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Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012~~~~

16 Feb

A late post… that came 1.5 months later…

Decided to post some random stuff so that my head can be occupied by something and not thinking about some other things that’s a little burdened on the personal side. Of course, it’s a burden i need to take but just feel like putting it aside for a while, else i probably can’t take it anymore :S

Clearing away the expired calendars and replacing with fresh ones. A happy thing to do on the start of the new day, new year^^

Of course when i said clearing away, i dun mean throwing them into the rubbish bin, how can i bear to throw them away…. gonna keep the old calendars in my cupboard!!!

Old ones…..

New ones…


Kyu ah…^^

16 Feb

ok… Kyu virus^^

picked this up on 18 Dec 2011 from m00nle unnie! met up with unnie and Josie dongsaeng for dinner at Red Pig. yum yum yum XD

ThanKYU membership card XD

16 Feb

Met up with Xiaochu just before Xmas Eve to pass her xmas pressie and collect the ThanKYU membership card!!!

It felt so different when you are really holding on to the membership card and declaring yourself a ThanKYU then just shouting out into the air that you are a ThanKYU! I hope you know what i meant.. keke

Oh yes, sweetie Xiaochu gave me 2 peppero sticks she made herself, and guess what, it’s down my kids tummy the moment i showed it to them… T_T… keke

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