed on twitter, though I’m sure my followers are already used to me going on hiatus. Hahaha. Don’t worry, I’m still around on twitter, just that I am tired of doing updates. I’m always around and nearby… ;p

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