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For Her…

1 Oct

It’s October! Annyeong handsomes^^

This post, I like to dedicate to Cal and to those of you who know her only through twitter, her twitter id is @violettacal.

I know that many fans still haven’t got back their refund despite it’s already past the promised date by JN itself. Despite knowing that JN doesn’t have a good name to begin with, we chose to believe that they will bring the boy to SG. It’s maddening to see things turned to this course, it’s really something that we had never expected as we were really hoping for the fanmeet to take place when we bought the tickets. This whole saga, obviously premeditated (you can check out Cal’s investigations here and here) was targeted at young and innocent fans, and it seem JN failed at their part to check out what kind of fanbase does the boy(s) have here in SG. On the average, Triple S is not a young fanbase and the fans in SG are mostly young adults, working adults, some homemakers, middle-aged fans like me and some whom are in their 40s or 50s even. We.Know.Our.Rights.Damn.Well!

When things slowly surfaced for us to see that it wasn’t purely just organizing a fanmeet for idols to meet fans, but more like organizer trying to con fans money instead, Violettacal took the step forward to start collecting evidence through her twitter. She did a lot, things that I wouldn’t even thought of doing or feel it’s worth going through those extent. It’s not about trying to make a name for herself, I tell you, she’s a sensation among Triple S on twitter way back since 2009/2010. She organized VERY  successful trending sessions for SS501 back then! Though frankly, I hate it when she spammed my timeline during trending sessions but I give her my due respect cos she’s really good at it. *salute* Hahaha.

People who don’t know Violettacal may doubt her intention or believe she is sincerely trying to help. Why the doubt?? Not like we pay her commission to help get our money back. Doing what she’s doing, she is only getting a ‘Thank You’ at most, with some unappreciative fellas thinking otherwise of her. Of course, a few of us had to bear some things that you peeps don’t get to see on her twitter. Her rants (when she tried to find out something but can’t get it), her worries (that she might not be able to help at all), her fear (that she will be silenced for exposing this scam. hahaha), her troubled nights going through what she had gathered and trying to piece everything together (and she was so stressed she had to drink wine to make her sleep but seem it doesn’t work very well…) and then there’s more, just that you peeps were spared of it as it all happened in our whatsapp chatroom. (poor us…) kkkkkkkk.

But seriously, we are more than just grateful and thankful that some of us got our money back, just because it was Violettacal. Her very firm approach towards JN has warranted some results. Like I told her (and guilty as charged), we are responsible for chasing after our own money. It was not her responsibility to do so for anyone. But she drafted herself into doing all these for all, for the Triple S community who was affected. The amount of time and effort spent is not quantifiable, and no one should judge her to say she is not doing enough should you not get back your money. And so I like to ask, what have you done on your part instead? Touch your heart and say it, should you did accuse Violettacal of her sincerity in helping.

What Violettacal did, she is trying to bring the matter to the public, so that JN has to officially and openly answer for it’s misdeed. She promised to try, but it’s not something that she can control the outcome of. At the end of the day, we will never know what will happen. You can hope and pray that you will get your refund back, but don’t expect. And don’t assume responsibility on Violettacal, she did all these out of goodwill. I think Violettacal deserve a word of thanks for what she had done up to now. Drop her a word of thanks, if you belong to the community that she is helping now. It doesn’t hurt you to type thank you to her, but it will let her feel appreciated and motivated.

내 동생 Violettacal… 고마워~

And here, 赏你的! 朴大妈!! Hahahahahaha