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[FA] Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 – Singapore

7 May
I wanted to use a more personal title, but… I think it’ll be too cheesy. hahaha.. so just save the mushiness yah~~~~

Well, till now, I still feel surreal… having gone through quite a few times but each time, the same feeling visits me over and again, s.u.r.r.e.a.l…..

First visit in Dec 2010, second one in August 2011, third one in November 2011, and this one few days back, 4 times in 18 months. WOW~~~~~ I really felt very blessed that he came and that I made the effort to attend his event each and every time. Although I am only a fan from Jul/Aug 2009 onwards, but from then till now, I witnessed how each member of SS501 grow and mature, and Hyun Joong being my bias one, I felt it even deeper^^
(note: This is not a comparison, ok. I know some fans may read such words in a different way, so let me say a lil more. As said, and probably followers of our blog may know, that Hyun Joong is my bias, and when I said I felt it deeper, it meant it to be a personal feeling inside me, NOT about which member grow more or mature more.)

Months before the official announcement, a friend shared with me that HJ may hold fan meetings in Asia, SG to be one of the stop. I wasn’t really quite thinking much about it until when the first news of his fan meeting in HK came out. Shocked, and subsequently when KE said that fan meetings are in plan but nothing confirmed yet, ok, it’s ermm, real!

When official notice was further released, my heart raced! Wow, mini-concert! OMG! In Singapore!! First stop!! Nothing beats this piece of wonderful news! Days passed rather fast, as my anxiety grew. Asking around for help from friends to get ticket info, seat info, blah blah blah… Finally, help was rendered! I got my tix! Woohooo! Now I just need to wait for HJ to come, that’s it!

Seriously, really…no joke about trying to get my hands on GOOD tickets! All the fuss and hassle and worrying and just whole lotsa stuff keep happening, before I get to know what tickets I’ll get with my friends… All the anxiety is killing me almost at one point! Then!!!! On the day of the premium tix sale for UOB card holders, our tickets were confirmed. But then, I still do not know where’s my seat gonna be since it was help through friend’s friend. When she finally sent me a pic of the tickets, I had mixed feelings. Too good a seat, way in front but then, will I have problem with the securities if I am gonna take pics/vids? Oh right, can’t be bothered anymore, things had been settled, just go for it! Do or die, that’s all.

Things happened along the way, well, no need to elaborate, just things~~~ good and bad….

Blah blah blah…


3 May – Applied half day leave
4 May – IT’S D-DAY!!!
Start work at 8.30am but I arrived late at 9.15am *opps*
9.30am ~ 12.30pm: Meeting
tick tock tick tock… finally the clock ticks to 12pm. Boss finished the meeting, but he started having some other convo and it just went on like what seem forever. I shut down my lappy, tidied up my notebook and stuff and standby-ing, ready to charge out of the meeting room the moment he finish talking. 12.25pm, OMG he finally finished! I dashed out of the room and put my stuff on my desk, grabbed my bag and zoom off! I was supposed to meet Xiaochu at Buona Vista MRT and head to town together to meet her friends. When we reached City Hall MRT, went to Fairmont to meet 3 other gals, said Hi~Bye and I had to head to Novena to meet another fan from MY. Brought her to the guesthouse she’s gonna stay for the night then we head for lunch at Subway and went down to stadium.

My heart started to race a lil when we walked towards the stadium. There wasn’t many fans yet, probably just near hundred, spreading around the area in front of the ticket office.

We saw this! It looks like the reporters are asking the Thai fans to flash their banner for them to take pics (something like that).

I was looking around for familiar faces but saw none. Then from nowhere, a gal stood in front of me and waved. Ahhh! It’s Sieyee 언니’s cousin! She remembered me! We knew each other when we went for Baby’s fan meeting in Jun 2011! Sieyee 언니 came over and handed me my ticket and the free T-shirt and brooches. Then they headed to Kallang Leisure Mall for a bite before the event start.

