12 Mar

Our Prince with his upcoming album [LIFE] is looking awesome with new release pics by B2M today. What’s your pick?






I go for #Blueeeeeeee! Love the look in his eyes! Hehehe

Last week when the concept pic was released, I was giggling away like a mad woman. Then on twitter, Zoelle was saying “Youngsaeng looking so fine” and I replied her “Plump version of G-Dragon” and we both agree that there is some resemblence looking at that pic. Seriously when I first saw this pic, first thought is “This is how GD will look when he puts on weight”. No offense to all, this is just my own thoughts :p

Not saying our Young Saeng is plump, he got chubby cheeks so even when he is much slimmer now, he still got a chubby look. So cute right! *pinch*