1 May

어떡하지? I’ve fallen sick on this meaningful day… *sobs*

Hmmmm my whole head is very blank because of my fever n sore throat, but I like to dedicate a post to my boys SS501 n myself.

I haven’t been a fan for too long, my first album of SS501 I purchased was Rebirth. It’s kinda complicated to start with. BOF was aired in SG in 2009, I fell for LMH n dislike KHJ’s character in the drama. But as I probed further into the 4 flower boys, my eyes were locked at Hyun Joong in the end. First time ever, I started becoming a ‘netizen’…. Everyday I will go online to read up about him, and as I watched WGM I fell in love with the whole group. How can 5 young boys be so über cute…?!! From then, I’m a Triple S.

Nothing beats going online everyday to catch up on their updates n spazz with friends together. Soompi was the first place I opened up myself to, and I found my cute dongsaeng Josie there. And follow on, I knew more and more friends, thanks to SS501 ^^*

Today, this date…marks something special for SS501 and Triple S. It’s 501 day. Our boys may be busy with their own activities, but they have a spot for us in their hearts. Let us also gently send our wishes and greetings to them. Whether you are a fan of five, or fan of any members, you have to admit, they are a group, always. I hope every fan will sincerely send your well-wishes and let them know we are always around for them, no matter where we are at.

For The Best SS501, We Will Always Be Your Best Triple S.

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