The stars who you wanted to be best friends with!

12 Apr

Shared this video yesterday, and so who do you want to be best friends with among our boys? Hehehe

The fangirl side of me wants to be Hyun Joong’s best friend, Kyu Jong’s girl friend, Young Saeng & Jung Min & Hyung Jun’s big noona! kekekekekeke~ I guess some will be surprised at why I chose Hyun Joong to be best friend with, I duno how to explain but it’s just a feeling….even though he is my No. 1 bias. hehehe

Anyways, since the video is in English so I don’t think there’s still a need to sub it. But for the benefit of fans who are not so strong in listening or have problems to listen to what was being said about Hyung Jun, I’ve typed out in text form^^

Video Courtesy arirangworld + (text) kelemama

No. 2 Kim Hyung Jun
Kim Hyung Jun who had received a lot of love as the cute youngest member of SS501, transformed into a true man.
He is very friendly and outgoing, who creates very fun and lively atmosphere wherever he goes.
He isn’t hesitant to approach people he doesn’t know, and makes friend very quickly.
Kim Hyung Jun has recently expanded into acting, and among the actors and production staff members he has already gained fame for his polite and humble personality.
I’m sure he make the perfect best friend but don’t get jealous of his countless other friends.