[FA] HJ’s treat at Jaksal Chicken on 30 Apr 2017

2 May

Actually many fans were expecting HJ to go to Jaksal the next day after FM and some really had the luck of the world to get a treat from him!

So he did went to Jaksal on 30 Apr but for a brief 5-6mins. Below is the FA from fans who saw him and got a treat from him.

PS. As mentioned by illublue on twitter, HJ requested not to take pics of him so I won’t share his pics taken by fans here. Only the FA~^^


FA by Kim HyunJoong TV + eng trans by kelemama/501wangja

Repost with full credits only


本來有一組日本粉絲在結帳,親故一直對日本粉絲說今天不用付錢,但日本粉絲不明白為什麼不用錢,這時親故才大聲對大家說今天賢重請客,接著就看到賢重出現在收銀機旁,店內一陣尖叫!賢重用信用卡付完帳後,很帥氣的收起信用卡就把刷卡單丟在櫥房的垃圾筒,接著再由櫥房後門出去,一會兒就看到一個追風少年從魚叉旁邊的巷子推了一輛帥氣拉風的腳踏車出現在門口,並快速低著頭躍上腳踏車揚長而去,親故為了讓賢重安全離開,稍稍攔了在場粉絲讓賢重離開,親故看著賢重的腳踏車騎遠了才安心進入店內繼續招呼所有粉絲朋友們,並問大家開不開心,且轉達了賢重想要表達的話,賢重說謝謝大家一直等候他回來,也謝謝大家來參加他的fan meeting. 過程雖短很短,但在短短幾分鐘內,消息炸開整個微博,足見大家對賢重的重視。

Today is a really unforgettable day for all the companions.

My companion said ‘Finally got a treat from the man! And it’s from the man we loved!

Around 10.20pm today, HJ went into Jaksal from the kitchen backdoor and headed straight to the cashier counter to make payment. Actually the whole process was very short, probably just around 5-6mins.

A group of Jap fans were making payment but HJ’s friend said no need to pay today, but the Jap fans don’t understand why they don’t need to pay, so HJ’s friend said out loud to everyone that HJ is treating today, then we saw HJ appearing beside the cashier counter, and there’s an outburst of screams inside the shop! 

After HJ made payment using his credit card, he kept his card and threw the receipt into the thrash bin inside the kitchen, then walked out from the kitchen backdoor. A while later we saw a dashing young man pushing a very flashy bicycle coming out to the front door from the side lane beside Jaksal. He quickly got on the bike, lowered his head and took off. In order to let HJ leave safely, his friend tried to hold the fans so to let HJ leave safely, seeing HJ cycled off a distance away then he went back into the shop and asked everyone if they are happy and also said the words that HJ wished to say ‘HJ thanked fans for waiting for his return, also thanked everyone for coming to his FM.’ Although the encounter was very brief and short, but in a short moment of time the news was spread onto weibo and spread like wildfire, it’s evident to see how everyone valued HJ.

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