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Be inspired by Inspiring Generation

5 Apr

Inspiring Generation, has come to an end after 24 episodes. Are you inspired?? I am, no doubt :D

3 months of making sure I am in front of the laptop almost every Wed/Thur to stream for the drama is not an easy thing, but I did it^^

Story sets in the 1930s, hmmm not something that I personally like to watch for a show…but because it’s Kim Hyun Joong I told myself I need to support him XD

Confession: I only started watching Ep1 and waited until Ep5 began before I catch up on Ep2-4. My sincere apologies to the young actors though :p but I’m impressed and applaud the young actors. They’ve done a wonderful job!!

Script-reading. If you still remember his fear towards elderly person, he is sitting so upright. Kekekeke some things just never change. XDD

After watching first 4 episodes, I changed my opinion of a noir drama, or I should say I changed my opinion of THIS drama. It impressed me much not just because Hyun Joong is leading the drama, but the way the drama was presented like you are watching a movie, the angles captured, the grand backdrop whether it’s a fixture or real scenery to the fine details like the make-up of injuries on the actors.

In my opinion, I think this drama deserves more thumbs up because the story is set in the 1930s and there are many many props and backdrops which you can no longer find and will need to remake. Unlike films with a modern backing where things comes by probably a lot easier, the production for a noir film faces more difficulty.

The Script.

To be very frank, I like the first 10 episodes before the change of writer. Story was well-played and nicely carving out scenes of Jung Tae becoming better in fights. After the change, I can’t seem to share the same line of thought as it seem to focus on the seizing of powers and territories and slowed down the story on Jung Tae instead. Kindda draggy and finishes everything in a rush in last 2 episodes.

But what I like about the script is that it doesn’t revolve around the main leads heavily just because they are main leads. Supporting actors get enough airtime to deliver the story at the right pace. Nobody is short of airtime or have too much airtime. While I personally hoped for some plot twist, but the ending was acceptable still, despite all the rush.

The Cast.

Hyun Joong takes the lead, together with the awesome cast.

With the general public not being very cool about Hyun Joong taking on the lead role for such a huge-scale drama, he did himself justice by portraying the character perfectly. Even before the filming started, news has it that he underwent martial training and did a lot of preparation so that he can take on the character well. On site, he is always seen going through his script, practicing lines and discussing scenes with the director. He is constantly monitoring his acting.

Watch on, and you see the difference in Hyun Joong’s acting. His stance, his look, his expressions, his emotions, how he deliver his lines, how he interact with other actors. It’s something new and fresh to see.

The public don’t see all these, they only see what they want to see on screen. The slightest mistake and they’ll probably issue yellow card and fault Hyun Joong. But in this drama, they probably can’t find much chances to fault him XD

The use of heavy-weight supporting actors was a right choice. While most people perceived that if a lead actor is some idol singer, it probably make no difference to watch the drama or not. But with the strong supporting cast, it spice up the drama and brings curiosity to the viewers.

The Places.

Breathtaking, as you see it. No special effects, just scenic places that are out to wow viewers. I like it a lot.

The OST.

8 pieces of original sound tracks for a 24 episode drama, I thought it was not enough. First track was released in the ending of episode 5 and the last 2 track were released towards the end of the run. But the 8 tracks did great throughout the drama, each track fitting nicely at the right scene, no more no less. My personal likes are Destiny, 멍, Good day to die, 길, The Light and 오늘이 지나면. Heehehehe. That’s 6 out of the 8 tracks :D

Destiny by 임재범 is very nice. His throaty vocal blends well with the sensual melody and it fits snugly into the drama which tells of 1930s Shanghai.

불꽃처럼 is nice but I am still not very attached to it. The strong vocal by I.D and the powerful song adds tension to the scene.

The only lady voice track 그날까지 안녕 sings of the love and hope of Gaya for her first love. Hmmm, not my cup of tea but I like 지아’s voice.

Hyun Joong’s track 오늘이 지나면 (If Today Passes) sings about the pain and sadness for Jung Tae’s first love that he can’t fulfill. At the scene when Gaya kissed Jung Tae, Hyun Joong’s mellow voice and the sad lyrics added more feelings into that scene. I’m glad that Hyun Joong’s voice was dedicated to this scene, as in my opinion this scene speaks volume of the unspoken love for Jung Tae and Gaya.

