Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore 2013

15 Apr

Gonna share non-Kpop stuff in this post…

Last Saturday, brought my kids to see car show~^^ I was having great anticipation for the show but was a lil disappointed at the end of it. Though I’ve not been to the Tokyo Auto Salon that was held in Japan, but being enthusiastic about cars, I’ve always read up on Tokyo Auto Salon through websites and magazines, so I had HIGH expectation for this show in Singapore, the first time TAS being held oversea. My hubby and I both felt that previous car shows that we went to in the past were better. I guess for me, the only bonus for this TAS was that I saw AKB48’s performance, by chance… Other than SMAP, my one and only favorite group from Japan, I don’t really take note of other Jpop stars. Heard of AKB48 but had no idea on other things about them >.<

Anyways, shall just share some pics that I’ve taken~^^

Getting our hands stamped^^

Saw this showgirl just in front of the entrance into the event hall. She got a pretty face and quite tall too. :)

Another showgirl beside the van showcasing the audio systems. Very skinny and petite. There were many guys taking photos of her and I’m the only gal so she kept looking into my camera focus~~

GREEN! kekekeke <3333 Anything green just catches my attention XD

2 more showgirls~ hmmmm so-so only…

Hehe, I like this headlight design. So cute! Like a puppy paws^^

As we moved to the center of the hall, heard very Very VERY loud and synchronized fanchants for AKB48. No joke, I tell you. It gives you the goosebumps from head to toe! Sooooooo neat and synchronized and loud and roaring! Their fanchants totally filled up the whole event hall despite all the loud music playing everywhere! Very very amazed!

I didn’t count so I’m not sure how many songs they sang in total, including one encore song which was same as the one they sang when they first came up on stage. I think maybe about 8 to 10 songs? It’s like a mini-concert~ I’ve only managed to record the first song they sang, after singing quite a number of songs then they did their introduction and I only recorded part of it. Cos too many members and it’s getting really long, you can see my hands were already shaking, then I just had to stop recording. Hehe~

This is the video of their first performance~ You can hear the fanchants so loud and roaring!

And this is the one that the members were doing individual introduction~

I didn’t stay on the spot to watch all their performances, since I’m not a fan and my main motive was to look at the cars^^

This is so cute^^

Our dream car! Nissan GT-R~ kekeke

This car is so girly and cute! Look at the lashes!

And when we were about to leave the event hall, saw a small commotion at one corner near one of the exits. J Girls Race Queens signing event. Some number of guys all crowding around the place to look at the race queens. So I also kpo and took a peep. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm see for yourself bah… really ‘different quality’ from those you can see in car magazines and TV shows and car race in Japan…

I didn’t share all the pics I took here, for other pics >> Click Me

Ok, that’s all!