[Most considerate man] SS501’s charismatic pretty boy Park Jung Min arrives in Taiwan secretly

27 Nov

This boy secretly flies to Taiwan and it was for a food & travel show from Korea~ *surprised surprise* hopefully we get to see his show on air soon!!!!!

This translation almost can’t make it out, cos I don’t know the name of the chef. >.< So, thanks to Xiaochu for telling me the Korean name of the chef and Josie for helping to proofread and correct my trans. 고마워 얘들아♥~

Here, my trans^^

News Courtesy Yes Entertainment + (eng trans) kelemama.wordpress.com + Josie

Repost with full credits only!!

Continuing from the [24hr Taiwan Fanmeet Event] Taiwan Tourism Bureau organised, they collaborated with Korea’s travel reality show again in 2013, inviting SS501 charisma flower boy Park Jung Min to Taiwan to create a ‘Snack’ tour for the ladies. Considerate Jung Min says that before his trip here, he did a search on Internet and found many articles of females sharing about their experiences when he searched for ‘Taiwan gourmet’! This trip he invited Korea chef Baek Sang Jun to experience Taiwan’s popular snacks culture, planning a food map/guide that is suitable for ladies or couples!

Flower boy Park Jung Min considerate planning, aiming to create a travel food map/guide for the ladies.

SS501 ‘flower boys whirlwind’ swept through Asia, charismatic representative pretty boy Park Jung Min is unable to forget Taiwan local delights eversince his long stay during the filming of [Fondant Garden]. Thus in 2013, as the host of Korea’s travel reality show, leading the travel show’s production crew to Taiwan. The show will showcase the local specialties and culture. As someone who is concerned of his diet he revealed that recently he is writing a food column for a Korea female magazine, and also planned to develop a Taiwan local snack that is suitable for females, creating a Taiwan gourmet food guide specially for Korea female fans.

Working together with Korea chef Baek Sang Jun, searching for the taste of love in their memories.

(skip the part on chef BSJ) First stop arriving at Taiwan’s gourmet street Yong Kang Street’s beef noodle, Park Jung Min said ‘Taiwan’s beef noodle soup base is similar to Korea’s beef soup, chili oil will immediately stimulate the taste buds, it’s like you’ll get drunk very fast’. (skip BSJ part)

Two men covered Taipei’s gourmet stops, sketching out a romantic loving atmosphere.

Besides the experience in Yong Kang Street, both of them traveled across Taipei trying out Taiwan’s delicacies – bubble tea, pineapple tarts etc. They also visited the night markets trying out all sorts of street snacks, night markets is the best dating place for young couples and students. Also, they went to Chiufen (Jiufen) to enjoy the beautiful scenery, immersing in Taiwan’s hospitality. They visited a tea house to experience tea culture and the tranquil atmosphere had Park Jung Min saying ‘This is really a thoughtful place for the ladies, it lets one unknowingly immersed in the river of love’. Through this food trip both of them not only recalled the memories of the taste of being in love, they eagerly wish to introduce Taiwan’s places of interests and food and hospitality to the female fans in Korea.


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