[Part 4] The beautiful times of Kim Hyun Joong and me: 〈Waiting & Anticipating〉

25 Sep


[Part 4] The beautiful times of Kim Hyun Joong and me: 〈Waiting & Anticipating〉

相信最近關於金賢重的新聞,應該讓大家很震撼且衝擊吧? 因為即使只站在工作的立場,也無法否認這個新聞所帶來的衝擊。只是,我想可以選擇等待,等到覺得已經足以下判斷的時候,再下判斷。

Believed that everyone were shocked by the recent news on Kim Hyun Joong? Because even if I’m just standing from the point of work, I also can’t deny the impact that was brought upon from this news. Just that, I think I can choose to wait. Wait until the time when I feel I can reckon it, then I’ll judge.


Actually, between the idol that one like, everyone have the beautiful times that belong to them. Thus no matter what thoughts you have, your stand and views, you don’t need agreement from others, afterall it’s a story that belongs to you, you know it will do.


Idol is also a human, of course he got his own personal life. But when he received so much love and support from so many people, in relation there’s responsibilities and obligations that he need to undertake. So if he really did something wrong, no matter what it is, then face it bravely, admit his mistake and take on the responsibilities, learn from bitter experience.


Fans are also human, other than the  infinite indulgence and support on normal days, must also possess the ability to judge the rights and wrongs. Afterall no matter how excusable, the truth is not a pretense by covering the eyes or ears, the right and wrong in this world can be changed.


However no matter what the outcome is in the end, he has already owed an explanation to all the fans who love him, care for him and supported him. However no matter in the end fans decide to stay or leave, I believe everyone will make a decision from their heart.

~ 全篇完 ~

~ The End~


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  1. Buzzing RyRen Biebuyog September 27, 2014 at 11:59 PM #

    This is great :) Thank you and have fun with your loved ones unnie :) God bless you and your family :)

  2. SUH★Keep The Faith (@suhdelafuente) October 4, 2014 at 1:44 PM #

    Really, thank you¡¡¡

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