Look at the T-shirt and brooches! Well, it’s designed by the MAN himself! I felt so happy holding on to them! Then I began scouting for familiar faces again, almost became a giraffe looking around! Finally spotted a familiar face, hahaha! None other than Xiaochu! So I headed over to where she was, with her friends. It was just outside the loading bay. Ling was sharing with us that she got Mr Jeong’s autograph just now when he came out to the loading bay area. I was squealing with excitement and wondered if I have that kind of luck too. Chit-chatting blah blah blah, then!!!!! OMG! Mr Jeong came out again!!!! We were all so excited!!!! He is really a celebrity in his own way! Receiving much attention from fans too! I believe some of HJ’s fan are also a fan of Mr Jeong too, right? :D

When other fans who were also nearby saw the commotion we made, they also came running over to see Mr Jeong. Shoving gifts and letters for HJ to him, asking for his autograph, taking pics with him. He was stuck there for a good 20~30mins. Oh gosh, actually I felt kinda bad, cos he seem shocked at the attention he’s getting from the fans. But I couldn’t resist not taking a pic with him. Hahaha, me bad >.< Me and the MY fan asked to take a pic with Mr Jeong and he nodded. Ling helped us to take a pic! Then later on, I remembered I had a mission to complete, that is to pass my gal’s letters to HJ, so I got another fan’s help to pass the letter to Mr Jeong and told him it’s for HJ! Hehehehe, happy happy, mission accomplished!!!! Finally, Mr Jeong got the chance to ‘runaway’ from us. He went back into the stadium, but still he came out later but he didn’t stood so close to where we were.

Some moments passed, then C언니 arrived and she handed this to me and Xiaochu!

At first when we arrived, I didn’t see any gals from WWW.LOVEKIMHYUNJOONG.COM forum and I thought they probably had already finished issuing this special gift which was a collaboration between 7 fanclubs from different countries including Kr, Jp, Sg, Cn, HK n Th. Such a sweet gesture from the fanclubs. When C언니 handed this to me, I was so happy! Thanks BB, Miyo and Emz from LoveKHJ for this!

Oh, and take a look at this!! Violettacal bought this LED board in HK and she was asking around for someone to help her draw U:ZOOSIN on it so she can flash it during the concert! Hahahaha, I so thickskinned and volunteered. I hope it didn’t look toooooo bad huh… :p

Alright, finally it’s time to enter the stadium hall. We took the Premium entrance since our tickets are the Arena and Floor area. Maybe all went in through the same entrance, I’m not sure, hahaha.. really didn’t bother about the rest :x

Walking in to the hall, this was flashed on the big screen. Really giving me goosebumps!!

Walk to the seats, and omg! I was soooooooo shocked at my seat! Row 2, just beside the barricade gate door. Sieyee언니 was chit-chatting with the security uncle standing in front of the barricade and the security uncle was telling us that our seat at this side is the best. Not knowing what he meant but we were just self-high-ing on our own with our own imaginations. LOL!

Almost all occupied^^
After some moments………

Lights from the hall dimmed down, saw movements on the stage and suddenly a white ball rises up, ahhhhhhhh!! Goosebumps goosebumps!! My man is inside that ball! LOLOL!

Music started playing, first song ‘Let Me Go‘! I was screaming mad and cheering the man on stage! Totally not able to breathe properly cos of the excitement and happiness I have. Cheering and shouting till the song ended, followed by ‘Break Down‘. I sang along, waving my U:ZOOSIN lightstick, excited. Then I brought up my camera and started recording.

(sorry, sound quality wasn’t good. guess something is wrong with my camera’s mic. it was ok when i recorded the fancams during Jung Min’s fan party >.<)

After ‘Break Down‘, HJ disappeared again. Then the screen flashed a video. I wasn’t really watching the video, just record down the whole thing, and throughout, my mind was thinking when is he gonna come out and what song is he gonna sing. 3mins long video, lil bit of time for him to catch his breath, rest and get changed.
Right after the video end, he came up and sang ‘Please(ahhhh, my gal’s favorite song!!) Oozing sexy and charismatic dance moves… I can only squeal O.M.G!!!!

Look at that sexy body!!!! Hahahaha, omg, i finally witnessed JittJoong! Can faint die lor!

After singing ‘Please‘, he greeted Singapore fans! Slowly catching his breath on stage, fans were just screaming at the top of their lungs for him.


He said…

Hi Singapore!
(softly n gently)

(screams from the audience)

(loud and dynamic)

(screams even louder from audience)

(HJ laughs)

I am… Kim Hyun Joong

He said he was loving here since his last visits and he feel so comfortable coming here every time, and it’s because all fans gave him such warmth. It’s because of such warmth that he receives, he chose Singapore as his first destination for his Asia Fan Meeting. He hope that everyone will have a great time tonight. And he dedicates the next song to all fans.

