[FanAcc + Fancam] Kim Hyung Jun SG Arrival on 16 March 2013

16 Mar

막동이! 쭌이! 베이비! 김형준! 싱가포르에 와 줘서 고마워!!

Attended Jun’s 1st showcase and 1st fanmeet but it’s my first time picking him up from airport! Wasn’t able to pick him up previous times when he was here and I felt so guilty >.< This time I’m glad I made it!

Together with 2 other friends, we arrived at T3 around 11pm+. Not many fans yet, all scattered at seats in front of Belt 45-48. At around 12.30am, more fans came. There’s a small episode when fans tried to put up their fanclub banners at the railings in front of the exit door, after they put up the banner, one airport police came and told them to take it down but didn’t give reason why not allowed >.< He said can hold the banner but cannot hang it on the railings :(

Me and friends started to stand in front of the exit door when the flight touched down. Quietly…one handsome boy in all black and black cap appeared into sight, we were all wondering if it’s HIM as there wasn’t much commotions or screams. Surprisingly fans were murmuring or whispering ‘It’s him, it’s Jun‘ instead of loud shouts and screams. Though there wasn’t much hype but I thought this is rather pleasant actually. It gives other flight passengers a good feel because we are not rowdy and loud like some crazy people..? Maybe also because Jun was still inside the arrival hall and haven’t stepped out? I don’t know but this is how I felt personally^^ Polite fans for polite idol! Hehe

Jun and his group walked to belt 46 to collect their baggage and they were there for quite some 10mins? The time waiting for him to come out is like taking forever.

While waiting for him to come out, one uncle about the age of late 50s or early 60s walked out from the exit door where we were standing and asked the auntie (I think is his wife?) who were we waiting for and the auntie said “think is someone from SS501 (OMG AUNTIE KNOWS SS501!!)” then uncle said “oh the Kim Hyun(g) Joon(g) ah (OMG THE UNCLE KNOWS KIM HYUN JOONG/KIM HYUNG JUN!!!)” and then pushes his trolley and walked off. Though we aren’t sure the uncle said Kim Hyung Jun or Kim Hyun Joong, but we are in absolute nines becos they knew our boys! Really happy to the nines!

Slowly Jun started to walk over, with his group following behind. He’s coming out finally! Got my camera ready and stood in front of the exit door. He seem to be in a good mood, keep smiling and waving to fans^^ As he walked closer to the exit door, fans started crowding near me and some fans began shouting for him. When he stepped out from the exit door with big smiles, it’s like the night has became bright and sunny! His smiles are so nice and brings you to smiles too! Then our Cal sweetie did it again! She shouted “YO MY BROTHER! YO MY BROTHER!” and Jun turned back to look out for her and said “Annyeong!” as he paced forward. KYAAAA the look in his face when he turned back to trace the shout-out was so awesome! I’m glad I captured it all! <33333

There was no barricades put up and Jun was escorted by his manager and it was quite a long walk to the lift, he was totally surrounded by fans and I was thrown far behind. I must confess…I am really not a good chaser. I tried catching up on him but still can’t squeeze through the ‘thick’ wall of fans barrier! I can only zoom my camera as I followed far behind until reaching the lift and I surrendered. Stop my recording and just tried to squeeze over to peep him in the lift :x Managed to capture a couple of shots but not good quality. Lift door closed and fans scattered again, some taking escalator down while some took other lifts. We slowly walked down using the escalator, not really sure where to go, then we noticed one big group of people crowding outside the pickup area and we ran over quickly! ppa ppa ppa ppa ppa all the heavy footsteps! hahahaha

Jun got in the car while waiting for the rest of the group to load their baggage into other cars. Some 20 over fans were standing by the side of the car waving and calling out to Jun. There’s even airport staff amongst the fans! This auntie keep looking at us waving to Jun and she also started waving at him. Hahahah so cute and funny. She looked quite lost though but she just joined in the fun. kekekeke

After about 5 mins(?) when all things were up on the cars and ready to go, Jun wind down the window a little and waved goodbye to all of us. And that ends my chasing for the night^^

I’ve combined some pics together with the fancam, cos the photo quality was quite bad but still I want to share, so I just put them altogether.