[FA] Kim Hyun Joong ‘2017 ANEMONE FM’ in Seoul by Aileen_henecia

2 May

Had shared a few FA on twitter by this fan and will continue with the rest of what she had shared here.

FA shared by Aileen_henecia + eng trans by kelemama/501wangja
Repost with full credits only
20170429片段#金贤重4.29粉丝见面会# :唱谢谢你前,他说这首歌现在这个场合很适合,其实这首是挺伤感的一首歌。你们好好听别忙着拍照了[二哈]
Before singing ‘Thank You’, he said ‘This song suits this occasion, actually this is a rather sentimental song. You all listen well, don’t keep taking photos’
20170429小片段: 贤重问现在几点了?粉丝喊不知道!他说耳机里的人告诉我八点半了,我们已经玩了一个小时了你们知道吗。我们要快点了,因为场地只租到今晚十二点,晚了要再交钱
HJ asked ‘What time is it now?’ Fans shouted ‘Don’t know’ He said ‘Someone told him through his earpiece that it’s 8.30pm, we had already played for an hour already, do you know? It’s about time to end. As we only rented the venue till 12mn, we need to pay extra if overrun.’
20170429 片段:唱your story之前,贤他说他有好好准备这首歌,但是(叹一口气,摆弄了一下舞台前面报歌词的显示屏)突然又有点忘了歌词[笑cry]
Before singing your story, HJ said he had prepared well for this song, but (give a sigh and adjusted the monitor in front of the stage) suddenly forgotten the lyrics
20170429 片段:讲到永生有来看FM,找了半天灯光也照了半天也没找到永生。他说“不会吧难道发了INS就走了!?!?“最后说“哎我还是不相信他就这么走了,估计去厕所了吧“[二哈]
He said KyuSaeng came to see his FM, couldn’t find KyuSaeng at the audience seats. He said ‘Can’t be they left after uploading on IG?!?!’ and he finally said ‘I still don’t believed they left just like that, probably went to the toilet?’
20170429片段 :有饭告诉他自己的戒指找到了。他给大家解释,这个粉丝给他写了一百多封信,其中讲到自己一个很珍贵的戒指丢了所以很难过,不过还好找到了。(然后开启碎碎念模式)“我以为是什么特别的戒指,原来好像就一般的戒指“ ​​​​
A fan told him she found her ring. Then he explained it to everyone that this fan wrote him 100+ letters, she mentioned in one of her letters that she lost a very precious ring so she felt very sad, but luckily she has found the ring. (Then he started to mumble to himself) “I thought how special was the ring, it seem it’s just a common ring’
20170429片段: 贤重想要今后在韩国官网多做一些活动,但现在网站被黑了[吃惊]上面照片都没有了 所以还要等一下 ​​​​
HJ wished to be more active in his Korean homepage, but it’s been hacked recently and the photos in the homepage were all gone so will have to wait a while more
Below were already shared on twitter previously.
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