Next song is ‘Thank You

A song for the fans… thanking fans for the support. I’m really glad that I’m one of the many fans that he is thanking, though he may never know my existence. It’s all in the heart, isn’t it? :D

After this, he sang ‘Happiness Is‘!!!!! (This song is very meaningful to me, since I started as a fan during his BOF days^^)

He changed 2 lines of the lyrics to English, to let fans sing along together with him. It was flashed on the screen ‘Happiness without you baby, I can’t even imagine it‘. This was really very cute and funny how he said that in English, he tried to practice it with fans and teaching fans to say along with him, but when we ‘made a mess out of it’, he sighed frustratedly. Kyaaaaaa, so cute and funny! Aigooo aigooo this shy boy! Come on, Hyun Joong, you are doing a good job! Be confident!! kekekeke

See how serious this Teacher Kim is teaching us to say the lines! kekekeke soooooo cute n just… cute!!

After a few round of practicing, he began singing the song. And we sang along of course!!

After finishing the song, HJ went backstage again. Then the screen showed another video, 5 things he’ll do for his girlfriend. Verrrrrrrrrry cute video can!!! OMG! I was busy filming when one security came over and stopped me, said I can’t use the camera, so I had to stop >.<
Since I can’t film it down, I just happily enjoy the whole video. kekekekeke aigoooooo, it’s way tooooo cute this boy! Next time whoever his wifey is, she’s gonna be one lucky lady! Serious! Kekekeke

After the video ended, HJ came out, in white tee with white shirt and casual jeans. He is singing ‘Kiss Kiss‘! Oh gosh, I super love the dance choreo for this song, it’s full of vibe! Daebak!!! I’m really one happy fan sitting in the audience seat looking forward for him to sing this song! :D

A big furry bear was placed on the stage at the stairs, while HJ sang happily and danced prettily to the song!

Towards the end of the song, HJ carried the bear and brought it down to the stage and walked ermmm TOWARDS our area!!!! *SCREAMS* So excited! Wondering who would be the lucky gal of the night. A flock of security camped at our area and I was being pressed down on my seat by one of the security uncle. Well, I don’t want to be featured on national TV too, since now all the cameras are surrounding our area, so I also just quietly stay put while envying HJ bringing the bear to the lucky gal sitting right in front of me. I was still cheering loudly and clapping madly when he gave the bear to the gal. Haha. Don’t know what I’m excited about. -_- *covering face with my U:ZOOSIN lightstick* HJ asked what’s her name and asked if it’s the first time she’s seeing him today. Then HJ said the song ‘Kiss Kiss’ is dedicated for her. So sweet~~~

After that, HJ went back to stage, took a sip of drink and said ‘The stadium is full of heat!(of course not in English lah. keke) The next song he is going to sing is ‘I’m Your Man‘. Nice one! Love this!!!
Ermm, I’m not sure if any other fans there noticed it when he was singing this song, his facial expression doesn’t seem to be very happy? Hmmm, maybe ‘not happy’ is not the word to describe the feeling he is giving me, just somehow he don’t look good. Am I too sensitive? Well, I hope I’m wrong….
When this song ends, a fan shouted “나는 니 여자야”. Haha. I wondered if HJ heard that~~  

Anyway, after this song, he said fans in Singapore are very lucky to be with him in the stadium tonight and asked if we are curious why, cos he is going to sing a new song ‘Smile‘, a song he is performing on stage for the first time. Awwwwwwwwww how sweet of this boy! Full of anticipation, I watched happily, with only a few pics in between, totally enjoying this lovely song!

Gals, you really must go and dig out the fancams for this song performance, I guarantee that you’ll be so enjoying this performance, jinjja! I swear! The dance moves, how he sexily move his butt from side to side towards the end of the song, omg, I was screaming wildly. It’s too ermmm enticing. LOL (what a word but yup, this is all i can think of to describe it)

After this song, I was already toooooo hyped and really can’t get enough of his singing and dance. He was smiling contentedly, I guessed our passionate response made him happy^^ Background music starts again. SCREEAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Because I’m Stupid‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (see my excitement yet again? kekeke Yoon Ji Hoo Yoon Ji Hoo Yoon Ji Hoo shouting inside my heart!) A song that I can sing by heart, I felt I’ve been pulled even closer to him the moment he sing this song. It was mesmerizing. Watching fancams or listening through TV/radio is really nothing compared to listening to it live. It was just so good. Scenes of BOF flashed on the screen, reminded me of the time I fell in love with this boy.
You can see that he took a towel to wipe off his sweat and then he threw it to our side, well, lucky lucky fans at the first row yet again. I think it was the fan from the 3rd seat who managed to grab hold of the towel. Happy lah… *jealous. nose point sky high*

After the song, HJ went to backstage. Ah Dong came out to interact with the fans. After some moments, he made us call HJ out. As we started calling, he kept saying it’s too soft and HJ will not come out~~~ As we are shouting louder n louder, suddenly HJ walk out from the backstage, signalling Ah Dong to cut it out. SEE! This boy doesn’t like such cheesy things. Hahaha!
I will always remember the smile he was wearing on his face when he walked out. It was charming and full of warmth.

