Like Idols, Like Fans.

12 Mar

Ever wonder how creative a fan can get? I’m always impressed, very impressed at how some fans can get so creative and fun-ny too. Fanfics, jokes, gifts, surprises, photos, videos and also some of the not so good ones like ‘creative’ ways to stalk idols… Maybe because we have crazy idols so we became crazy too? Hahaha.

If you are a new fan of SS501 or Hyun Joong, I tell you… Hyun Joong actually wrote a fanfic of himself and Jung Min before. You can really roll on the floor and have a good laugh at how weird, crazy, witty, 4D (and the list goes on..) this boy can go. I’ll share the links here to the fanfics he wrote. Translations done by xiaochu and double_love123 at Quainte ( Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. Let me know how you feel after reading up his fanfics~~ I just can’t imagine how the brain of this boy works, he’s not just 4D, you can multiply the 4 with the distance from earth to Planet Mars and i bet he can be more 4D than that! Hahaha

So, how creative can a fan get if you have crazy idols? Here, this one is on Jung Min.

This funny fan wore a animal mask and gave Jung Min a big scare during his fansign. I think she got what she wanted, to give him a big scare. He was quite shocked! And he was teasing the fan telling her to go away. Hahaha cute~ Actually it’s quite funny when you watch his reactions. Check out the fancam below^^

While some fans thought it was funny, there were fans who feel it’s not a nice thing to do. Well, it’s just different perspective on the matter. Don’t really need to take it too hard I feel. I was even joking with a few other fans what kind of surprises we should give Jung Min when he comes to Singapore for his fanmeet or fansign. *evil* hahahaha

Yesterday while hanging around on weibo, I came upon this pic that a fan posted. It got me laughing sooooo hard and it just fit so well! Each picture with each description, it’s so perfect to the T! Really epic! I did share on twitter and everyone was LOL-ing away too. Thanks ElsaMo@weibo, I really take my hat off you! Hehehehehe. It’s a family tree of Hyun Joong.

The creativity, the randomness and the fun of it really… all i can say is… like idol, like fan. Da best! 4D to the max!

There’s really a lot more fun and funny things that some fans really do for their idols, they can go all the way just for them. I feel that the life of being a fan is not easy, we are not Koreans, don’t understand the language so often we have to depend on other fans to translate for us, next of course would be we are not staying in Korea, so many times during events, we rely a lot on fans who can afford the time and money to travel to Korea or wherever to attend the events and also local Korean fans to share fanaccounts and pictures and videos with us. Frankly speaking, we ‘owe’ these selfless fans a lot because they are willing to share.

Sorry, I think I digress again >.<

What I am trying to say is…. live it up! You may not see eye to eye with what other fans do, but hey, they may not apprehend what you does either. End of the day, you just want to be a fan of your idol, so just do it. As long as other fans are not doing things that will impact or affect your idol negatively, why do you have to bother and make your fan life so miserable? Chill out~ Enjoy your fan life to the max cos you don’t always get the best out of everything! Learn to appreciate your course as a fan, appreciate what other fans are doing for your idol which is also their idol, if they can take it easy, why can’t you? Double chill~~