Fantabulous February ^____^

6 Feb

Month of February, what things to look forward to? Needless to say, it’s of course our Kyu Jongie’s birthday!! Days are passing by quickly, and I can’t think of what to buy for him as present >.< Hope I can find something nice for him soon! Oh ya, this notti Kyu Jong almost made me cry out the other day….with his message at his Thankyu hompy! ㅠㅠ Though its just a simple and short ‘고 마 워 ❤’ but to me, it meant the whole world. His heartfelt thanks to fans are really very precious, very priceless. Always holding on with a heart full of gratitude for fans, I guess that is why fans are also holding on and waiting for him to come back to us~~~ 규종이, 누나 여기서 기다릴게! 약속한다!

Today…..met up with Xiaochu 동생 n Jennifer 언니 for dinner^^ Dinner wasn’t very fantastic but I loved spending time with people I like! It’s so enjoyable catching up with each other despite we are chatting either on msn or twitter or whatsapp every other day. Girls really have so much to say huh?!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

And I received 2 pressies today! But nope, it’s not my birthday yet. My birthday still many months away…… Jennifer 언니 gave me a calendar! It’s Jejari’s calendar! Guess most fans should know that Jejari is a fanclub for Kyu Jong. And they always have nice pics n fancams too^^ this is the first time I come across Jejari’s calendar actually, and to my surprise, it’s so nice n pretty! I must say, Korean fans are really a creative bunch! Simply lovely! I’m sure some of you have already seen Jejari’s calendar set but still, I’m posting up pics I took for my own keepsake^^

And these are very nice postcards set!

And these are stickers Jennifer 언니 got from a Kyu Jong fan from Taiwan! I feel she is really a smart lady n really love Kyu Jong a lot too.

Besides these from Jennifer 언니, I also got a SS501 diary from Xiaochu! Really love her to the bits! Hahaha. It’s a diary for official Triple S during their 2기 membership. So niceeeeee!

That’s about all that I wanted to share in this post^^ *happy happy*

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