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[Most considerate man] SS501’s charismatic pretty boy Park Jung Min arrives in Taiwan secretly

27 Nov

This boy secretly flies to Taiwan and it was for a food & travel show from Korea~ *surprised surprise* hopefully we get to see his show on air soon!!!!!

This translation almost can’t make it out, cos I don’t know the name of the chef. >.< So, thanks to Xiaochu for telling me the Korean name of the chef and Josie for helping to proofread and correct my trans. 고마워 얘들아♥~

Here, my trans^^

News Courtesy Yes Entertainment + (eng trans) + Josie

Repost with full credits only!!

Continuing from the [24hr Taiwan Fanmeet Event] Taiwan Tourism Bureau organised, they collaborated with Korea’s travel reality show again in 2013, inviting SS501 charisma flower boy Park Jung Min to Taiwan to create a ‘Snack’ tour for the ladies. Considerate Jung Min says that before his trip here, he did a search on Internet and found many articles of females sharing about their experiences when he searched for ‘Taiwan gourmet’! This trip he invited Korea chef Baek Sang Jun to experience Taiwan’s popular snacks culture, planning a food map/guide that is suitable for ladies or couples!

Flower boy Park Jung Min considerate planning, aiming to create a travel food map/guide for the ladies.

SS501 ‘flower boys whirlwind’ swept through Asia, charismatic representative pretty boy Park Jung Min is unable to forget Taiwan local delights eversince his long stay during the filming of [Fondant Garden]. Thus in 2013, as the host of Korea’s travel reality show, leading the travel show’s production crew to Taiwan. The show will showcase the local specialties and culture. As someone who is concerned of his diet he revealed that recently he is writing a food column for a Korea female magazine, and also planned to develop a Taiwan local snack that is suitable for females, creating a Taiwan gourmet food guide specially for Korea female fans.

Working together with Korea chef Baek Sang Jun, searching for the taste of love in their memories.

(skip the part on chef BSJ) First stop arriving at Taiwan’s gourmet street Yong Kang Street’s beef noodle, Park Jung Min said ‘Taiwan’s beef noodle soup base is similar to Korea’s beef soup, chili oil will immediately stimulate the taste buds, it’s like you’ll get drunk very fast’. (skip BSJ part)

Two men covered Taipei’s gourmet stops, sketching out a romantic loving atmosphere.

Besides the experience in Yong Kang Street, both of them traveled across Taipei trying out Taiwan’s delicacies – bubble tea, pineapple tarts etc. They also visited the night markets trying out all sorts of street snacks, night markets is the best dating place for young couples and students. Also, they went to Chiufen (Jiufen) to enjoy the beautiful scenery, immersing in Taiwan’s hospitality. They visited a tea house to experience tea culture and the tranquil atmosphere had Park Jung Min saying ‘This is really a thoughtful place for the ladies, it lets one unknowingly immersed in the river of love’. Through this food trip both of them not only recalled the memories of the taste of being in love, they eagerly wish to introduce Taiwan’s places of interests and food and hospitality to the female fans in Korea.

17062011 Kim Hyung Jun Fanmeet in Singapore

13 Nov

Actually I’m not sure if I did or did not shared the pics I took, because I can’t find the logo-ed pics anywhere in my 2 HD or in my photobucket account or our old blog…so I guess I had not share yet..? But I did shared my fancams back then. Anyways, I just added logo and shall share here. My pics were not well-taken as I’m not using dslr or any good camera so just bear with the quality yah~

Don’t ask me for fan account cos you know… age is catching up on me so I can’t really recall the details. All I can and will always remember is that it was very memorable time spent for the fanmeet^^


Photo Courtesy kelemama


This pic is quite blur but becos I like Jun’s cheeky expression so I just share it anyway^^

Another cheeky one! Hehehe this is so cute!

This one is cute too. Like there’s thousands of question marks springing out of his head asking why why why. Hehe

SUPER love this pic! <33333

Hahaha Gotcha! So cute!!!!

This pic is blur but you can see his teary red eyes after watching the video.

This one very blur. Taken from a far distance when I was queuing for hi-5….

And below are my fancams, sharing once again. Last few fancams were shaky cos my arms were so tired I can’t hold my camera well anymore.. hehe

Birthday GalSS~

11 Nov

September and October are busy months for the four of us, as coincidentally there’s 2 birthday gals in September and 2 in October. Hehe.

