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[FA] Kim Hyun Joong at TFS@IMM Fansign Event on 3 Dec 2010

4 Dec

Seriously, I am not good with words… I’ve said that Nth times everywhere before. So for me to pen down what I’ve experienced from 1st Dec till today, hmmm, it’s going to be a torture for you to read =X I enjoyed reading fan accounts but I’m really not good at writing it myself… My command of English, use of words, vocabulary, grammar, and whatever is really lousy! I’m not a ‘writing’ person but is a good ‘reading’ person :D So pre-warn you first, don’t expect anything powerful or dynamic words from my ‘mouth’… hehhehe

It’s going to be a LONG story cos I won’t just start from 1st Dec. It goes way back when TFS announced of Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour! So if you… are really not keen on reading so much junk stuff, just go straight to the bottom^^

Well, this is just for me to remember for life, so well, as long as I can understand what I’m writing, it’s good enough^^

(psst, I shall omit some dates cos I seriously don’t remember the when and the WHEN…)

Here I go~~~~~~(pls pardon my grammar and vocabulary and whatever hor…^^)


When TFS announced that Hyun Joong will be having Asia Tour, first thought on my mind, will he be coming to Singapore?? Well, subsequently details came out and YES! OMG! he’s coming to Singapore!!!! Being a Hyun Joong bias (of course not to forget I’m a Kyu Jong bias too!!) this is really a piece of good news for me! Don’t you agree?? For me, who had not been to Persona Asia Tour Concert and had only mountains and mountains of regrets, this is really one good opportunity for me to see our boys right in our mamaland! Not to forget, I’ve been to Maknae Hyung Jun’s Showcase & Fanmeeting in August too, so Hyun Joong is the 2nd boy that I get to see with my own eyes.

But when I get to know of the mechanics to get to see him, I literally rolled my eyes round and round till it’s going to pop out anytime soon. 120 VIP tickets available only?? I couldn’t believe it… No, this can’t be true! And yes, I want to be among the 120 VIPs to get his autographed poster and go up to him and look him in the eye and say ‘Thank You for coming to Singapore!’. 120 tix… of course, this is exclusive! A time for (die-hard?) fans to show their love for Hyun Joong. And I was telling myself, if I have to queue overnight for the ticket, yes I would do.

At one point of time, I was asking myself, ‘Why didn’t the local fanclubs strike a deal with TFS for some exclusive passes??’ and guess what??! The next day, I saw on Twitter that WWW.LOVEKIMHYUNJOONG.COM has good news for their Starlings! And Princess BB tweeted me to go to their forum to take a look and give it a try. I headed straight to the forum without any hesitation! Hehehe, that’s how desperate I am! kekeke. And so, I left my words there saying ‘I WANNA SEE WURI HYUN JOONG’ and cross my fingers and toes and eyes to hope for the best!

(Sorry… let me side track a little here^^ I am a passive person, not one who will say HI upfront to new faces, I am an introvert, slowcoach, passive thinker and most of all, I am afraid of new people and new faces… My whole life is revolving around my closest families, relatives, secondary school friends and a couple of close friends from previous companies that I worked before. Friends whom I am comfortable enough to share more details of my personal life, probably can be counted with 1 hand only… No, I am not selfish not to share, but it takes me a lot of courage and time to step out from my comfort zone to talk more.) So what I am trying to say here is that even when it’s on a online platform, I get jitters when I need to make the first move. So leaving a message saying I want to see wuri Hyun Joong is almost suffocating me. But because I am so eager to see him, all I can do is ‘Just Do It’… not knowing if I even stand a chance, am I being welcome at a place where I had never contributed anything to and lots of thought flashed through, but heck, all I tell myself is ‘DO or DIE’… so yes, I DID IT! Left my message and pray the hardest ever in my life.

The day when selected lucky ‘winners’ to be announced, I was tweeting @miy0 that I’m having butterflies in my tummy and she told me to check out if I’ve received any PM from them… Worried, shivers, anticipation, anxiety.. whatever you can name it, it’s all on me! Typed my ID/pwd and logged in… first thing I saw….

