《Inspiring Generation》concludes, Kim Hyun Joong’s acting received attention

4 Apr

《Inspiring Generation》concludes, Kim Hyun Joong’s acting received attention

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KBS 2TV Wed/Thur drama 《Inspiring Generation》 concluded with Ep 24 last night (3 April), Shin Jung Tae (by Kim Hyun Joong) destroyed Hwangbang’s chief Seol Doo Sung (by Choi Il Hwa), and won the fight with Aoki (by Yoon Hyun Min). He wasn’t able to revive the love with Deguchi Gaya (by Im Soo Hyang), but found his long-lost sister Chung Ah.

1.5 billion won invested into the filming of 《Inspiring Generation》 which tells the story of loves, friendships and patriotism of China, Japan and Korea in 1930s Shanghai.

Kim Hyun Joong whom plays the role of Shin Jung Tae is a passionate and righteous fighter. He became a smuggler in order to raise money for his sister’s surgery fee, over the years he gradually became the best fighter through his fights with martial experts in Shiniju, Dandong and Shanghai.

Returning to the small screen 4 years after MBC TV drama 《Playful Kiss》, it is difficult for audience to trust that Kim Hyun Joong can undertake the lead role for a 1.5 billion won drama. Through KBS drama 《Boys Over Flowers》 in 2009, although he rose to stardom through the character Yoon Ji Hoo who is handsome and thoughtful, but was chastised because of his lines and stiff expression, his performance in 《Playful Kiss》 is also the same.

Due to the above 「bad」 performances, viewers did not think well of Kim Hyun Joong before the broadcast of 《Inspiring Generation》. And the drama is airing after SBS TV 《You Who Came From The Star》 leading by Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun, it pulls down the viewers’ anticipation level tremendously.

Kim Hyun Joong dispeled the prejudice and doubts that the public perceived through his acting, making a comeback with skilled acting. Eyes brimming with vigour that displays before the viewers, well-controlled actions, delicate expressions. His crying scenes when loved ones like Poongcha (by Jo Dal Hwan), father (by Choi Jae Sung), Kim Ok Ryeon (by Jin Se Yeon) died deeply touched the viewers, and parring scenes with Jung Jae Hwa (by Kim Sung Oh) and Mo Il Hwa (by Song Jae Rim) are also intriguing.

After going through deathly tight filming schedules, cold winter, changed of scriptwriter, appearance fees issues, Kim Hyun Joong still portrays the character of Shin Jung Tae perfectly. Similar like the growth of Shin Jung Tae in each episode, Kim Hyun Joong also showed viewers his growing sense of belonging.

《Inspiring Generation》 ability to dominate as Wed/Thur drama, one of the biggest merit goes to Kim Hyun Joong. The reason to anticipate for Kim Hyun Joong’s future performances is displayed clearly before our eyes as he solidified his position as a talented actor through 《Inspiring Generation》.


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