Besides OSTs, there’s also background music and sound effects too.

The background music for this scene when young Jung Tae was about to jump on the train was a good one. It helps to build tension and even make me felt nervous.

The background music for this scene in Ep 17 during Club Shanghai’s grand opening was very neat too. It captures my trail of thoughts to what is gonna happen next with a few of the important characters flashing on screen.

This background music is good too. And sadly this is one scene that did not received even one news report that talks about Hyun Joong doing the wire action. Fans shared their fancams of Hyun Joong repeating the scene over and again to perfect it in the cold cold night. Really…I felt sad that this went unnoticed to the eyes of the Korea media… :(

Sound effect. Hmmmm if you had noticed the sound of a eagle’s cry when Jung Tae jumped up and throw the punch at Wang Baek San in Ep 23, it tells that this is Jung Tae’s transformation into the next Shanghai Eagle which previously was his father. I felt this scene should be in Ep 24 instead, during the scene when Bangsamtong folks laid ambush on Wang Baek San and Hwangbang. They should let Bangsamtong folks witnessed Jung Tae emerging as a real fighter, the next Shanghai Eagle. Won’t it be better? Hehe.

The Actions.

In Ep1 when he appeared as a fighter and pulling off the action stunts swiftly, it probably threw many people off their chairs. News flooded online complimenting his change as an actor. As I watched his fighting scene, I went ‘wahh, nice body. ooh ouch wahh perfect move to use his shirt to fend off the opponent’s burning stick and gahhhhhh’ when he was K.O by the opponent as he sneaked behind and hit him on the head.

Practicing and practicing to perfect the move so that it will be captured nicely during the shooting. He did not use any double for his action scenes. Even wire actions were also done by him personally.

The Emotions.

Ep5 is when adult Jung Tae starts in full swing. Hyun Joong showed a very forceful look. It’s something that we didn’t see in his previous works. The look in his eyes showed determination and strong desire. That’s when I felt the changed in him as an actor. Knowing how to and executing an expression is very different. It can work both ways. Hyun Joong seem to have master the skill already though^^

Then he pulled off that ‘Gimme da money’ look awesomely. This character may not appeal to some as it seem it’s another minimal expressions character, but it’s actually much much more. I was impressed actually, because I did not feel burdened by his plain expression as compared to the times in BOF n PK.

This scene when Ok Ryeon was treating to his wounds also left deep impression in me. Of course I’m not talking about the kiss. Just before the kiss, when he took Ok Ryeon’s hand onto his and said ‘Sorry, Ok Ryeon I’m sorry’… the tone and the tempo he delivered the words out, adding on with his shaking hands slowly reaching up to Ok Ryeon’s face and as they kissed, the drop of tear slowly falling down….. really made me hold my breath throughout as it sent bolts of goosebumps into me. I didn’t even realised I was holding my breath :x Good one, Hyun Joong!!

And I think many fans also think likewise when we saw this scene. It’s totally HYUN JOONG in action rather than Jung Tae. kkkkkk. It seem he has blend himself totally into the character, or rather, he is the character itself.

This is also one of my favorite scene. Hyun Joong’s sniff and sob is enough to flip my emotions again TT_TT

The Crying.

What can I say? He did it flawlessly! Viewers felt the pull in them together with Jung Tae as he tell Bong Shik about his sister Chung Ah and how lousy a person he was cos he lost his sister.

When he learnt about Poong Cha’s death, he asked ‘Why?’ and shouted out again in a different note, the changed in expression was a wonderful one. His strangled cries really shattered many many people’s heart too. It was delivered nicely as the scene zoomed out on Jung Tae but still showing his cries and pain for losing his beloved brother.

And his cries for his father at the funeral, it actually reminded me of my uncle who passed away last year and I cried so hard with Jung Tae too…

And probably the best emotional displayed when Ok Ryeon died in his arms. His pain was showned through his eyes, and his choking sobs were so real it’s a pain to watch…

The Rage.

Anger, is not easy to portray. Too much and it gets over, maybe even sick to the eyes of viewers. Hyun Joong had expressed it just enough to let viewers feel the rage in him and take the emotion ride with him.

The Outfit.

