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Henecia Membership

21 Jun

I noticed that some fans are confused with being a regular member of Henecia and a active (paid) member of Henecia.

Other than having a login access and allows Keyeast to get stats of Hyun Joong’s fanbase coverage, public can also have free access to hyun-joong.com without a login. The only thing that makes a difference is when you sign up as a active (paid) member, where you can have access to exclusive photos, videos and messages from Hyun Joong.

Regular Membership Application


But when you only signed up as a regular member, you will not be able to get access to Henecia site.


Active (Paid) Membership

As a active (paid) member, you will get to access Henecia site and see the contents that are shared exclusively for Henecia active member, like the one below~


SO! What are you waiting for?? Quickly sign up as an active member before the registration close on 30 June!

Payment instruction [2017 Recruit for Kim Hyun Joong official fan club, Henecia]

Foreigners can try to use SENDHOW to make payment to KE via paypal or credit card.

You can read up HERE before you start using SENDHOW.

HURRY UP! Join as an active member before you regret!

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