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Great Skin Handsome Park Jung Min >.<

17 Jun

Got the trans in my gmail inbox from Xiaochu 2 days ago but I only realised it yesterday night >.<

This Jung Min… talk so fast like catching train, I had a hard time trying to time the subs correctly. orz


Video Courtesy 금산미학 + (eng trans) xiaochu1004 + (subbing) kelemama
Please repost with full credits. DO NOT re-upload to any other media sites including YT.



Happy 9th Anniversary ♥♥♥♥♥

16 Jun

A month for Triple S to rejoice as 8 June is SS501’s debut anniversary~♥

9 years and still counting, looking forward for their 10th anniversary and many more!

Of course, not to forget, just 2 days before 8 June is our handsome Leader’s birthday. Happy Birthday my boy!! ♥

Definitely can’t miss this special moment and reason for a meetup.

My princess also joined the gathering and met up with her 언니들.

Pics taken by my princess~

Round 2 at Coffee Bean after dinner at TCC….

Talking about da boys and we were guessing who will be the first to greet fans on 8 June, much expected it was maknae Baby who tweeted first. Not too much of a surprise to Cal and me, we even guessed it right what Baby will tweet! Talk about 心有灵犀一点通? Hahaha no lah, we just knew our boys too well maybe. Hehehehe

Junnie tweeted just shortly after the clock strikes twelve on 8 June.

고마워요 고마워요 SS501 만세~^-^ 2005 ,6 , 8 ing~

请容许我吐槽一下 XDDD 弟弟呀,你连照片都不编辑就直接把screencap po上来了呀??

Then later, Mal also tweeted :D

아!!!그리고 오늘 벌써 여러분의 사랑을 받은지 9년째네요^^ 자축합니다^0^ 사랑해요♥ 이 사진은 트위터에서 보다가 너무 이뻐서 캡쳐했어요~~!!!!

Sweet not?? Really, our boys are always so sweet!!

And to celebrate this meaningful day, this is our 小小心意…

Thanks Ling for the beautiful pic, and give a little credit to my princess for lending her hand to complete the star :D

Because there is SS501…

…that’s why there is Triple S~

To our five beautiful Princes, thank you for being around. We have strength and faith because it’s You, You, You, You and You!! 사랑한다!!  


June >.<

1 Jun

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