The Unbreakable Man (Part 2)

29 Jul

Hehehe I’ve wrote one post earlier, and now the practice video gave me some 灵感 to write again :p

Have you watched the practice video for UNBREAKABLE released today? No? Ok, watch it now!

Well, most of us or maybe all of us had our eyes fixed on the upper body of HJ whenever we watched him dance or perform, right? Hmm, yea me too. First time watching it, my eyes were fixed on his body and Ta~Da he treated us with eye candy! 2:38 and all of them ripped their tops apart. Woohooo!! What a treat! Yum Yum~

Then I rewatched a few more times, each time my eyes go lower to his feet. This is just my personal observation from watching this video and choreography. Unlike previous other dance practice videos he released, this one catches my eye as I see how he move his feet and even though it’s the same dance steps for the dancers too, but HJ carried it differently. Soft and gentle moves but very powerful. Each step he took, each point he made, it’s fascinating to watch. Don’t just concentrate on his upper body, look downnnn….

Watch it carefully, especially with the 2 dancers on his sides. You can actually find differences in them even though the steps are the same. He dance with a story to the steps, while you can see the dancers are just purely dancing the steps. It’s different, and I love the feeling of it. Of course we have to give credits to the dancers, they are a fantastic team and they really bring out the whole choreography. You know, when you watch shows or dramas, there’s always the lead actor and second lead? HJ is the lead actor (OF COS) and the dancers are the second lead. With each step that HJ made (i mean literally the steps he made moving his legs!), it’s like telling a story to the dance. And with the body gestures, it really fit nicely to the whole song.

I don’t know if you understand what I’m saying, but anyways, I understand can liao. Haha :p