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I bought this because of….^^

16 Nov
When I saw this mag, was hesitating if I should buy it.. I know…front cover is KHJ, but….I’ve bought so many mags till I’ve got no place to keep anymore. So I actually just flipped through to read on his interviews and it’s good enough.. but when I flipped to the page showing Kyu Jong, I immediately walked over to the counter to pay for the mag. hahahaha…!! Power of Kyu Jong!! kekekeke

Ok, sharing all the pages that I can find our boys on it^^ (anyways, I duno if this mag has been shared before, so feel free to repost if you’ve not seen it elsewhere)

There there there!! It’s because of this page showing uri cutey Kyu Jong that’s why I immediately carried the book to the cashier counter and made payment! Kyaaaaaa so cute can!!!!

And this is so cute lor. They even romanized and translated Lucky Guy’s lyrics here! hahahahahaha

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