1.5billion won they say and you probably think there may be very lavish outfits or grand buildings or posh cars in and out the drama. But a noir set and a fighter doesn’t call for that much.

Simple donning, if appropriate and fitting, is good enough to let one character shine.

The Face.

Make-up that is. Very realistic till it make one feel the pinch…

The Eye Candy.

And then… hehehe


The Friends.

I’m loving almost all the cast in this drama!! Hehehehehe.

And there, it’s about all I was ‘inspired’ to write for my boy here. He has transformed and able to let general public changed their thoughts of him being just a pretty face who sucks at acting. They regard him as an able actor with potential growth and are looking forward to see him in more dramas. It’s one relieved thing to know as a fan, as we see him being largely recognised by the public and fellow actors and journalists.

As a fan, I want to shoutout that ‘THIS IS A MUST-WATCH DRAMA!!!’

As a general viewer, this is a drama that you need to add to your must-watch list. My hubby is not a big fan of Hyun Joong (I guess he is jealous of Hyun Joong’s pretty face XD) but when I was watching this drama, he watched together with me and commented that it’s a nice drama and every week he’ll remind me to download the episodes for him. kkkkkkkkk. He’s addicted to the drama^^

Now that the drama has concluded, I’m anticipating Hyun Joong’s new activities. Can’t wait to see him sing and dance on stage again!!^^


《Inspiring Generation》concludes, Kim Hyun Joong’s acting received attention

4 Apr

《Inspiring Generation》concludes, Kim Hyun Joong’s acting received attention

Souce: 韓星網 + (eng trans)

Repost with full credits.

KBS 2TV Wed/Thur drama 《Inspiring Generation》 concluded with Ep 24 last night (3 April), Shin Jung Tae (by Kim Hyun Joong) destroyed Hwangbang’s chief Seol Doo Sung (by Choi Il Hwa), and won the fight with Aoki (by Yoon Hyun Min). He wasn’t able to revive the love with Deguchi Gaya (by Im Soo Hyang), but found his long-lost sister Chung Ah.

1.5 billion won invested into the filming of 《Inspiring Generation》 which tells the story of loves, friendships and patriotism of China, Japan and Korea in 1930s Shanghai.

Kim Hyun Joong whom plays the role of Shin Jung Tae is a passionate and righteous fighter. He became a smuggler in order to raise money for his sister’s surgery fee, over the years he gradually became the best fighter through his fights with martial experts in Shiniju, Dandong and Shanghai.

Returning to the small screen 4 years after MBC TV drama 《Playful Kiss》, it is difficult for audience to trust that Kim Hyun Joong can undertake the lead role for a 1.5 billion won drama. Through KBS drama 《Boys Over Flowers》 in 2009, although he rose to stardom through the character Yoon Ji Hoo who is handsome and thoughtful, but was chastised because of his lines and stiff expression, his performance in 《Playful Kiss》 is also the same.

Due to the above 「bad」 performances, viewers did not think well of Kim Hyun Joong before the broadcast of 《Inspiring Generation》. And the drama is airing after SBS TV 《You Who Came From The Star》 leading by Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun, it pulls down the viewers’ anticipation level tremendously.

Kim Hyun Joong dispeled the prejudice and doubts that the public perceived through his acting, making a comeback with skilled acting. Eyes brimming with vigour that displays before the viewers, well-controlled actions, delicate expressions. His crying scenes when loved ones like Poongcha (by Jo Dal Hwan), father (by Choi Jae Sung), Kim Ok Ryeon (by Jin Se Yeon) died deeply touched the viewers, and parring scenes with Jung Jae Hwa (by Kim Sung Oh) and Mo Il Hwa (by Song Jae Rim) are also intriguing.

After going through deathly tight filming schedules, cold winter, changed of scriptwriter, appearance fees issues, Kim Hyun Joong still portrays the character of Shin Jung Tae perfectly. Similar like the growth of Shin Jung Tae in each episode, Kim Hyun Joong also showed viewers his growing sense of belonging.

《Inspiring Generation》 ability to dominate as Wed/Thur drama, one of the biggest merit goes to Kim Hyun Joong. The reason to anticipate for Kim Hyun Joong’s future performances is displayed clearly before our eyes as he solidified his position as a talented actor through 《Inspiring Generation》.

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