Since we made it a pact and point that we meet up at least once every month, these 2 months we gotta double it because there’s a cause for celebration!

Starting with Ling whose birthday falls on 6 September. We ordered and delivered flowers to Ling’s office. Very lovely Kitty and pink roses!! Met up for dinner at ION. Didn’t take a lot of pics that night as we were too hungry and tired and lazy.

Then on 25 September, it’s Cal’s birthday. Had dinner at Plaza Singapura’s Manhattan Fish Market and chilled out at Baskin Robbins. Cal unwrapping her present^^ The message is a private joke we share among ourselves, but yes, Cal is really a very dear and lovely friend to have. And I’m glad I found her :D

Then then then, it’s Chu’s birthday on 9 October~ Me and Cal wanted to eat street food so we headed to Makansutra at Esplanade for a feast! (food so~so only >.<) And we had round 2 at Ninethirty by Awfully Chocolate inside Esplanade. Yummy cakes!

Lastly, my birthday on 15 Oct but we met up only in Nov cos the 3 girls had holiday trips overlapping from mid Oct to end Oct^^ Thanks for the pressie! Love it lots! <3

Gotta say this, I really love the pressie they gave me. Though I was quite expressionless when I received it, but my heart was in big waves. I’m really someone who is not good at expressing my feelings in front of people.

Souvenirs from the gals’ trips to Hong Kong, Bangkok and Seoul~

Thanks to Ling, now we got ‘friendship bracelet’ that we can wear together! And in our favorite GREEN^^

And thanks to Chu for helping me to buy this from Bangkok. Me love Jim Thompson :D

And of course, not to forget…. it’s our Young Saeng’s album!

The Reunion

1 Nov

We’ve marched into the month of November already. Time flies….

Looking back….

October 26, a sight to behold, a day that will be carved deep in our memories as we witnessed the reunion of SS501 on stage. Not to sing and dance for the fans, but a moment for the boys to keep their promise and strengthen the faith of the fans. It was a touching moment that can shake heaven and earth (my personal feel^^).

(photo courtesy of

3 years…it’s considered a long period of time to fans who have been following them since before they went solo. But for new fans, 3 years is just a number maybe. During this 3 years, the boys been through a lot, ups and downs for some and smooth sailing for others. Same goes to fans, we went on roller coaster rides together with the boys too, because they are in our hearts.

Doing solo activities mean they might even have to face competition with one another, whether it’s album promotions or drama ratings or musical performances. We’ve seen how other fandoms trying to put us down when any of the boys were due for a new album or drama, saying they will not be successful since now they are on their own. But time and again, we’ve proved them wrong by doing our best to support all of their activities whether in Korea or outside of Korea, adding more victory to their milestones.

It’s that kind of strong bond that fans have with each other and with the boys that we’ve came so far till today to be able to witness five of them standing together, putting their hands together and greet fans with ‘안녕하세요. 우리는 SS501 입니다‘. How touching was that?! When I was streaming the audio of Young Saeng’s concert, I teared at that instant when I heard their greetings. It was an earth-shaking moment, a heartwarming moment. Fans cheered for them while some were crying away, happy tears.

Like I mentioned on twitter, there’s 2 sides to everything. The side that fans can’t see are the real sides of what the boys are going through. Whether they are getting along fine or not, it is not something that we can say on their behalf. The responsibility of fans is to support their idols in the choices they make and the things they do. Fans should always remember not to overstep and assume on behalf of their idols and try to speak in their names. Everybody has the freedom of speech, but we should not impose our own thoughts on others. Likewise, what I am writing now are fully my own thoughts and I am not asking anybody to agree with me.

Due to the situation that we were caught in, from Triple S, now there’s also five ‘sister’ fanclubs namely Henecia, Y.E.S, Thankyu, Family (Jap fc) and Junus. To me, each fanclub is also very important because it is with each fanclub’s support that each boy came this far. Different fanclubs may not see eye to eye when it comes to solo activities and achievements of each boy. In the eyes of one fanclub, you might be protecting and standing up for your idol, but when you start to call names or bash other members, other fans will want to stand up for their idol too.

Always bear in mind that whatever you do will reflect on your idol, in the eyes of the public. Respect your idol, respect the fandom and people will respect you in return.

Show your idol that you are a responsible and worthy fan, whether you are a solo fan or group fan.