22 Jul

드디어! Our first boy who went to serve the country is finally coming back to us after 2 looooong years. Kyu Jongie will be officially discharged from military tomorrow, or today based on kst.


HAPPY NOT???!!?? Yessssssssssss of course~!

On 2012 July 23, our forever center entered Jeonju’s army camp and few hundred fans went to bid him farewell and wished the best for his ‘stay’ in the army, tomorrow he will be back to the camp to complete some formalities and will be officially discharged. Our kind Kyu Jongie doesn’t want to have any discharge event and would like to quietly leave the camp. As shared by many fans who went to the camp to see him today, our boy is looking more manly and as always so friendly and all smiles^^

2 years….freaking long for some, while some may not feel that much. Nonetheless, we made it. We waited and we are still here to welcome him back with open arms. During these 2 years, we went through some ups n downs with other four boys. But it never stop us in our tracks to stop loving any one of them. This wait and all the ups n downs only made our boys stronger, made us fans stronger.

No doubt a reunion won’t be anytime soon, but we will wait. Now, we’ll be waiting for Young Saengie’s discharge and the three boys going to army~


Once A Triple S, Always A Triple S. Keep the faith.

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