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The Unbreakable Man and The Unbreakable Group

6 Aug

Since it is related to his recent interview for his 3rd album, I thought I shall continue with the title of The Unbreakable Man, and since I wanted to talk about his respond to the group activities, this clearly explain my title :)

Have you read up his recent interview with Highcut? Do read it up, Xiaochu has kindly translated the full article for fans to read. If you are a fan of HJ, you’ll find it interesting to read, his views and thoughts and plans.

Here, I shared the part about SS501 that HJ talked about in the interview.

Big hug and kisses to Xiaochu for the translations! For the full article, please go to to read up yea^^

While preparing for the long-awaited comeback in Korea, did the SS501 members listened to your songs before the release or sent you encouraging messages?
I usually don’t show (recording process) to others. I don’t even talk about it to my family about it. Only like giving tickets for concerts when I have one, other than that they must purchase the CDs themselves when the album is released. Only some people in the company and the members know about the progress. I feel like the satisfaction level is high.

I will ask this directly. Don’t you have any plans to reunite and have a performance together with SS501 members for even once?
I’ve thought about it but because I know it is difficult in reality…. If I just say this casually, it will become a false hope of expectations to fans. I know it is a dangerous statement, but when we talk about such topic, we may hurt each other but even if it hurts, I think it is right to face up to reality.

What I am intrigued in the whole article is about the questions on SS501, since I’m a fan of the group :) Being a fan of the group, our biggest concern is of course a group reunion and activities.

You know, when I read up about the reply to the 2nd question, my thoughts were scattered all over the place at that instant. Very frankly. I even told Xiaochu saying “Looks like our hope for a reunion is dashed”. Being fans for a few years already, and matured enough to think through everything that had happened, how things evolved around the group, how things moved on for each member, we can’t just hold on to the hope aimlessly just because we want it to happen. Of course, we can hope and dream, I’m not saying we should stop believing that a reunion will take place. Reading HJ’s reply, some fans may felt betrayed or think that he doesn’t want the group anymore. Stop with the whining (I’ve seen some long time fans whining on twitter and it pained me to see it). Look, this is not how we should see it. Like what Xiaochu noted in her translation, and I felt the same too. He is being frank and he puts himself in the shoes of a fan, he doesn’t want to give false hope. He is STILL a member of SS501, they had not mentioned about disbanding the group at all. At this point of time and such arrangement, it is not easy for them to gather and work out something feasible. Maybe after all of them are done serving the country, a couple of years down the road, things might change again. But currently, I won’t ‘force’ a reunion out of them. It shouldn’t work this way. Up till now, as long as they are in contact, I’m happy enough.

Take a look at this autograph from HJ, which was shared yesterday in an interview with Naver. (This is only part 1 of the interview, more to come^^)

Know why I share this? See his signature? “SS501 in HJ” spread out in the center. See, some things don’t change. You don’t need the boys to keep repeating that they are 5 as 1 to tell you they are still together. Feel it with your heart. Dated just less than 2 weeks back, do you want to lie right under your nose that he no longer wants them? Come on, grow up.

Right now, each member is faring well in their solo career. We don’t compare who has more accomplishments than the other, we see every member equally. Whether it is from the leader to the magnae, each of them is doing fine in their area of work. For non-fans of the group, they may compare how their idol did better or got more awards than other members, but we don’t measure it this way. As each member has said, they treat the competition among them positively and they work hard in their own work, so they don’t feel bad about all the comparisons people put on them. We should be encouraging in the things they do, as they had showed often enough how they encouraged each other in their work too. Idol lead, fans learn. They are all positive about competing with each other, so why do some fans want to strain that relationship? Does it pleases you to see them falling out with each other? You do? Then you must be the one that causes all the fanwars…. I have some choice words for you, but it will dirty my post if I am to put them here. Leave it to you to figure out.

Not saying how big a fan I am, but I think I’ve been showing my enthusiasm often enough whenever any of the boys mentioned about reunions or when they surprised us with them meeting up together. It’s how much we look forward to seeing them together that kept me moving forward, even though at times I have second thoughts, very frankly, because all the hoping and wishing does wear me out. I go into emo mode and then I’ll stay out of twitter and keep my eyes off everything related to them, just so I can take a rest and think about how to move forward again. Sometimes, one just need to stay away when emotion gets too overwhelming. Does this tell you how much I adore the boys? kekekeke. It’s strange yah? When I don’t even get to see them or talk to them at all, but how much I adore them, I don’t understand why too. But I just do, I adore them like they are my family members. I won’t dare say I’m a hardcore fan, diehard maybe, because I don’t just fly everywhere to attend any of their events or buy whatever they release. I’ve seen how hardcore fans work, and I know a couple of them, just around me. Hehe.

I know I’m very direct and always saying the obvious, and there are people out there who hates me for it (as if I care), but fans need to know and have the correct mindset. Being a Triple S ain’t any easy, even from the past when the boys were doing group activities, fans had to deal with endless waiting for the promised 2nd full length album which in the end never made it at all, and the many empty promises here and there from DSP. With them leaving the company, we were dealt with by even more waiting, waiting for a reunion. Nobody knows whether there will be one in the end, we can wait, we can look forward, we can pray, but we can’t push them. Get your mindset right, and it will be a more easier path to walk along with them. What’s meant to be, will be.

The Best SS501, The Unbreakable SS501. I’ll be with you, always.