Hyun Joong,”Welcome to my home”…?

23 Apr

Before the airing of Barefoot Friends, through fan accounts and photos shared by the local Vietnam media, I thought it’s nice that Hyun Joong was paired up in KHD’s team. Since KHD is the mc, to pair up with him sort of tells people that those in his team are of more importance, more weighty. Of course, every member is equally important and plays a important role to make it a success, but being a fan of Hyun Joong, I tend to see it at a different level. But I like to see Hyun Joong to be leading a team on his own in future episodes hopefully, to show more sides of him that we can look forward to and for more people to know him too. That’s just the thought at that point of time…

After streaming live for the first episode, we get to know how the team was divided into. Hahaa looks like I’ve think too much >.< But also obviously, KHD has always like Hyun Joong, for his good looks and humble personality as known^^

When I was streaming live on Sunday afternoon, something poked me in the head, ‘Ah, is that Hyun Joong’s real home?’ and as I continued screening the background, found something that looked ‘familiar’? I was thinking, is that tree…the Christmas tree that Hyun Joong decorated last Christmas? kkkkk it sure looks like!? So I guess it’s really filmed at Hyun Joong’s home. Loving the simple look of the place, as the scene moved on at a different angle, the living room is connected to the kitchen~ cosy and compact place. It is really very nice. Love the simplicity of the whole house ❤☠❤☠❤☠❤☠

Come, let’s take a look at the Christmas tree and Hyun Joong’s home (assumingly~) kkkk

Simplicity rules~^^ and that guitar is a gorgeous only! Are fans going to start hunting down that black nice couch already? kkkkk

I like the flooring! hehehe

I keep staring at his hand that is holding the laptop. Pretty!

Tada~~ that bald Christmas tree at the corner! And did you noticed that the guitar was moved? hmmmm kkkkkk

Better view of the TV console area.

And connecting from the sofa is the kitchen area. Soft colors and elegant~ Actually I thought his house would be more of cold colors like gray or even black. Kinda surprised here though^^

Hehehe end of ‘tour’ of his house~

Here’s the fun part of the show. Member’s greeting video and everyone went ‘so handsome’ when they viewed Hyun Joong’s video. kkkkkkk yea, he IS handsome! Nobody will disagree.

After viewing the greeting videos, each member were to send out 2 emails to other members. Hyun Joong sent it to UEE~ I thought UEE being the only gal, should have received the most emails but it was our Hyun Joong that got the most. kk

Hyun Joong asked UEE her real name. Said he was being curious and since she is the only gal in the new show… Tsk, why don’t capture the whole content?? I’m sure he must have said very 4D things, cos u can see how UEE was laughing away! >.< Why why why??

And this pic, other than showing who sent email to Hyun Joong… I wanna say, SEE! His deep bow again! For showing appreciation for getting the most emails. Our boys, EACH OF THEM, are being known for greeting people with deep bows, be it sunbaes or hoobaes or even fans! So proud of them!

And this one, Jong Shin was asking KHD why he sent email to Hyun Joong and KHD replied ‘I’ve always like Hyun Joong’. kyaaaaaaa good answer! Hahaha

My most favorite one that I’m sure it captures many of your hearts too~~ This! So bling!! ✵✰⚝✭

“Please watch me” was Hyun Joong’s words. Love his confidence and sure we’ll be watching well! Fighting!!!!

Kinda felt that episode 1 is a little slow for KHD’s team, agree? There ain’t much hype or thrills other than them being blindfolded and drop-off at the Red Sands Dune. Whereas YJS’s team gave more thrill as they worked their way to earn money riding cyclos. So much more fun and laughter for Si Yoon and Eun Hyuk. kkkkk

Hopefully there’s more thrill for KHD’s team in next episode. PD-nim, please edit well and let us see more of our 4D Prince! kkkkk Thank you!!