Hyun Joong and cast left City Conquest

6 Feb

Just saw the news… “Kim Hyun Joong, virtually quit ‘City Conquest’.. all main cast withdrew” (http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109538781)

Hmmmm personally, I felt it’s a good and WISE decision! Since KBS is hindering the progress for this drama, there’s no point to keep holding on. Not sure what will be the next move for the production company who filmed the drama, but for the actors and cast, they shouldn’t be held back just because the broadcasting station puts a stop to it. Some may disagree, cause everyone put in so much time and effort and sleepless nights to film the drama. And we knew that Hyun Joong always put in his best at whatever he do, he learnt diving, took up martial art training just so to perfect his role in the drama, frankly, tell me which fan don’t feel heartpain for him?? I do! But after all this dramatic issues, I seriously wish that things can end soonest and not hinder his path anymore. Definitely, the next one will be better. Like Chinese says, 下一个会更好! Hyun Joong will be even tougher and stronger through this controversy or you may even say it’s a conspiracy >.<

Suddenly recalled his weibo update on 4 Feb~ he’s well-prepared for it I guess^^

늘 변함 없이 언제나 함께해요..
English: Let’s be together, unchanged – like always..
Words on picture: 몸은 힘들어도 무대가 있고 팬분들이 있어서 마음만은 든든합니다..
English: Even if my body feels tired but because I have the stage and my fans, my heart stays strong..


(above weibo post translated by ss501ode.blogspot.com)


현중아, 무슨 일이 있어도, 매 순간 당신과 함께 할 겁니다~~!


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  1. AlinMamaJo (@libes) February 6, 2013 at 4:38 PM #

    Very well said, my dear…. I totally agreed with you… Regarding the photo, I felt the same way too.. I think he knows he’ll be having a tough time ahead, but he reassured himself (and us) that as long as he can do what he like and get support and love from all of us, he can endure anything…
    If I may shared, his new hair cut, I want to think it’s his way to show us that he’s moving on too… ^^
    So, Kim Hyun Joong… FIGHTING!!!!

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