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Kyu Jong…the rope, our rope ^^

22 May

Woah! You saw it?!! Something that we’ve been long awaiting for since don’t know when!

Subconsciously, I’ve been holding my breath and started waiting ever since our boys went solo on June 2010. But when Jung Min went to Taiwan and Japan couple of weeks back and said the boys will be going to his place for dinner, I held my breath even tighter, clench my fingers even harder and hope for the gathering and that they’ll share some beautiful pics. Then~ Young Saeng also mentioned on his recording on Happy Together 3 (episode with Shinhwa) that he is meeting the members for dinner after the recording (but did not specifically mentioned if it’s all members).

Yesterday night, our 3 boys met up at Jung Min Mummy’s restaurant for dinner (supper maybe?) and finally shared their loving moments with us! I realised I heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing Kyu Jong’s tweets and pics. It’s really a nice feeling^^ Though we were all anticipating a gathering of all 5, but 3 is just as good. We can’t be so greedy all the time. Take it slowly~

When Kyu Jong tweeted yesterday, I guess most Triple S went ‘AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Kyu Jong ah!!!!!!’ deep in their heart or maybe even scream out loud looking at their phone or monitor screen. kekekekeke yea, i’m also one of the one who went screaming silently too! Kyu Jong ah, our sweet Kyu Jong. Look what you have done to us Triple S^^

Come, let’s take a look at what our 3 sweet boys tweeted last night!

(first pic shared by Kyu Jong)

대박!! 형준이가 정민이가게에서 우리에게 밥을 샀어요 !! 이…놀라운.. 얼마만의 형준이가 우리에게.. ㅠ ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 담에는 형들도 불러야지잉 쭈니짱 ㅎㅎ

And kindly translated by @xiaochu1004 on twitter:

[@2kjdream twt trans] Daebak!! HyungJun treated us at JungMin’s shop!! This is..surprising.. how long was it that HyungJun last treated us.. ㅠ heeheeheehee must call the hyungs out next time too ♥ Jjuni jjang heehee

Then! This cute boy shared the second pic. Tada~!

love ya !! 유후~사랑하는 울아이들~~♥

And again, kindly translated by Xiaochu:

[Trans] love ya!! Yoohoo~ my dearest boys~~♥

And when all Triple S are rejoicing over their dinner date, Jun tweeted another pic!

오공일 합체직전의 모습. 커밍쑨~! 각오하여라~! 크로쓰~!!

Again, kindly translated by Xiaochu:

[@HyungJun87 twt trans] Image of 501 just before reunite. Coming soon~! Prepare for it~! Cross~!!

There! Jun’s word of ‘coming soon’ is so full of promises that really swept our feet of the ground yah?! Really a very ‘adventurous’ night for Triple S with them bombarding us with their tweets and pics! How does that feel seeing a 301 reunion? kekekekekeke I hope your heart can take it, and I jussssst managed to pull through, else you won’t be seeing this post now. LOL~ ok lame.

Hmmm just when I was about to hit the sack, then Jung Min tweeted! A more endearing pic I thought~ since we’ve always love the Tom and Jerry pair, I particularly like this pic because Baby’s head was resting on Mal’s shoulder and Kyu’s hands on Baby’s shoulders (oh I can grin until my face split into two!)

사진 늦었네~~!!탱탱한87젊은이들과 모여서~^^옹기종기!! 완전 늙은 꼬부랑이 86늙은이들은 담기회에 샴페인 쏘는거 확답 후 만나주는 걸로!!ㅋㅋ 준아~담엔 약속한 생일 주 쏴~~♥이러다 니 생일되겠다~~!

Last but not least, kindly translated by Xiaochu this morning:

[Revised @JungMin0403 twt trans, thanks to @HappyBoys_SS501] Photo is late~^^ Gathered with the taut and young 87ers~^^ huddling (together)!! Totally old and bent back with age 86ers, will meet with you next time when you give a definite answer to treat us champagne!! Keke Jun-ah~ You should treat us my birthday drink you promised next time. I’m afraid it may happen on your birthday~~!

Happy is an understatement, after all their tweets and pics. And I’m happy at the thought that another meet up will fall in place on Baby’s birthday! Excited much, I hope we get to see the 86ers and 87ers together, soon….

