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After thoughts…. after a good 5 months

26 Sep

This 2 days… I’m on the roll for HJ. Guess he has MIA tooooooo long and I miss him th___________________________________________________is much! >.<

Played the audio recording that I recorded during his first Asia Tour fanmeet in Singapore, memories flashback!!!! OMG my eyes just filled with happy tears uncontrollably. It was really one of my best days, being a fan of SS501 and Hyun Joong as my favorite member. You know, the feeling is somehow different when you attend your favorite member’s activities as compared to the other members. Having also attended Jung Min and Hyung Jun’s showcase and fanmeets, somehow the feeling is just….not the same! I guess it goes the same for all other fans when you attend your bias’s events compared to other members of the same group yah? Kekeke

Listening to each song in the fanmeet, I have different feelings now and then. It’s weird, not? Shouldn’t the feelings be the same throughout? Now, listening to his singing and what he said during the fanmeet, I got a different feel towards it. I am even more appreciative now, I duno how to explain my thoughts clearly, but I can better appreciate and see him and his efforts made for this Asia Tour FM, not just for Singapore, but for every stop that he went. He really put in so much for his fans.

Each time he stepped onto this sunny island, he gives me a different feeling. Each time, he matures more (of course lah! can’t forever be the little shillang in WGM right?) and he talks more deeply, showing everyone his improvements and clearly tells everyone what he wants ahead. It’s good, it shows he understands himself well and know how to achieve what he wants. I guess as his fans, the last thing we want to see is him not able to move forward in the directions he wants.

This post is very random, I just feel like writing something but not very clear what I want to write, so it’s pretty much not making good sense… hahahaha.. whatever, I’m done writing. Annyeong~~

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