Barefoot Friends Ep 3 – It can be better…

8 May

I have been thinking what to write after watching Ep 3 of Barefoot Friends.

Previously I did mentioned that the show needs better editing skills to bring out the sparks for each member and also between members, but looks like Ep 3 wasn’t really that nicely edited again. I kinda find Ep 3 boring.

Speaking as a general viewer, I can’t feel the chemistry among other members, except for the Dumb and Dumber brothers KHD and Hyun Joong. In a full one-hour show, we hardly get to see the chemistry sparks between EIGHT members, it’s kinda bad. Maybe the members are still awkward, or should we just blame it on the poor editing skills? I don’t know. It’s hard to tell, but as a fan of Hyun Joong, the Dumb and Dumber brothers are really making me fall off the chair laughing hard at their conversations and funny exchanges. Other than that, I can’t feel any pull towards the rest of the show. And it’s a pity they edited out the part where the members wore the traditional Vietnamese costume and played games. Too awkward that it can’t even be shown? Whatever. Still, I would really love to see more interaction from other members, whether it’s to Hyun Joong or to any other members.

We can’t blindly watch the show as a fan of Hyun Joong, we need to consider the show as a general viewer. What do people really want to see in a new variety show? What is their expectations? Everybody is looking at different things and looking for different things, it’s not possible to put a cake in everyone’s plate just to make them smile. Though we can’t do anything to help in terms of the production and editing, but through our comments and feedback hopefully can let the production crew know what area is lacking and what do audience really want to see in this show. The concept is nice, though not as ‘fresh’ since we have similar shows like 1N2D etc, but definitely the cast is really FRESH and visually good, be it the strong visual 86-line or the ajuhssi-line KHD, YJS or YSY.

If you have a SBS account, do leave earnest comments for the show, as a whole, and not just blindly commenting how handsome is Hyun Joong, how 4D is Hyun Joong, how cute is Hyun Joong….please, people have eyes to see how handsome and cute and 4D our Hyun Joong is, we don’t need to further emphasize. We need to give feedback and comments for the show, to let the production crew understand what can be better-improved. Maybe you’ll feel it’s not even necessary since we are international fans and we can’t help in the ratings, but by voicing out our opinions on their official homepage, they will be able to look into it, and when the show is improved, more Koreans will want to watch it and ratings will increase, AND we will be able to see Hyun Joong and the other members continue this show for a long long time~ agree?

That’s pretty much what I want to vomit out from my head for the past couple of days. Sounds a naive thing to do, but if you have all the time to check for updates and stalk news, it doesn’t hurt to spend a few minutes to share your opinions if it can make the show a whole lot better right? :)

Here, some Hyun Joong moments that I like in ep 3.

Sleep…Awaken…Continues to sleep.

Someone give me a toothpaste cf please~ kkkkk

Oh wait! Am I doing it right…?

Dancing is my forte! Check this out!


Almost paradise 아침보다 더 눈부신…

The 86-lines^^

Happy feet

Watch me dance Harlem Shake!

Don’t talk to me, I’m nervous…

I did it!

We did it! *bows*

Thank you everyone~ TT_TT

Ep 4 Preview. Like a boy^^

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