At the back of our head, we all knew there’s problems among them, that’s why we always don’t get to see all 5 together. Hyun Joong mentioned it before (sorry, i can’t recall if it’s in an interview or during his BD showcase), it’s true that he is contacting some members and not contacting others. I guess many Triple S were quite heart-broken hearing what he said. It’s a sad truth. But we hope and we know things can be sorted out, because they promised they will not disband, they will come back as five members on stage again. This we know and we believe strongly. That’s why we still call ourselves Triple S and waiting till now.

All this while, we see that Kyu Jong, being the center of the group, as always, he is the one pulling the members together, strongly. At times, I feel sad because it seem a heavy burden to shoulder, being the rope to keep the other boys in place. But I think this is picking up and improving, seeing now that Leader and Jun are playing soccer together, needless to say the awkward HyunSaeng couple are getting along fine and then our Tom and Jerry couple too.

Kyu Jong, though in the army and does not have as much free time since he is based in Jeonju, but despite being far away (at least about 3 hours of train ride from Seoul?) from the other 4 boys, he holds them together, a very strong rope that is tied around each boy and pulling them closer and closer and together. Kyu Jong ah, it has been hard on you, please stay strong no matter how! While we don’t know when will their reunion on stage be, I hope for more moments of them offstage. Going out for meals, playing games together. Just continue to stay true to their promises and I’ll be happy to wait on.

For the Best SS501, I just want to be your Triple S, only.

PS. To add, translators don’t work 24/7. Xiaochu is based in GMT+8 (Singapore time), if you’re on a different time zone, I think it is only polite to wait and not tweeting her to ask for trans in the middle of the night. If you are on same time zone, then you should be ashamed of yourself, cause you should know the day and the night. Bluntly, translators need to eat, sleep, shit, work and have their own time with their family and friends. They are not on standby 24/7, just because they can translate doesn’t mean they SHOULD translate too. Don’t take it for granted.

PPS. If you can’t wait, Google is everyone’s best friend. If you find the translations not up to par, well please, go learn the language yourself then.


[Trans] Jung Min on Taiwan E-Generation radio show

11 May

Listened to Jung Min’s interview on the radio show “Entertainment E-Generation” which is hosted by Ken Wu that he attended on 8 May 2013 when he went to Taiwan for an exclusive interview invitation by Trendy magazine, he’s so cute n always parroting the words of the hosts. Haha.

Trendy mag invited Jung Min to Taiwan for an exclusive interview, so be sure to grab a copy of the magazine when it’s release later on~

The interview was rather short, Jung Min only said some short lines and his part ended >.< Let’s hope next time he’ll have longer interview with Ken^^ I love the chemistry between Ken and our boys. It’s comfortable and fun.

Video Courtesy yirusg@youtube + (eng trans)

(Intro music: SS501 – Saranghae X 5)

(Listen carefully and see if you can hear Jung Min saying these words in the beginning.)

1 2 3
1 2 3
Annyeong Haseyo
是谁? / Who’s that? (He said it 3 times)
对啊 / That’s right
我是特别啊 / I am special
好色 好色 / So dirty-minded
对啊 / That’s right
一直看那边 / Keep looking at that area
好色的人 / A very dirty-minded person
开了 开了 / It’s open
오랜만에 / It’s been a long time
我也想看 / I wish to see too

(Haha, sorry I didn’t want to translate the part where all the host are talking cos it’s rather noisy n irrelevant. But above are some exchanges Jung Min had with them during their brief talking.)

Ken: Just now at set besides Bii, Kimchi-mei, Sandy and me, there’s another set of voice together with us too, did everyone heard it? It’s always around.

Ken: just now the Korean you said?

JM: What I said? Saranghae. A song from long ago.

Ken: This person’s Korean must be lousy. You know why?

JM: How did you know?

Ken: Cause it’s too short, it’s so easy. Even I know how to say. A person who doesn’t know how to speak very good Korean is here today on our show, let’s open our call for listeners to call in and guess who is this person.

JM: 9933

Ken: just now I said today we have a special guest. 오늘 special guest 있어요.

JM: 있어요. 요~

Ken: Hello, who’s that?

Caller: I’m Xiao-Liu. (Little Six)

Ken: calling from where?

Caller: from Taipei

Ken: today we have another set of voice, who do you think he is?

JM: Who do you think he is?