MC: How do you feel, this is your 4th time in Singapore?

HJ: This is my 4th time in Singapore, are you all having fun?
MC: This is a fan meeting, but it feels like a concert. How many songs have you sang? How do you feel?
HJ: I’m not counting how many songs I’m singing so I’m not sure about that. Fan meetings are the time prepared for fans, so I want to sing many songs for you guys. Some people are worried that if I sing everything during a fan meeting, what about the concert next time. Please don’t be worried, fanmeet is a fanmeet, concert will be even a greater show.
MC: So does that mean that you’ll hold a full-fledged concert in Singapore?
HJ: No detailed plans yet, but there’s always ideas coming out and little plans here and there for the concert probably in next year. Right now am focusing on the fanmeets and tonight is most important one.
MC: Have you tried any local food?
HJ: Yes, I had chilli crab on the day I arrived and I plan to have it again tomorrow.
MC: You’ve met the Singapore fans before, but do you really see each and everyone of them?
HJ: Yes, I can see all of you clearly from here. I’m looking at each and everyone of you.
(He hold up his hand to his forehead to block out the spotlights shining on him and was screening through the audience seats! So uber cute!!)
Game time. 5 lucky fans with yellow stickers underneath their chairs get to go on stage and play games with HJ. HJ pasted the stickers on the chairs himself earlier in the afternoon when he was doing his rehearsal^^
Not gonna elaborate much on the game portion. Check out my short clips and pics^^
Marilyn MonJoong
Baseball Joong
Ok, I gotta say this again, go dig out fancams of him playing game with the fans. He said so much English words and it’s really really really cute to the max!

One, Two, Three
Scissors, Paper, Stone
Three, Two, One
Awwwwwwwww he got me there! It’s really way too cute! His English is just so adorable! kekekee
Finally, game time is over! (since I’m not the one on stage, yeap, can’t wait for the game to finish soon! muahahahahaha) 
HJ is gonna sing ‘Marry Me/Marry You‘! And to our surprise, the fan who lost the game and was eliminated from the start, was on stage and HJ serenaded to her with the song! He put his hand over her shoulder, gave her a bouquet of roses and took a polaroid pic together >.<
Jealous Not??????? *cover eyes, no eyes see*

After HJ finished singing ‘Marry Me/Marry You‘, he left the stage again.

Another video clip was flashed on the screen. It was a comic strip about a Lucky Coin, how HJ got the coin and became lucky from a pauper to a rich guy. It’s really very funny and HJ can really act in such a humorous way that it made us laugh out loud. HE CAN ACT!!!!! I hope there’s producers or directors who saw this side of him and give him a good script. Don’t always give him those princely image or expressionless roles, HE CAN ACT!!!

When the video clip ends, ‘Do You Like That‘ music playing in the background.
Back on stage, he changed to a red suit with a black shirt in  it. Looking good! Charming!

As he came out, Lucky Guy note fell from the sky. Hahahaha

Followed by ‘Lucky Guy
(oh boy, this is the 2nd time I watched him performed Lucky Guy and I do feel he is really enjoying this song totally!!)

At the end of the song, he added another short piece of dance and it was awesome! Cute, sleek, sexy, cheeky and the list goes on! kekeke (but then u see that my focus was off at the ending part, cos the security came over and disturb me again >.<)

End of song, HJ disappeared again. Last clip. It’s behind the scenes of HJ preparing for the fanmeet, recording of the video clips, rehearsals and more.

At the end of the video, there’s a few lines of words which was written by HJ. It’s really very touching and he said the words in English.

“My name is HyunJoong Kim

I rule the universe

Came from the star, became a star, and go as a star

But if you and I, if we don’t forget each other

Then I am a star, your star

Forever in your heart”

Ain’t that soooo sweet and touching? It really touched deep into my heart, those words.

Yes, HJ, you are my star, always.

Now HJ came out in black shirt n black vest, smiling subtly.

HJ said that as he was preparing for the fanmeet, he thought of all fans all over the world^^ There were challenges and problems he faced while preparing for the fanmeet but seeing us, he can forget about all those problems. He hope that tonight was a unforgettable one for all of us and promise to come back with better songs and performances in future. He said it’s really said as it’s the last song for the night.

If You’re Like Me

I went teary as I sat quietly enjoying the song. Not because I’m sad that it’s the last song, but that I’m touched, very very touched by this boy. I feel his sincerity from the beginning to the very end of this fanmeet.

