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《SOS Please Save Me》SS501 Kim Kyu Jong transforms into a warm uniform guy

23 Dec

《SOS Please Save Me》SS501 Kim Kyu Jong transforms into a warm uniform guy

News Courtesy 韩星网 + (eng trans)

Repost with full credits.

Cable TV KBSN brand new Wed/Thur drama 《SOS Please Save Me》’s production team revealed a set of on-site photos of Kim Kyu Jong. Kim Kyu Jong (SS501’s member) acted as Park Jung Joon, transformed into a warm high school student.

《SOS Please Save Me》received much attention because of it’s straightforward plot. The role that Kim Kyu Jong cast as held definite power as he is the senior of the high school, always finding trouble with Kim Ji Hoo (by An Yong Jun), yet his masculinity charmed many girls, contributed also by the tall height of 1.82m and striking school uniform. Although he was such a bully when ordering Kim Ji Hoo around, but when he is in front of the girl he likes Kim Da Young (by Noh Haeng Ha), he immediately transforms into a detailed guy,  exceptionally thoughtful and meticulous.

《SOS Please Save Me》 airs every Wed/Thur at 11pm.



Hey! My pretty boy~!

23 Dec

Tsk! Wanted to just use twitlonger to share the trans but it’s just not showing up correctly >.<

Hmmm she added a hashtag that HJ is the ambassador for the brand, I’m not sure since there’s no official news on it. Whatever it is, glad to see my boy^^


Instagram pic of Hyun Joong with a staff at GaGa Milano store (

#셀카 로 찍고싶었으나 쭈구리오징어
될까봐 포기..
#연예인 관심없는데 진짜정말엄청 잘생겼..
순정만화 주인공처럼 생겼떠
같이 밥 먹고싶었는데 왜 먼저 가셨어요..😭😭

#Hallyustar #KimHyunJoong #GaGaMilano #ambassador
Wanted to take a #selca but hesitated a lot and gave up..
I have no interest in #entertainers but (HJ) is really very handsome..
Handsome like a character in a romance comic (manga)
Wanted to have a meal with him but why did he left first..😭😭

In another instagram pic the girl shared (

#가가밀라노 #패션시계 #이태리시계
#정호빈 부사장님이랑~😊
#방송촬영도하고 새로운경험 잔뜩잔뜩!

#GaGaMilano #fashionwatch #Italywatch
Together with #JungHoBin vice-president~😊
#broadcastfilmingand new experience adding up!
#daily #movieactor #selfie #jewelry




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