Right! You can never imagine how HIGH I am! I couldn’t believed it! And this is really something that CHANGED my fandom life! Yes, life will never be the same again^^ Sincerely, I want to give my thanks to BB, miy0, honeyeee, Wonderrrgirl, DivaEmz (just to name a few) and many more Starlings in @LoveKHJ for making it possible for me. :D Frankly, I’ve never contributed anything to the forum, and although I’ve joined as member for a few months, I’ve never actually left any comments before. And the first time I commented was when I was reading Lavender’s fan account of her trip in Seoul. I thought I was really thick-skinned to ask for a pass when I’ve done nothing at all =X (Given my character, I probably would have chickened out just at the thought but because of Hyun Joong, that’s it! Been there, done that!) hehehehe. I’m glad I’m thick-skinned enough to make this step now, really!

Subsequently, @LoveKHJ has been diligently updating their forum with updates and FAQs for many and even organized a ‘buying’ trip for the Starlings but sad for me, the chosen date was not a good day for me as I have my Korean language class on Wednesdays. So on the following day, I headed down to TFS@Wisma Atria to shop for $250 worth of products in order to get the VIP pass. And so coincidentally, Xiaochu also went there almost at the same time as me but we just didn’t see each other :S Guess I’m too excited that my eyes see nothing else except for the products and of course, Hyun Joong’s standee and posters! Buy buy buy and these are my loots from TFS^^ Till now, I haven’t tried any of the products. But I put it on my hubby instead! Hehehehe =X

1st December 2010 – Tonight is the NIGHT!!^^

Yes, it’s TONIGHT!! A day where I thought will only happen in my dream only. Hyun Joong is flying to Singapore! His flight will touch down at 9.20pm at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2!

Still unbelievable, but everyone on my Twitter timeline is saying ‘See You Later’ (at Changi Airport of course!) to each other and readily preparing a warm welcome for Hyun Joong. Fanboards, handmade cards, gifts, pressies, forum banners and more! Everyone is going there well-prepared! But me?? I don’t know what should I do! I borrowed a D70 from my colleague, but darn… I’m a total idiot when it comes to such gadgets @_@ so my colleague just say,’Set to auto mode lor!’ and so… I just set it to Auto and let it do all the trick. :)

When I reached T2, there wasn’t much crowd yet. Small groups of gals standing here and there, at times like this, you’ll be able to hear fans and friends exchanging their fandomship and stuff. So cute^^

I found a corner beside the exit door to the car… which I thought was a good spot but nope, as a very inexperienced fan (although I’ve also went to airport to welcome my first love Lee Min Ho-ssi but I wasn’t mad about getting good fancams back then) I was not at a very good spot. *Tonnes of regrets* Waited and waited, it gets more and more crowded. Noise gets louder and louder too…

I’m getting more and more tired of the wait and hungry and thirsty too… but nope, I am not gonna step away to find food or drink least that my spot gets taken. Josie came, then her friend came… And we chatted and chatted, while waiting…

As the clock flips to 9.20pm, everybody seem to be on their guard, standby-ing for the God of Cosmo Universe to step out! But nah, where got so fast!! Still gotta wait for immigration clearance, luggage clearance etc… he’ll probably come out around 10pm??

Ken from FM100.3 was there trying to heat up the atmosphere. Sometimes he’s funny, sometimes he’s not =X I don’t need him to heat up the atmosphere and I’m already very hot! It’s getting stuffy!! *Breathe in, Breathe out*

Tick tock, tick tock… Finally, the time has come! For the God of Cosmo Universe, uri 4D Prince Leader Kim Hyun Joong to step out from the Arrival Hall. Screams and screams and screams are all I can hear! It’s really deafening! Be it I tip-toed, stretched all I can to see where is he, I can’t. I can only follow where the hands holding their cameras goes.

Then, bodyguards, cameraman, TFS crews appeared from the other end of the barricades and………JJANG!!!!!!

