Their bromance, Our Happiness.

18 Feb

This afternoon, while catching up on some recent updates on twitter, saw a fancam tweeted by @mykingjun, so I clicked on e link to watch it^^ towards e end of e clip while e players were done with their game n gathering together for a group pic, I was looking hard at our two boys since they were standing so close to each other but nope, din spot any interactions. After e group pic, everyone dispersed n I thot that’s all…but to my surprise, as Hyun Joong was back facing e camera, suddenly Hyung Jun came to sight n I spotted him swiftly touched Hyun Joong’s elbow to signal him to greet e guy in front so Hyun Joong turned around n shook hand with that guy.

Here, e screenshot I shared on twitter this afternoon. Kyaaaaa I was over the moon when I saw this very moment!!! Altho it’s just a one-two seconds moment, but it shows a lot! Since we foreign fans are not able to be in Korea often or always, we dun really know what is e situation of our boys actually, whatever hearsays are just…..hearsays. So this kind of ‘evidence’ of their bromance means a lot to fans who are still keeping e faith n waiting for e day of reunion. At least I’m still one fan still eagerly waiting n hoping^^

After seeing this, I began to hv more greedier thots….. Let’s hope for a threesome bromance? Hahahaha… Can we see Hyun Joong, Hyung Jun n Young Saeng on e field someday too? Kekekekekekekeke oh I feel I’m so greedy :x but I shall keep on praying for this day to come soon :p It’s actually not too difficult right? Hyun Joong in FC Men, Hyung Jun in FC Avengers n Young Saeng in FC One, we just need one fateful chance to see them three running after a ball on e same field, even if they r on opposing teams, I’m sure we can spot lotsa bromance if this really happens! Hehehehe

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