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《Inspiring Generation》film set photo revealed, Kim Hyun Joong – Song Jae Rim killer smiles

26 Mar

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Repost with full credits only.

KBS 2TV Wed-Thur drama 《Inspiring Generation》 revealed male actors Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Sung Oh, Yoon Hyun Min, Song Jae Rim and Jung Ho Bin’s smiling photos at the film set.

In the photo, Kim Hyun Joong dressed in suit, wearing a smile on his face. Like a scene in a photoshoot for men’s suit, he revealed a warm smile, displaying a capable and mature man’s charm. And occasionally showed a young man’s fresh smiles, (which) touches 「women’s hearts」.

Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Ho Bin practicing action scenes together, the sight of them showing their smiles also left a deep impression on others. At the film set, Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Ho Bin surpassed the wide age gap, (they are) extremely close, it let people forget that they are actually arch-enemies in the drama.

Kim Sung Oh revealed a cheeky smile, practicing rope skipping to prepare for the fighting scene with Kim Hyun Joong. Last week in the show Kim Sung Oh and Kim Hyun Joong put up a very fantastic and exciting duel and it became the classic scene of the drama. Kim Sung Oh displayed a man’s loyalty right till the end, and the audience were really touched.

In the drama portraying a cold-blooded image who kept threatening Jung Tae, Yoon Hyun Min revealed a smile full of personality. A dangerous person in the drama – Aoki’s image already disappeared, he revealed a cute smile in front of senior Kim Sung Oh, and people can feel their friendship.

Song Jae Rim’s killer smile with his mouth slightly lifted, is also exceptionally touching. Like a character in a manga, Song Jae Rim became one of the representative of strong visual in 《Inspiring Generation》 with his pretty appearance. In the drama he act as Mo Il Hwa who will constantly give pointers to Jung Tae.



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