In sunglasses, earphones, beanie, grey/black top, black jeans and a pair of sneaker.
He is smiling!!

Hyun Joong was in the middle of the troop of protectors and in split seconds, he whisked past me…. Before I can digest his look and his smiles, he’s in the car already! And what happened to my camera? With all the chaos and frenzy, I managed to take only 2 pics of him when he walked towards the exit door where I’m standing.

Indeed, hours of waiting and only 5 seconds to see him but I’m carrying full load of happiness back home. Many was saying…. ‘this is the fastest walk from any Kpop artist ever’ and ‘he walked so fast! I didn’t even see him clearly and he’s gone into the car…’ Really, he walked faster than Lee Min Ho! You know, when I was focusing my camera on him when I saw him, I actually moved my camera away so that I can see him with my own eyes before I start pressing the shutter… hehehehe…. me bad^^

So that’s the end of Day 1 of my ‘adventure’ with a Hallyu Star.^^

2nd December 2010, TFS Presscon @ MBS and Shop Tour @ Tampines Mall

Much thanks to @Yen4KHJ who gave live updates at the Presscon with pictures!

After the Presscon, he probably went for lunch somewhere before heading down to the shop at Tampines Mall. I couldn’t make it… sigh…. but thanks to many like @Xiaochu1004 and @Yen4KHJ who were giving live updates via Twitter. Do check out the pictures and videos they tweeted! It’s fantabulous!! :D

3rd December 2010, THEFACESHOP Fansign at IMM

It’s D-Day finally! A day where my dreams come true to see him with my own eyes, go so near him and receive the autographed poster from his hands.^^

I thought… I thought… I’ve prepared enough to ‘handle’ the whole fansign event…. but… sigh… still I messed it up. The Sony Cybershot…. memory card only 2GB… @_@ totally cannot make it!

I shall start from the moment I reached IMM and joining the queue at 3rd floor for VIP registration.^^


Reached around 9am. Xiaochu came earlier than me and she and her friend were already in the queue, so I joined the queue from the back instead.

Queue wasn’t long and everyone looked so fresh and anticipating! :D
Nearing the entrance, TFS crew checked our ticket stub and gave us each a red chop on our hand. It was about 9.48am this pic was taken.
And also issued us each a goodie bag^^
Poster!!! Yes, I’m with Kim Hyun Joong!!! :D
The stage!!^^ I wished I can bring the backdrop home *wishful dream* ㅋㅋㅋ. And the table on the stage is where all the pressies and gifts were placed and Hyun Joong will pick out 3 pressies and open them on the stage^^ Didn’t see mine though ㅠ ㅠ 야, 어디야?? ㅋㅋㅋ
While patiently waiting for this lovely man to arrive, I just can’t help feeling jitters and butterflies in my tummy… Some feelings that’s hard to explain with words. Can’t remember was it me who text Josie or Josie who text me first. When I was holding the phone in my hand, I felt goosebumps all over. ㅋㅋㅋ Don’t ask me why I’m even having goosebumps when texting with Josie, I seriously couldn’t explain my feelings then. She asked me if I’ve prepared what I want to say to him when I go up the stage later during the autograph session, and my reply was ‘Can’t think of anything, duno what to say…’, not that I dun want to say anything but that I seriously am brain dead to think of anything. Although it’s a known trip, I could have prepared something to say to HIM when I see HIM, but I can’t feel much even till that very moment *something so wrong with me*
The wait was tiring ‘mentally’, the looking forward for HIS arrival, wonder how will HE be dressed, how will the event turn out at the end of it, all sorts of questions flashing through my head. Is this normal at all? I meant my way of thinking things… hahaha…

While the wait still goes on, there’s some ‘commotion’ going on behind me… AHH! It’s Hyuniversal peeps and they are actually giving out photos and some cards to people! OMG! I was hoping I can go nearer to grab anything I can lay my hands on =X hehehehe. Then a sweet gal actually took some of the photos and started passing around and luckily, I managed to take 2 from her hand^^