Caller: Park Jung Min

Ken: Park Jung Min *cheers*

JM: Is it me?

Caller: Hi~

JM: Really?

Caller: Yes!

(Irrelevant omit)

JM: Hello

Caller: Hello

Ken: Today our surprise is Park Jung Min! Ok, now we will get Park Jung Min to give a proper greeting to everyone.

JM: Hello, I am Park Jung Min.

Caller: Hello

JM: Hello, who are you?

Caller: I am Xiao-Liu, I’m so nervous.

JM: What’s your name?

Caller: Xiao-Liu

JM: Xiao-Liu. Six years old? Six?

Host: It’s the number six. Little Six.

JM: Xiao-Liu, love you~

Caller: Yay~~ Saranghae

Ken: How did you know the special guest is Park Jung Min?

JM: How did you know?

Caller: He posted a picture on Twitter.

Ken: Let’s welcome Park Jung Min to our show tonight. Thank you Xiao-Liu. Bye bye.

JM: Bye bye. Thank you.

Ken: Park Jung Min why did you come suddenly?

JM: Just… Just feel like coming suddenly.

Ken: Missing us?

JM: Yes, missing you all.

Ken: You pervert

JM: Yes yes yes, how did you know?

Ken: I’ll forever remember what he said to me! Tell him I remember all his words forever.

Bii: From birth, (Ken) is already a pervert.

JM: Yes, from birth.

Host: Just now the mc said you said he is a pervert since birth.

JM: ME??

Ken: He said “You are pervert” and “I love you” before

JM: You look just like a pervert

Ken: Because me and you are perverts

JM: Yes, we are perverts.

Host: Can we stop the ‘pervert’ topic??

Ken: Okok let’s end here. Today we have a song which is the work of Park Jung Min. And today the songs to play are selected by Jung Min himself.

JM: Yes.

Ken: First song is「Give Me Your Heart」and is the Jap version. Why did Jung Min pick this song from so many other songs to dedicate to everyone?

JM: Actually, this…is not my song. It’s another person’s song. The person inside me.

Ken: There’s 2 Park Jung Min.

(Irrelevant omitted)

(Played「Give Me Your Heart」)

Ken: Yay, Jung Min what time is it now?

JM: Now is 2318hrs.

Host: His Chinese is really good.

JM: Thank you.

Ken: His Chinese is still good, did not deteriorate.

JM: I’ve forgotten already.

Ken: Well done.

JM: Thank you. Arigato. Komawoyo.

Ken: Coming up is our Saengil Chukahaeyo section.

JM: Happy Birthday!

Ken: Saengil Chukahaeyo I wonder if there’s any friends of Jung Min having their birthdays today?

JM: Hyori noona sunbaenim.

Ken: I used to listen to H.O.T Jang Woo Hyuk’s songs.

Host: Let’s introduce who are having their birthdays this week.

Ken: Jang Woo Hyuk on 8 May.

JM: Sunbaenim. Happy Birthday.

Host: 10 May is Goddess Lee Hyori.

JM: Happy Birthday~

Ken: And 11 May is 2AM’s Seulong.

JM: Happy happy

Ken: Also on 13 May is Girls Day’s MinAh

JM: Happy happy

Ken: So does Jung Min think that Lee Hyori is a beauty?

JM: Yes, is a beauty.

Ken: Wah, we have her new song today. Lee Hyori’s new song.

Host: We are so lack of rapport today.

Host: I have a question.

Ken: Please say.

Host: Today is 8 May. Parents Day

JM: That’s right.

Host: Did you give a call to your parents?

JM: I left a voice message for them.

Ken: Bii, today is Parents Day!

Bii: I did call this morning.

Host: Father (referring to Ken. Bii treats Ken like a father)

JM: Present. Give him present.

Bii: Father, Happy Parents Day.

Ken: I just realized it now. 11:28pm.

Bii: Luckily its still not over.

Ken: And I told Bii today is Parents Day and he said he already made a call, but I didn’t receive any call.

Bii: I called my mother in the morning first, then at night I’ll come here to greet Father (Ken).

Ken: Good boy

Bii: This is my plan.

Ken: What about Sandy’s mother? Is she in Korea?

Host: No, she’s in Taiwan.

Ken: Sandy’s mother has came back.

JM: From where?

