Birthday GalSS~

11 Nov

September and October are busy months for the four of us, as coincidentally there’s 2 birthday gals in September and 2 in October. Hehe.

Since we made it a pact and point that we meet up at least once every month, these 2 months we gotta double it because there’s a cause for celebration!

Starting with Ling whose birthday falls on 6 September. We ordered and delivered flowers to Ling’s office. Very lovely Kitty and pink roses!! Met up for dinner at ION. Didn’t take a lot of pics that night as we were too hungry and tired and lazy.

Then on 25 September, it’s Cal’s birthday. Had dinner at Plaza Singapura’s Manhattan Fish Market and chilled out at Baskin Robbins. Cal unwrapping her present^^ The message is a private joke we share among ourselves, but yes, Cal is really a very dear and lovely friend to have. And I’m glad I found her :D

Then then then, it’s Chu’s birthday on 9 October~ Me and Cal wanted to eat street food so we headed to Makansutra at Esplanade for a feast! (food so~so only >.<) And we had round 2 at Ninethirty by Awfully Chocolate inside Esplanade. Yummy cakes!

Lastly, my birthday on 15 Oct but we met up only in Nov cos the 3 girls had holiday trips overlapping from mid Oct to end Oct^^ Thanks for the pressie! Love it lots! <3

Gotta say this, I really love the pressie they gave me. Though I was quite expressionless when I received it, but my heart was in big waves. I’m really someone who is not good at expressing my feelings in front of people.

Souvenirs from the gals’ trips to Hong Kong, Bangkok and Seoul~

Thanks to Ling, now we got ‘friendship bracelet’ that we can wear together! And in our favorite GREEN^^

And thanks to Chu for helping me to buy this from Bangkok. Me love Jim Thompson :D

And of course, not to forget…. it’s our Young Saeng’s album!