But when I turned over to face the stage, the lady beside me asked if I can actually give her one since I’ve got two photos… Actually the 2 that I took are about the same just that one is landscape and one is portrait. *struggles* but still, I gave one to her since both photos are almost the same. hehehe, TS love to share right?!! heeeeee
Also! PERFECT also gave out their small banner!! I was so regretful that I didn’t go more thickskinned to ask for it when they are giving it out. *buckets of regrets* The few gals behind me got the cloth banners and it’s really very pretty. I love it so much but guess I’m not fated to have it? And for the first time ever, I approached ‘strangers’ and told them I like to take a pic of it… I’m not being rude here, but then they are really strangers to me mah^^ I think the 2 gals were shocked by me too… how come I want to take pic of them like that.. hehehe

And erm ‘Hi, if you happen to see this fan account, yes, i’m kelemama^^’

Wait, wait, wait, wait and wait… the time is like forever! Serious, no joke about it! Each minute that ticks by is like 24hour instead. From about 9am to 11am, I think I’ve aged so much from the wait and anticipation. Then on and off, there’s some really ‘funny’ people who kept giving false alarm that HE has arrived. Whoever who walked out from that entrance door, they will just shout and everyone will all look towards that direction and shout along… only to realise it’s a ‘hoax’. Made me even more gancheong!! Around 11.15am, the host Ken came out to keep us entertained.
He was ‘throwing’ out free pre-signed posters. It’s some Q&A session and the one picked by him and got it right will get the signed poster. I think almost everyone went crazy about it. Look at the hands waving in the air hoping for the poster to land on their hand *o*
There was this fan who actually cried when she couldn’t get the posters that Ken had been ‘throwing out’ and Ken got a shock when she started crying, so he quickly gave her 1 poster (can’t remembered if he asked her any questions though…)

Then I noticed that the TFS babes started to gather near the stage area, so I thought ‘hmm, maybe he’s gonna reach soon??’ but I didn’t carry the thought for too long cos I’m busy looking out if the free posters might just land on me.. kekeke

Finally, (i can’t remember the timing exactly, probably around 11.20am or so??) screams and shouts were heard again! This time for real! When I turned to my right, I saw a troop of M.I.B walking out from the door, followed by some TFS crew and then among them, this princely figure followed behind and everyone just went crazy with their shouts and waves frantically at him. But heh, he is not heading to our side lor @_@ He walked to the entrance to the building so I guess he is heading over to the TFS shop tour first. So very swiftly, I see no sight of him again… BUT!! my heartbeat was thumping madly! hahaha. So, first sight of my Prince finally! Then the wait continues….

At 11.32am… YES, the wait is over!!! OMG! *faintz*
And the drum rolls @@@@@@@@ Can someone tell me who this handsome guy is??!!!

Just look at his smile, look no where but his smile! Gosh! *Breathe in, Breathe out*

‘Cool down, keep your cool, don’t faint, ppali breathe in breathe out and open your eyes wide! This is not a time to faint gal! Stay calm and stay cool!
I kept repeating this in my head! 하 하 하 하 하….. 난 완전히 미쳤다고!!

And you know something?? Every time when I watched fancams and fanpics shared by lovely Triple S, I always had this thought…. When can I ever take pics of the boys myself and most of all, will I ever have a shot or vid that the boys will just look into my camera focus?!! this thought has been lingering on my head ever since Baby came for his showcase and fanmeeting. As I wasn’t seated very near the stage during Baby’s showcase nor am I any near the stage for his fanmeeting, thus for me to catch a shot of him looking into my camera was really quite impossible. But then today, with me standing quite near the stage, I was seriously praying deep in my heart that I hope I can have some eye interaction with Hyun Joong, or at least he can just look into my camera for 1 sec!!?? I think… for once… God has answered my prayers!! hahaha

See what I meant??!!!!!!!! I can die just looking at this pic! hahaha

After taking the fancam and some pics, I bring down my camera… seriously arms are aching and shoulder in pain too, this is no joke! ㅋㅋㅋbut well, for my handsome Prince, it’s worth it!

