Happy 8th Anniversary to SS501

11 Jul

hmmm backdated post so I don’t have much to write actually, just post to keep track of good lovely days with my 동생들.

Even as a fan, celebrating any occasions like birthdays or anniversaries for the boys without their presence and knowledge has been something which I never thought I will do at all. Personally, I just feel weird, why celebrate when they are not with us? Haha but with this bunch of girls, I think I’ll do many things I can never imagine or thought that I will ever ‘dare’ do. kekekeke it’s just fun being together with them. Though I’m much older than them, but they never make me feel out of place. It’s always about food and fun and laughter and girls talks with them. This is why I like going out with them. :D

Anyways, Happy Anniversary to SS501!


More happy days ahead! Chu, Ling and Cal!!