Bii: From Korea

JM: Oh… Staying in Taiwan.

Ken: Maybe she took same flight with Jung Min?

Host: No, she’s back for a while already.

Ken: Ok now, we shall listen to Lee Hyori’s new song 「Miss Korea」and tonight’s special guest Mr Park Jung Min.

(Played「Miss Korea」)

Ken: The song now was by ?? (Sorry I dun know who is the singer.) and we will share his schedule to Taiwan in the later part of the show and also a good news for everyone, will share all these later.

Ken: Today is very special, because Park Jung min suddenly came to “Entertainment E-Generation”. *cheers*

Ken: He is our special guest today, giving everyone a SURPRISE!

JM: It’s me, it’s me!

Ken: Jung Min what are you here in Taiwan for?

JM: Hmmm…

Ken: I know I know, he is here to visit us.

JM: That’s correct!

Ken: Really missing us?

JM: Really missing you all

Ken: And I heard he had an exclusive shooting with Trendy magazine.

Host: Wow everyone is just too lucky (to have him here).

Ken: And he’s here today, after he goes back to Korea, he’ll need to fly to Japan again.

Ken: Now there’s a lot of artistes having fanmeetings in Taiwan, Jung Min don’t you want to come back here to have one?

JM: Have have have. Should be…in Summer. Wish to have a fanmeeting in Summer.

Host: Those who likes to see Jung Min can look forward to it.

Ken: That’s right.

JM: It’s a must! Must come!

Host: You heard it? Must come!

JM: Must come!

Ken: During this time, Jung Min is using the Chinese he learnt in Taiwan last time to speak, right?

JM: Yes, slowly slowly remembers bit by bit.

Ken: Yesterday arrived at Taiwan, today besides filming for Trendy magazine, at night he’s here at our program now, tomorrow has to return to Korea.

Host: Schedule is so packed and short.

Host: Busy man

JM: It’s ok, I am (not yet) young.
(JM said wrongly. He said he still not young. Kekekekeke)

Host: Not yet young. So scary.

Ken: Still young and still not young makes a big difference.

JM: I’m still young, so it’s still ok.

Ken: Also now many artistes have new works, do you have any plans in this year?

JM: Yes, will have an album in Korea, I’m also thinking of a Chinese album.

Ken: Bii can compose songs.

JM: Yes, give me!
(JM is asking Bii to compose songs for him, so he said ‘give me’)

Host: There’s also a group in Taiwan who can also compose, it’s name is ‘SanBiiDaHao’.
(It’s the names of the 4 hosts)

JM: What is ‘SanBiiDaHao’?

Ken: It’s us. Host San, Host Bii, Host Da, Host Hao.

JM: You have songs?

Host: Not yet.

Bii: We have fans.

JM: Hurry up make some songs.

Ken: *sings* Us SanBiDaHao come back to me, come back to me~~

Host: I think we are using other people’s song

Ken: Whose song is this?

Host: It’s Bii’s song

JM: I heard of it

Ken: Do you wish to have longer stay in Taiwan?

JM: Not yet, but last time I had long stay during my drama filming. 6 months. So if I have chance I’ll like to come often for long stay too.

Host: Do you miss anything in particular about Taiwan?

JM: Thai cuisine in Taiwan

Host: Huh? Thai cuisine?

JM: Taiwan’s Thai cuisine is very nice!

Ken: Why Thai?

JM: Thai’s mango rice is delicious. Local Taiwan one is cold dish squid (凉拌花枝). Seafood, very nice.

Ken: Do you know there’s a very nice local specialty in Taiwan?

JM: What is local specialty?

Ken: It’s a very nice type of food.

JM: What is it?

Ken: I brought it here today. Today I’m the boss (meaning he is giving a treat.)

JM: Oh really?

Host: It’s cake.

JM: Wow, thank you.

Ken: You want to take a look?

JM: Can I see?

Ken: Can can can.

Host: Why so good? Only Jung Min have.

Ken: It’s for him, because he doesn’t have a lot of time here, he won’t have time to eat it.

JM: Previously when I filmed 「Fondant Garden」, too much cake~ so I don’t like. *laughs* Let me see. Wow, it’s very nice. So cute.

JM: Did you make these?

Ken: I designed it.

JM: I did this cake during his show (就是爱JK) last time.

