A Decision…

4 Sep

Today has been one emo day for me, especially more so because it was a rainy day.
I wrote on my personal twitter….


And a pretty fren asked me if I faced any problem during updating, thus had the idea of stopping it. My answer is no. All are well, just that I’m plagued by some unknown feelings, and I just felt tired and wish to stop once and for all. She has been very encouraging and insistent and persuasive, and she suggest I should just take a rest instead of stopping.

In the past, I get carried away by emotions too, and usually I’ll just go on a hiatus to try to find back my equilibrium and pace and most importantly, my passion to carry on serving the community which is the Triple S fandom. But today is different. My urge or desire or will to stop totally is very strong. I just wanted to let go.

But my pretty fren being so insistent, has made my thoughts swayed a little. So…..here n now, I just like to inform every follower that I will be on infinite hiatus. Till then….take care Pretties~

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