17062011 Kim Hyung Jun Fanmeet in Singapore

13 Nov

Actually I’m not sure if I did or did not shared the pics I took, because I can’t find the logo-ed pics anywhere in my 2 HD or in my photobucket account or our old blog…so I guess I had not share yet..? But I did shared my fancams back then. Anyways, I just added logo and shall share here. My pics were not well-taken as I’m not using dslr or any good camera so just bear with the quality yah~

Don’t ask me for fan account cos you know… age is catching up on me so I can’t really recall the details. All I can and will always remember is that it was very memorable time spent for the fanmeet^^


Photo Courtesy kelemama


This pic is quite blur but becos I like Jun’s cheeky expression so I just share it anyway^^

Another cheeky one! Hehehe this is so cute!

This one is cute too. Like there’s thousands of question marks springing out of his head asking why why why. Hehe

SUPER love this pic! <33333

Hahaha Gotcha! So cute!!!!

This pic is blur but you can see his teary red eyes after watching the video.

This one very blur. Taken from a far distance when I was queuing for hi-5….

And below are my fancams, sharing once again. Last few fancams were shaky cos my arms were so tired I can’t hold my camera well anymore.. hehe