Do you know…why you became a Triple S and…STILL a Triple S?

21 Feb

Not sure about you, but I’m 501% sure why I am a Triple S and still counting the days of being one. Oh Yeah! *proud*

I’ve read about this not long after I became a Triple S, and it makes me even prouder that I fell in love with such nice boys, totally worth spending my time idolising them^^

For older fans, I want to share and let you Pretties read again and be reminded of why you fell for SS501. And for newer fans, be very proud that you are liking them now, though they are doing solo activities now, as a new fan you may be quite lost about the future of the group, don’t be! Just like them for who they are and what they’ve done, whatever the future may be, they are THE BEST SS501, definitely!

Info Courtesy HIJU1227 (a korean fan who summarized the below to share with fans) / Lifted from Soompi SS501 thread

1. Jung Min and Kyu Jong said during the broadcast of Youngstreet Radio that they will buy pancakes (something like that?) for the fans waiting outside of the station, in the end, they really bought it.

2. On a cold day, Hyun Joong bought hot hottokyu (a rice cake soup with sugar added) for the fans waiting for Music Bank.

3. Some fans waited in front of Hyung Jun’s house all the way until late at night, the last bus has also left. Hyung Jun felt that it wasn’t safe late at night, so he sent the fans to a sauna that was open all-night.

4. Hyung Jun who sends hot water to the fans waiting outside of their home.

5. On Youngstreet Radio, when they learnt that a fan wasn’t able to continue her studies due to difficult circumstances, Jung Min and Kyu Jong gathered their money together to help pay the tuition fee for that fan.

6. One time at a fan signing event, after a fan shook Hyung Jun’s hand, she turned around and started crying. Hyung Jun grabbed her hand and helped her wipe away the tears.

7. During the time when MKMF’s cellphone votings were open, Jung Min very seriously said, “(We) don’t want that kind of award, everyone please don’t spend money to vote.”

8. Kyu Jong who bows down 90 degrees to even the younger generation and those who are younger than him.

9. Kyu Jong often say that because he is a member of SS501, at any moment, he must do a impressive job.

10. Hyun Joong always say that compared to gifts, they like genuine and sincere letters even more. So that is why that (and we can see this on TV whenever they walk by fans) whenever the fans give a huge pile of gifts, they only take away the fans’ letters.

11. During the 2006 MKMF, when security guards did not let only TripleS enter the stadium, Hyun Joong indignantly spoke out for TripleS, “The weather is so cold, why do you persistently just won’t let our fans enter?” On that day, the 5 people kept looking for TripleS members in the stadium.

12. Some fans gathered in front of SS501’s apartment making noise, the surrounding neighbors all brought up protests. Hyun Joong let the other 4 members go back into the house, and he himself stayed behind to apologize to the angry residents.

13. Hyun Joong said before, “it’s not for TripleS to protect us, it is us protecting TripleS.”

14. When asked what he hoped for the fans to send him, Hyun Joong said, “The things that we need we will buy ourselves.” When a fan sent a name brand handbag to Hyun Joong, he said, “I feel really sorry for accepting this kind of present, it’s not as good as if (she) were to just buy more of our CD.”

These were what’s been shared on Soompi, and adding on the list, you can read up >>> HERE (Because those that were added on were not sourced, I am not going to copy and paste them here so just sharing the link to the post^^)

And to add on from what I’ve previously translated on twitter during Love Ya comeback (source: China fan on weibo)

15. During Love Ya MV shooting, one cody nuna is doing touch-up for Kyu Jong, cos Kyu Jong is so tall, it’s difficult for the cody nuna, so Kyu Jong bent lower so that it’s easier for the cody nuna.

There’s actually more but I can’t think of them right now, will add on the list whenever I come across any or if I remembered any. Sorry…

So now, how do you feel after being reminded of/getting to know how great these boys are? Very very proud hor?!!!! Hehehehe. Sometimes, you don’t need to show on stage or where there is media around to tell the world what you’ve done, just little things you do along the way and it will always be remembered and pass on. This is why I’m proud to shout out that I’m a Triple S!

Once a Triple S, Always a Triple S.

(by e way, i stole e pic from Kyu Jongie! It’s his twitter DP. kyaaa hahahahaha :p)

Oh yes, if you can read Hangul, even just little bit, do follow SS501_story_b@twitter cos they will share little stories of the boys (some were translated and shared above) and it’s very interesting to read^^ Some of them really make me giggle so much :D