Ken: That’s right. Wow, Jung Min still remembers.

JM: I still remember.

Ken: Because (this trip) you have little time in Taiwan, so I brought these specially for you, to give you a treat.

JM: Thank you.

Ken: And also for your friends.

JM: Let’s eat together.

Ken: Hope you’ll have chance to quickly come back again. This is a new design, Hello Kitty.

JM: Hello Kitty. Do you like it?

Ken: I think girls will like it more. But I especially chose the new (design) ones for you.

JM: Ah, really?

Ken: Yes, do you like it?

JM: I like it.

Ken: Next time I’ll design a rabbit one because I know you like rabbits.

JM: Because I am rabbit. Born in year of rabbit.

Ken: Last time I went to his shop, he kept a few rabbits.

JM: Now don’t have anymore. I have 3 dogs.

Ken: Today though the time is very short, we have Jung Min here on our show and shared about his recent happenings. Any last words for everyone?

JM: Its been a while, although this time I don’t have many activities to meet up with everyone, but I’m also happy that I can interact with everyone through my voice (on radio show). And hope that everyone will look forward to my future works.

JM: Wait for me.

Host: We’ll wait for you to sing Chinese songs.

JM: Ok

Ken: Ok thank you Jung Min for coming to our show and gave everyone a surprise!

JM: See you next time. Bye bye

A reunion meal for SS501!

9 May

Woohoo!! A post for our precious Mal!! kekekekeke saw a news article he did and I like to share^^

So that day he tweeted he’s flying somewhere and it end up he went to Taiwan! Really happy that he is stepping foot to Taiwan again ever since his agency controversy in Korea. Whatever it is, I’m happy for him :D

AND! He said he’s meeting the members for a meal at his place! Awwwwwwwwww soooooo happy! Jung Min ah, can invite us along? kekekekeke

朴政珉3.5萬名牌包遭搜身 訪台自爆學髒話

News Courtesy Apple Daily TW + (eng trans)



Park Jung Min carried a NT$35000 BALENCIAGA bag and received interview, shyly said : “Let me sort it first, it’s messy.”


Korean group SS501 member Park Jung Min filmed a  idol drama “Fondant Garden” in Taiwan before, yesterday while receiving interview he was so excited to show his Chinese, firstly he took the phone charger in his hand and said: “I brought a charger, Park Jung Min who is a adapter.” enunciating properly, and even disclosed that he had learned quite some Taiwanese vulgar words, shyly said: “Just like the word that sounds like ‘ni’.” worried that he say it (vulgar word) by mistake.


Back to Taiwan after a gap of a year more, he visited Taiwan for 3 days through an invitation by Hallyu magazine [TRENDY Idol Mag], he who loves to show off his Chinese, constantly show off his Chinese saying “50dollar, a lot, buy me a treat” etc during the interview, causing loads of laughter. He was in Taiwan for 7 months to film “Fondant Garden”, and got along well with Jian Man Shu and Kingone Wang, revealed that he had already fix a dinner date with Jian Man Shu, what about Kingone Wang? He said regrettably: “Lost contact with him when I lost my phone.” and followed on to say: “Kingone bro, contact me, let’s have a drink.”



Gathered SS501 for reunion meal

3 years ago SS501 announced to go solo but will not disband, since then there’s no sight of all members showing up together, he said: “Actually we met up often, today after returning home we have arranged to gather at my place, Kyu Jong who is in the army will also appear.” He even disclosed that Kim Hyung Jun is the most petty, “This time I’m afraid Kim Kyu Jong will have to pick the tab”. Yesterday he even revealed the NT$35000 Balenciaga bag that he brought along, there’s a Gucci wallet which is a gift from Japan fans, painkillers etc personal items. He will be taking KE694 which departs at 7pm back to Korea today.


LV sunglass

Park Jung Min once lost a pair of LV sunglass, he bought a new pair last Autumn.


Gucci wallet

A Gucci wallet that Park Jung Min brings along with him.



Due to slip disc, Park Jung Min carries painkiller all the time, yesterday he said: “Will only eat when the pain is unbearable.”

Barefoot Friends Ep 3 – It can be better…

8 May

I have been thinking what to write after watching Ep 3 of Barefoot Friends.

