The Best SS501 and The Best Triple S

31 Dec

Now here’s my own summary as a fan of SS501 for Y2012^^ Actually I’ve a lot to write, but when I started typing away, my thoughts became so messy I can’t write everything that’s in my head *failed*

It’s my 3.5yrs as a Triple S! Still feeling excited and fresh as a fan despite I’ve actually slowed down my pace in this year, no big reason to slow down but just wanted to have more ME time for myself and my loved ones. Since stopped blogging, I’ve got more time to appreciate more things around me and of course our boys. This year, I’m very happy that I’ve gained new fan friends and became quite close too. Dinner gatherings almost every month and its always full of fun and laughter. It’s really nice! And this chance to know them was because of Hyun Joong’s fan meeting in Singapore so that makes it even merrier!

Since moving out of DSP, it’s been very tough for each boy and also each fan. 1.5yrs as soloist, each boy had their fair share of success, acting or singing. Through their efforts, they garnered more fans through their solo career while keeping some old fans, like me^^ kekeke. While I don’t know how long I can carry on being a Triple S, but like I always say~ Once a Triple S, Always a Triple S.

Talking about fandom, some old fans left, some new fans joined, some fans quarreled, some other fandoms attacked us, we’ve seen a lot, especially this year..? At times, it’s tiring just seeing fans fight among the same fandom of different bias or other fandoms putting us down. But most of the time, we pulled through because we believe. Holding the faith that reunion is possible, believing that each boy is trying their best to make it possible for a reunion in the near future, that’s why we are still around and holding on.

This day, last day of 2012…..let’s hope that anything and everything bad ends for all of us and our love ones, our boys and their love ones and 2013 will be a better year for all of us!

The Best SS501, The Best Triple S, Happy New Year! 💚

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