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Hello! X 501

21 Nov

캬ㅑㅑㅑㅑㅑㅑㅑ!! This boy!!!! Sweet right?!! But he should write more often? Really miss die us!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Yesterday while online chatting with J언니, she wrote “Kyu wrote a letter” and i replied “B2M tweeted? I haven’t checked tweets today” and it kinda stopped there. We carried on talking about other things. Then about a couple more minutes later, i asked “how u know?” and she replied that her friend told her. Shortly after, she replied “B2M tweeted” and so I went to check my timeline and saw B2M’s tweet, so I translated and shared at @501wangja^^

So, quickly I opened Kyu Jong’s homepage and tried to log in. *slap self* i forgotten my password orz

I quickly checked out my records to find the password, and managed to log in to ThanKYU’s members page to see Kyu Jong’s letter. Again, orz can he write nicer next time huh? So difficult to read!!!!

I told J언니 that I only managed to make out a few lines of what he wrote, that’s it. Gave up…… but I know, or should I say we know someone will definitely do the translation without fail. You know right?! Kekeke yup yup it’s her >>>>> Xiaochu!! Despite busy at work, she still squeezed out time to read up the letter and post her translation HERE. 고마워 추! 

Kyu Jong is always so sweet n caring in his letters. Always thinking about people around him, and us – his Pretties^^ He is really one thoughtful guy and I do hope that in future he will find someone that really deserve him. I’m sure many Triple S (maybe not the newer or younger fans) will agree with me that we are all more than happy and actually very eager to hear that our boys have girlfriends or found their love, at least the group of Triple S friends that I knew all do hope and really hope that our boys get attached soon. Heheheehe. If one day there’s news that any of our boys finally is in a relationship, my group of Triple S friends will be clapping happily for them! Haha! Ok, i digress again… shucks, why do i always digress from my topic? >.<

Recently heard about something very nice that took place and it’s really sweet and nice to hear, and I have to thank my friend who is willing to share with me. I wish this kind of good thing will happen to me at least once during my span as a fan…. *prays hard* 규종아, 2014 기다릴께!!!



Kim Hyun Joong’s 나야

9 Nov

Hehehehehehe I’m sure if you are Hyun Joong’s fan, you’d have heard about his cute action at his buddy JaeJoong’s movie premiere. No? It’s ok, I’ll share the clip here^^

Video Courtesy (Original file) + (youtube)

When it was JJ’s turn to deliver his speech, HJ shouted from the audience seat “Handsome” and JJ was kinda caught by surprise(?) and asked “Do you know me?” and HJ replied “나야” which means “It’s me”, and everyone broke out into laughters. Hahahahaha so cute right?!! Omg when I saw the video clip this morning, I keep replaying the video throughout my journey to work. I’m just smiling from ear to ear like a silly girl and there are some passengers who kept staring at me. Hah *heck care* Most importantly is I’m so happy! :p

So how r u feeling after hearing what HJ did? He’s exercising his 4Dness again yah? So funny! And the thing is, it was at a official event, but irregardless he still tease his buddy, like a fun to see only^^ It has been really a long time since we last seen him behaving like that. Just….CUTE!

And I found this picture on weibo, HJ was seated one row behind his buddies Junsu and Yuchun. Not sure why they are not sitting together though >;.<; It'll be such a beautiful sight to see if all 3 of them sit together, don't you think so? Hehehe

Anyways, there’s fans on weibo sharing the mp3 cut of the 2 bros cute convo. You can go there and find the link for download.

I’ve also cut and converted HJ’s part from ‘handsome and me’ and set it as my phone sms tone. *evil smirk* hehehehehe

*Added video on Hyun Joong’s interview at the movie premiere. SO HANDSOME!!

If the video is not showing, try this link >;>;

Madame Tussauds Busan, ‘Global Hallyu’ Leader Kim Hyun Joong Wax Exhibition!

7 Nov

마담투소 부산, ‘글로벌 한류’ 선두인 김현중 밀랍인형 전시! Kyaaaaaaaaa I’m so excited! Hahahaha.. I think I’m crazy >;.<;

I guess many of Hyun Joong's fans will feel the same like me… it's really an honor to be selected as one of the celebrities to be featured in Madame Tussauds wax exhibition yah^^ Hyun Joong's effort has been escalated to yet another level, globally. And he is another step nearer to his dream of being a world star :D

I just can't hide my excitement of him being featured in the wax exhibition, I don't know why…. just so happy and excited for him. I hope I'll have a chance to pay a visit to the exhibition when Hyun Joong's wax figure is up. Hehehehe kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Here's a couple of pics shared at Madame Tussauds official site. Doesn't he look so good and he seem very happy too!


Pics Courtesy Madame Tussauds (

And I’m so in love with this pic cos of his smiles ^_______________^ it just make me smile along too

So handsome right?!!!! His eyes are so bright and lively, and his smiles… *melts*


Okok, so how to vote for your favorite pose? By Twitter or Facebook~~


1) Follow Madame Tussauds’s official twitter for Korea’s exhibition (@MTBusan)

2) From the 4 pose below, choose your favorite one.

3) @MTBusan has already tweeted the 4 pictures on their timeline, RT the tweet with the pose you like.


1) ‘Like’ Madame Tussauds Busan facebook page (

2) From the 4 pose below, choose your favorite one.

3) Indicate the pose# on the album with Hyun Joong (here).

Easy right? So quick go make your choice!!!! XDDDDDDD

I’m actually torn between pose 1 and pose 3… how? I think pose 3 is really electrifying! The other 3 poses are more subtle. Hehehehehe… what’s your choice huh? kekekekeke

Ok, I just realized I made a mistake >..<

Madame Tussauds has updated their FB that it's e first pose that will be waxed. Are u e lucky one? :p

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