Dinner date again ^^

11 Jul

First time to JEM. Dinner with Xiaochu, Cagali and Yuanyuan at Bangkok Jam. Well, it’s my first try at this restaurant too. Sad to say, not a restaurant I’ll go for food again.

Really OMG! The food, the service…omg.

No pretty face for you to see, but got a handsome U:zoosin though ^^

Round 2 at Coffee Bean. Yeah, sinful round 2 >.<

And received this folder from 언니 she bought in Japan during her previous trip! 고마워요!

And when i was taking pic of this just now, got caught red-handed by my boss. haha. he was staring at my pretty HJ for about 5 seconds before he remembered what he wants to talk to me about. See, HJ effect! kekeke