Hyun Joong was scanning through the banners hanging in front, then he started to give fan service to those in the front. While everyone were busy being a shutterbug, I was enjoying this man with my eyes^^ He is really beautiful! Deep beautiful eyes, tall nose, kissable lips and dazzling smile, he is more than perfect!

After his speech to Singapore fans, Ken requested Hyun Joong to leave his signature on the backdrop poster. And do you know what he signed?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m sure all Triple S will be so rejoiced to see this! Hyun Joong signed…

Kim Hyun Joong
SS501 in HJ

How’s that? Happy not?? Seriously, I was smiling from ear to ear when he was explaining what he had signed on the backdrop lor!! It felt really different… when you were there personally and hear what came from his mouth… the impact on me personally was much greater, to hear him say SS501 in HJ from his mouth. My faith and trust has received a fruitful return, that’s the only thing on my mind.^^

After signing on the backdrop, he’s ushered to the table where all the gifts n presents from fans were placed.

He’s supposed to pick 3 gifts and opened them on the stage. (I was really praying hard once again that he’ll notice my gift, but I dun even know where was my gift placed =X hehehe)

He took a few seconds to look through all the gifts then he picked the first one which is…

It was a plush lion and it’s actually from! The Starlings must be so elated that Hyun Joong picked their gift!

Then he picked a second gift….

The second gift was from SGTripleS. It was a manga book created by peeps from SGTS. A manga book about Hyun Joong (and SS501??) I’m not sure about this, can’t see the contents of the manga book.

Then the 3rd gift he picked was…..

It was a bottle of  origami by a fan. She folded all the hearts herself and Hyun Joong seem very surprised to see it. He said he received many origami gifts from fans but it’s the first time he received origami of ^^

After picking out 3 gifts, next up was the auction of his standees. I heard whispers going on around me (whispers that I can still actually hear what they were saying… kekeke) “Are you bidding?””How much did you prepare?””How to bring the standee home? Can’t even fit into your car?””We need a lorry to bring the standee home” and the whispers just go on… You can actually feel some tension in the air where some fans were preparing to throw everything in just to get Hyun Joong’s standee. Heeee, well, it’s for a good cause, I’m sure those who had intended to go with the bidding are sincerely wanting to do good deeds together with uri Hyun Joong.

I’ll let a series of pics do the talking now^^ See uri Hyun Joong’s cute expression from time to time when the bidding goes on :D
Ok, this pic hor… look at the translator’s face! so cute! I guess the bidding amount has already shoot sky high thus her expression became like that. hehe
Bidding still ongoing….

Love the many many expressions uri Hyun Joong is showing throughout the bidding process. Really priceless!! Many times, I just stop taking pics and just looked at him smilingly, and whenever he turns over, I’ll just tip-toed so that he might just see me?? haha^^

If you want to see his many cute expressions, click on the link below :)


Start looking from pic DSC_8237.jpg to DSC_8380.jpg

When the first standee gets auctioned off successfully at the price of $6.5K, Hyun Joong was really very shocked. He didn’t expect the bid to go so high. When the second standee goes up for bidding, the amount also hiked very fast. After some shouting here and there, it hit $6K again, and when someone called $6600 and said it represent Hyun Joong’s birth-date, Hyun Joong said in English ‘My Birthday’!!!! Hearing his English, I go all smiley again! His voice is so sweet and gentle and boyish too. hahahahaha, I’m going crazy liao…

Then Ken asking if there’s any more bids, then there’s another shout for $6686, AND THEN, Hyun Joong repeated in English again ‘My Birthday’!!!!! His words just kept repeating in my head, so love him!! hehe. Then he called for a stop to the bidding as he’s worried the amount gets too high. After some talks with the translator, he has decided to also donate $6686 to add to the total amount to be donated to World Vision!!!

Really a kind boy with a big heart!

I’m skipping the details here for now and end with the below picture where he started the autograph for VIP pass holders^^

Once I get the pictures all ready, will continue with my ‘fan account’…. Till then….


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