The Reunion

1 Nov

We’ve marched into the month of November already. Time flies….

Looking back….

October 26, a sight to behold, a day that will be carved deep in our memories as we witnessed the reunion of SS501 on stage. Not to sing and dance for the fans, but a moment for the boys to keep their promise and strengthen the faith of the fans. It was a touching moment that can shake heaven and earth (my personal feel^^).

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3 years…it’s considered a long period of time to fans who have been following them since before they went solo. But for new fans, 3 years is just a number maybe. During this 3 years, the boys been through a lot, ups and downs for some and smooth sailing for others. Same goes to fans, we went on roller coaster rides together with the boys too, because they are in our hearts.

Doing solo activities mean they might even have to face competition with one another, whether it’s album promotions or drama ratings or musical performances. We’ve seen how other fandoms trying to put us down when any of the boys were due for a new album or drama, saying they will not be successful since now they are on their own. But time and again, we’ve proved them wrong by doing our best to support all of their activities whether in Korea or outside of Korea, adding more victory to their milestones.

It’s that kind of strong bond that fans have with each other and with the boys that we’ve came so far till today to be able to witness five of them standing together, putting their hands together and greet fans with ‘안녕하세요. 우리는 SS501 입니다‘. How touching was that?! When I was streaming the audio of Young Saeng’s concert, I teared at that instant when I heard their greetings. It was an earth-shaking moment, a heartwarming moment. Fans cheered for them while some were crying away, happy tears.

Like I mentioned on twitter, there’s 2 sides to everything. The side that fans can’t see are the real sides of what the boys are going through. Whether they are getting along fine or not, it is not something that we can say on their behalf. The responsibility of fans is to support their idols in the choices they make and the things they do. Fans should always remember not to overstep and assume on behalf of their idols and try to speak in their names. Everybody has the freedom of speech, but we should not impose our own thoughts on others. Likewise, what I am writing now are fully my own thoughts and I am not asking anybody to agree with me.

Due to the situation that we were caught in, from Triple S, now there’s also five ‘sister’ fanclubs namely Henecia, Y.E.S, Thankyu, Family (Jap fc) and Junus. To me, each fanclub is also very important because it is with each fanclub’s support that each boy came this far. Different fanclubs may not see eye to eye when it comes to solo activities and achievements of each boy. In the eyes of one fanclub, you might be protecting and standing up for your idol, but when you start to call names or bash other members, other fans will want to stand up for their idol too.

Always bear in mind that whatever you do will reflect on your idol, in the eyes of the public. Respect your idol, respect the fandom and people will respect you in return.

Show your idol that you are a responsible and worthy fan, whether you are a solo fan or group fan.