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Inspiring Generation Official Banners

24 Feb

I’m loving all the banners KBS Inspiring Generation’s official hompy had shared! Short and sharp recaps for almost each episode.

I’ve collected all(?) of the banners from episode 1 till now and will continue to share when there’s new ones uploaded :)

Pics Courtesy: KBS Inspiring Generation Official Homepage + (eng trans)

Repost with full credits.


(Jung Tae) I’m Jung Tae..Shin Jung Tae!! What about you?

(Gaya) I’m…Dekuchi Gaya..


You must have had thoughts of escaping.. and there’s enough time for you to

But you did not take the step forward, that is…fear

In future your everyday may be filled with fear, you must overcome it..

Only when you overcome it then you can survive..

You can take revenge only when you survive..


I will use the most vicious method to take revenge..

So, you must stay alive till the day I kill you…


From now on if you obstruct the things I do..

I will not let you off too…


From now on if you obstruct the things I do..

I will not let you off too…


Remember well

It will be a name you will never be able to forget..


Special Project [Inspiring Generation] will be aired tonight at 10PM!!

(tsk! what a spoiler with such text!! >.<)


Sorry…Sorry Ok Ryeon..


Jung Tae, I really like you a lot..

Even when there’s corpse decaying by the road side and the world ignores it..

But you will feel hurt at other people’s pain, that’s why I like you

So let’s go home.. Jung Tae I’m sorry..

(This part still gets to me even until now. Despite many other pain that Jung Tae had gone through till episode 12 now, but this scene still bites at my heart the most ㅠㅠㅠㅠ)


I will do my utmost from now on..

Please look forward to it…


Jung Tae.. we must meet got it

Don’t die, must stay alive..

Still have to revenge for Poong Cha…


(Ok Ryeon) You came all the way here and still fighting…

(Gaya) Long time no see, Shin Jung Tae..

(Jung Tae) Long time no see.. Gaya


Ok Ryeon, I’ve never once forgotten about you..

So when I’m back..

Can you tell me what happened at Shini-ju during the time when I’m not around..?


Who is the one that killed Shanghai Eagle…


Now I will take care of you, Ok Ryeon..

Let’s stay/be together forever.. till we die…


(Shinichi to Jung Tae) I will kill you after this fight (with Wang Baek San) is over..


In future when I go you go

When I stop you stop..

That kind of life where you throw punches or interfere as and when you like

Right this moment you have to put it down…

(I’m not very sure about this one, the meaning is there but somehow I think my sentence structure is not very proper….)


Unconditional win.. Die on the spot

Choose one between the two…


Your life will end here..

(You) Forgotten what’s your family name after a few fights on the street

(I’ll) End your life here..


Of course you have to fulfill the role as Hwangbang’s knife..

Go and kill Jung Jae Hwa..


If I want you, what will you do..


(Woo Jin) Don’t go too far and come back soon. From now on I’ll wait for you…

(Jae Hwa) I really wished to look at you now, but if I look at you I’ll cry and it’s embarrassing so I won’t look at you.. I’ll just go..thank you.


All fate with you has ended now.

Thank you Shin Jung Tae.

Looks like I can draw my sword at you now..

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