Ending the song, he bid farewell and again disappeared.

Me and Sieyee언니 were discussing what songs will he sing as encore. kekeke

Music started playing, ahhh, Sieyee언니’s guess was right, it was ‘One More Time‘! This time he didn’t appear from the stage. He came out from the entrance to the arena area. Heavily guarded. Not even a fly can go through to kiss him. kekekeke

Slowly, as he sings, he walked behind PA and PB area, and once again, he head towards PC area where we were seated. Before he even reached PC, guards had already camped along our side *o* The guard standing in front of me kept shouting ‘Sit down, sit down. Don’t come here’ Hahahaha as if I’ll bother! Humph! I stood up waving mad at HJ as he entered the pathway to us. I kept ‘measuring’ the possibility of me sticking my hand out to wave in front of his face (ok, i’m a bad example here. kekeke) but as he is nearing, seriously like I said, no flies can even fly near him. I was just afraid that my hand will be gone the moment I stretch it out, it’s toooooo horrifying how the guards were. Fierce!!!

Ending the song, he sang ‘Lucky Guy‘ again! Dancing freely, with the dancers all up on stage too. Everyone just dance on their own while HJ came running from left to right. kekeke.. Busy huh? kyaaaaaaa

We all were standing up and dancing along with him. It was too much of a heat! It’s so fun!

As he moved to the left of the stage where PA block was, he hold up a bottle of water and took a sip and I just got this hunch that this naughty boy is up to something, and just much as I guessed it, he splashed the water to the audience. Hahahahahaha

Then he danced n danced and uh-oh, now he’s standing in front of us, with the bottle still in his hand :x hahahahahaha Now’s our turn to get wet!

AND AND AND AND AND!!!!! Just before he splashed water at us, HJ looked down at me! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!! Just 1 second, but yes, our eyes met!!!! I think my heart almost jumped out from my mouth, sooo wanting to charge to him. hahahahahahaha

End of the song, really… it’s the end of the fan meeting.

Together with his dancers, HJ made a deep bow to us.

That bow, means a lot.
It speaks a lot.
It’s worth a lot.
It also went through a lot…

HJ ah, I received your sincerity, and I return you with a bow too.
Thank you for your wonderful performance.
Being a fan, it means a lot to me.

HJ went backstage, to get changed and prepared for the Hi-5 session.
To Hi-5 all the audience, it’s no joke. Thousands of fans there! I really appreciate his thought to get up-close with all fans. Really sweet^^

While waiting for the Hi-5 session to start….

Mr Jeong came out to the stage area and once again, fans went gaga over him. kekekeke Each step he takes, fans went ‘Mr Jeong! Mr Jeong!’ and he just kept bowing and acknowledge the fans. Until to a point where he got so embarrassed that he quickly ran back to the backstage. Kyaaaaaaaa cute!!!!!

PC block was the first to go on stage for the Hi-5 and so we were ushered to queue to get on stage. Feeling jittery, cos I’m gonna have a chance to have skinship with him! Oh my, you can never know how excited yet nervous I am! Hands turn cold and mind totally freeze.

While queuing, I was thinking of what I wanna say to HJ, of course not those long and naggy ones but just to tell him I appreciate him, so I thought I shall say


to him. It meant like ‘Well done / Great job / Thank you for the job well done” and I kept repeating it inside me.

After a while, HJ came out^^ In black shirt again. Sexy :p

As the queue starts to move on stage, I got more nervous and eventually when it’s my turn to shake his hand, I totally forgot what I wanted to say and to end up with only a ‘Thank You’….

You know, when I was taking my final step onto the stage, I totally can’t breathe properly. Nervous, excited, shy… all the feelings are like mixing a potion inside my body… @_@

As I walked towards him, he was already raising his hand and before my hand reach his, he was looking me in the eye and said ‘Thank you‘ to me, accompanying with a bright cheerful smile. That was went my heart skipped a beat and when the words came out from my mouth, it became ‘Thank you’ too. The soft touch of his hand, warm, firm and full of sincerity. It beats nothing else.

All the anxiety from the time of the purchase of the tickets, things that happened till now, this very moment, ALL ARE WORTH IT. Yes, all are worth it.

Leaving the stage, with only regrets that I couldn’t even say what I wanted to say in Korean, I had wanted to slam myself to the wall and die there T_T

As we walked to the exit, I kept turning back to look at him on the stage, shaking hands of others and still wearing that same pretty smile…


(pssst, for those who wants to see the full album pics I’ve taken, click HERE)

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