Meet HIM Again….

7 Mar

Time flies real fast, without realising it, we have parted with Kyu for 228 days already. It seem just yesterday when we see him entering army.

The only explanation I can think of that we don’t feel that he is away from us is that we have him in our hearts, he is always there in our hearts so time and distance does not make any difference. Agree? Like a Chinese saying “小别胜新婚” or in English “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. This is how I am trying to think so that I won’t feel something amiss so badly. kekekeke

And today! Is the 228th day of Kyu in army and we are 501 days away from Kyu’s army release! YES! Just another 501 days and we will see a brand new suave and manly Kyu Jong!! So excited!!!!

Kyu Jong wants us to meet him again when he’s out from army! hehehehee. We definitely will welcome you back with open arms and buckets of tears too! Hahahaa

Meanwhile, please do take good care of yourself! We want to see a healthy and bright Kyu Jong everyday!!

Till then, we are Triple S!