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You are the apple of my eye…..

25 Jan

Saw the set of Behind Story pics for Lotte DFS’s F/W 2012 photoshoot and a few of the pics really caught my eyes <3 Wasn’t thinking to write anything but as I look through the pics, can’t help to be mesmerized yet again by Hyun Joong’s charm.


看看这张吧。腼腆的微笑,像个小王子~ 温柔的眼神不知道已经电死了多少人啊!

这张呢,笑容很灿烂,看着他的笑,自己也会跟着笑起来^^ 细长的手指拿着酒杯,被他灌醉也无所谓了。。。哈哈哈


哎哟,看吧。。这张轻抚头发的和上面那张瞪人的完全是让人无法招架啊! 他暖暖的眼神里充满了神秘感!


写到这里刚好是5:01PM! 这就是我眼里的暖男金贤重,你眼里的金贤重又是怎样的呢?呵呵

My apologies that this post is not in English, hehehe.. just not able to find the ‘right’ words to describe my feelings from this set of pics. It’s much easier to express them in Chinese >.<

Photos Courtesy Lotte DFS (


2013 starts with these~

12 Jan

Just the beginning of the year and I’ve spent $300+ buying these :p

Jung Min’s Romeo single album, Kyu Jong’s Hestory calendar, Hyun Joong’s Japanese albums, calendars and diary.

I think this is the first time I bought so many things at one go. Gonna eat instant noodles for lunch n dinner till my next paycheck comes in. Hahahaha. But it’s ok, with all these things by my side, 2013 is gonna be a good one (hopefully)! :D

A…Love Like This…

10 Jan

I was so excited when I heard that Hyun Joong sang Love Like This at his UNLIMITED Japan Tour 2013 concert at Kobe World Hall on 6 Jan 2013!

I believed many Triple S have the same feeling as me, really mad happy! Particularly for me, I was so happy and maybe to add on, I felt grateful he actually sang another group song other than Let Me Be The One.

Why did I say I’m grateful he sang another group song? I’m not sure how many fans do read Korean and follow some Korean fans of our boys, during the time when Hyun Joong sang LMBTO at his Lotte DFS fanmeet in Seoul last year, a fanwar broke out among some Korean fans of different bias. I shall not name who or whatever, since it’s already over and gone with the wind. It’s kindda sad and disheartening for me personally, to see even Korean fans ‘fighting’ like this. This time, Hyun Joong chose to sing Love Like This and Let Me Be The One. For a Triple S, it really means a lot! Many things crossed my mind, wondering why he chose to sing another group song, did he came to know of the fanwar? Is he trying to send a message to fans….? Whatever it is, I am grateful he did something ‘more’. In the eyes of some other fans, you may think that these are just our imaginations or wishful hope, for a reunion… but if you do remember, our boys promised us a reunion and promised that they will always be one, never disband. So even if you do not think like us, let’s not bother each other with whatever thoughts or opinions we have in mind. You be your fan of whoever you want, and we be our Triple S yah^^

Talking about Love Like This, Hyun Joong did a live band version, with the help of background vocalists! It’s so awesome, isn’t it?!! But but but… Hyun Joong ah, you sure need more practise lah! 不是抢拍,就是慢拍,再不就是走音,是怎样啊你? kekekekekeke

Actually I wanted to share a fancam taken by 金贤重.com where they recorded Hyun Joong’s speech and performance for Love Like This but they had actually set the video private so I’m not able to embed the video here. But I’ve found another video shared by tomomon2@twitter where she uploaded here. You can check out tomomon2’s twitter cos she shared some live updates during the concert happening^^ It seem Hyun Joong is having problem with his leg cos he said this time round he can’t do any dance number for his concert tour as his legs are hurting. Hope it is not something too bad and he recover soon! He also said he is going to do a world tour in 2013!!! Hyun Joong ah, please PLEASE remember to come to Singapore AGAIN!

By the way, wanna drop a word of thanks to YoungieL and BettyWu86 at twitter for sending me yt link of HJ’s LLT when I was asking for it on our twitter. I seriously thought nobody would bother to reply or even read our tweets since we stopped updating on twitter. kekeke kumawo^^

Still on his UNLIMITED Japan Tour, not sure if this was shared in Kobe’s concert but I read from weibo during Saitama’s concert yesterday 9 Jan 2013, after he sang LMBTO, a message was flashed on screen. There’s 2 version shared by Chinese fans on weibo, yesterday I’ve translated one and shared on twitter, I’ll share another version here too.

Version 1

(shared by Clenecia@weibo) 这段路我走了太久,现在终于走到了这里,我还将继续前行,但现在我会慢慢的和你们一起向前走,那些在我最艰难的时候相信我帮助我的你们,只要给我你们的手,我就会紧紧握住再也不放。

(translated by me) This path I’ve walked so long, finally I’ve arrived here, I’ll still continue to move forward, but now I’ll walk slowly together with all of you, those of you who had helped me and believed in me when I’m at my toughest time, just give me your hand, I will hold on tight and never let you go.

Version 2

(shared by Lunajun0324) The road to this now takes me for a long time. (I think) i’ve walked just forward, but from now i would like to walk slowly looking around. If you give me your hand (to help), i won’t let you go.

I’m not sure which is the correct version, but the message is very clear, as long as we hold on to him, he will not let go of us. So Triple S and Henecia, hang on there for him! Our Only One Kim Hyun Joong, our Best SS501!



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