Previously I did mentioned that the show needs better editing skills to bring out the sparks for each member and also between members, but looks like Ep 3 wasn’t really that nicely edited again. I kinda find Ep 3 boring.

Speaking as a general viewer, I can’t feel the chemistry among other members, except for the Dumb and Dumber brothers KHD and Hyun Joong. In a full one-hour show, we hardly get to see the chemistry sparks between EIGHT members, it’s kinda bad. Maybe the members are still awkward, or should we just blame it on the poor editing skills? I don’t know. It’s hard to tell, but as a fan of Hyun Joong, the Dumb and Dumber brothers are really making me fall off the chair laughing hard at their conversations and funny exchanges. Other than that, I can’t feel any pull towards the rest of the show. And it’s a pity they edited out the part where the members wore the traditional Vietnamese costume and played games. Too awkward that it can’t even be shown? Whatever. Still, I would really love to see more interaction from other members, whether it’s to Hyun Joong or to any other members.

We can’t blindly watch the show as a fan of Hyun Joong, we need to consider the show as a general viewer. What do people really want to see in a new variety show? What is their expectations? Everybody is looking at different things and looking for different things, it’s not possible to put a cake in everyone’s plate just to make them smile. Though we can’t do anything to help in terms of the production and editing, but through our comments and feedback hopefully can let the production crew know what area is lacking and what do audience really want to see in this show. The concept is nice, though not as ‘fresh’ since we have similar shows like 1N2D etc, but definitely the cast is really FRESH and visually good, be it the strong visual 86-line or the ajuhssi-line KHD, YJS or YSY.

If you have a SBS account, do leave earnest comments for the show, as a whole, and not just blindly commenting how handsome is Hyun Joong, how 4D is Hyun Joong, how cute is Hyun Joong….please, people have eyes to see how handsome and cute and 4D our Hyun Joong is, we don’t need to further emphasize. We need to give feedback and comments for the show, to let the production crew understand what can be better-improved. Maybe you’ll feel it’s not even necessary since we are international fans and we can’t help in the ratings, but by voicing out our opinions on their official homepage, they will be able to look into it, and when the show is improved, more Koreans will want to watch it and ratings will increase, AND we will be able to see Hyun Joong and the other members continue this show for a long long time~ agree?

That’s pretty much what I want to vomit out from my head for the past couple of days. Sounds a naive thing to do, but if you have all the time to check for updates and stalk news, it doesn’t hurt to spend a few minutes to share your opinions if it can make the show a whole lot better right? :)

Here, some Hyun Joong moments that I like in ep 3.

Sleep…Awaken…Continues to sleep.

Someone give me a toothpaste cf please~ kkkkk

Oh wait! Am I doing it right…?

Dancing is my forte! Check this out!


Almost paradise 아침보다 더 눈부신…

The 86-lines^^

Happy feet

Watch me dance Harlem Shake!

Don’t talk to me, I’m nervous…

I did it!

We did it! *bows*

Thank you everyone~ TT_TT

Ep 4 Preview. Like a boy^^


1 May

어떡하지? I’ve fallen sick on this meaningful day… *sobs*

Hmmmm my whole head is very blank because of my fever n sore throat, but I like to dedicate a post to my boys SS501 n myself.

I haven’t been a fan for too long, my first album of SS501 I purchased was Rebirth. It’s kinda complicated to start with. BOF was aired in SG in 2009, I fell for LMH n dislike KHJ’s character in the drama. But as I probed further into the 4 flower boys, my eyes were locked at Hyun Joong in the end. First time ever, I started becoming a ‘netizen’…. Everyday I will go online to read up about him, and as I watched WGM I fell in love with the whole group. How can 5 young boys be so über cute…?!! From then, I’m a Triple S.

Nothing beats going online everyday to catch up on their updates n spazz with friends together. Soompi was the first place I opened up myself to, and I found my cute dongsaeng Josie there. And follow on, I knew more and more friends, thanks to SS501 ^^*

Today, this date…marks something special for SS501 and Triple S. It’s 501 day. Our boys may be busy with their own activities, but they have a spot for us in their hearts. Let us also gently send our wishes and greetings to them. Whether you are a fan of five, or fan of any members, you have to admit, they are a group, always. I hope every fan will sincerely send your well-wishes and let them know we are always around for them, no matter where we are at.

For The Best SS501, We Will Always Be Your Best Triple S.

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